Carter Verone
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Carter Verone (Character)
from 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)

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2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)
Carter Verone: [to his potential wheelmen] Thank you for coming on such short notice. My red Ferrari was confiscated yesterday, and it sits in an impound lot in Little Haiti. It's about 20 miles from here. The car isn't important. What is important is the package I left in the glove box. The first team back here with the package will have an opportunity to work for me.
Darden: Are you saying we gotta audition?
Carter Verone: Nobody's got a gun to your head. That's it.

[Carter reveals the package was a cigar]
Roman: We did all that for a damn cigar?
Carter Verone: No. You did that for a job.

Roman: What this job you have for us anyway?
Carter Verone: Come with me. The house has ears in it.
[Carter tosses his cigar out]
Carter Verone: I have something I want you to carry from North Beach to the Keys.
Brian O'Connor: What is it?
Carter Verone: Just put in the car what I tell you to, drive it to me and don't let anybody stop you. Understand?
Brian O'Connor: Yeah. Any chance of cop trouble?
Carter Verone: No. I'm buying you a window of time, but it's not gonna be open very long. You make it, and I'll personally hand you a hundred G's at the finish line.
Roman: [getting greedy] Make it a hundred G's a piece, papi. Look, man, obviously, your pockets ain't nervous.
Carter Verone: [Roman reaches for Carter's left pocket when he grabs his hand] Hey, hey, hey! Don't ever touch me.
Roman: Ours are empty. Like I said, we hungry.

Carter Verone: Hey, you! Your pockets aren't empty.
Roman: [under his breath] Damn.
Carter Verone: I'll take my cutter back.
Brian O'Connor: Stupid ass.
Roman: [hands the cigar cutter back to Carter] Hey, man, I figured you had, like 12 or 13...
Carter Verone: [cuts Roman off] You not too bright, are you? Just get out of here. Get out of here.

[Brian, Roman, Carter, Monica, Roberto, and Enrique walk into a special room in the back of Pearl, a nightclub; Brian and Roman sees a blowtorch, a cloth, and a bucket]
Roman Pearce: What's all that?
Carter Verone: We're gonna have a little fun.
[Carter pops open a champagne, then pours Monica a glass]
Monica: Thank you.

Detective Whitworth: Hey, Carter.
Carter Verone: Meet, uh, Detective Whitworth.
[the call girl who was with Det. Whitworth walks away]
Carter Verone: One of Miami's finest. Thank you, sweetheart. Are you enjoying yourself, Detective?
Detective Whitworth: Yeah, I was. I mean, you know me.
Carter Verone: [turning cross] Yeah, I do know you. You been on my payroll a long time.
Detective Whitworth: Verone, that ain't right.
Carter Verone: Shut up. I got one last job for you, Detective. You hear me?
Detective Whitworth: Look, we've been through all this.
Carter Verone: Yeah?
Detective Whitworth: Yeah. I said I can't do it.
Carter Verone: Hmm. That's the wrong answer. The table.
[Roberto and Enrique grabs Det. Whitworth and ties him to the table]