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Quotes for
Ajedrez (Character)
from Once Upon a Time in Mexico (2003)

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Once Upon a Time in Mexico (2003)
[standing in front of Sands with no eyes]
Ajedrez: See anything you like?
[shoots her in the stomach]
Agent Sands: No.

Ajedrez: [Sands burst through the door after picking the lock] You're gonna pay for that cop.
Sands: Why doesn't my key work any more?
Ajedrez: It's too small.

[Enters the Restaurant and Sits Down]
Agent Sands: I will have the puerco pibil and a tequila with lime.
[Now on the phone]
Agent Sands: Yeah, I need a new line. This one's been compromised. Okay? Thank you. I'll be waiting here at La Vaca Volanda...
[Ajedrez, accompanied by Dr. Guevara and a few Cartel lackeys enter behind Sands. Ajedrez sits across from Sands]
Agent Sands: ...that's right, the flying... cow.
[He hangs up]
Ajedrez: You really didn't see it coming, did you?
[Dr. Guevara stabs Sands in the neck with a needle]

[Sands has been captured by the Barillo cartel]
Ajedrez: Sorry, baby. I told you I wasn't interested in your little scheme. Too small.
Agent Sands: [Noticing the bandaged Barillo] Oh my Christ. Is that Barillo?
Ajedrez: That's the new Barillo. The old Barillo died in surgery a few hours ago.
Agent Sands: What kind of cartel would have you running its operations?
Ajedrez: I'm his daughter.