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Captain William Diel (Character)
from Rush Hour (1998)

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Rush Hour (1998)
Captain Diel: Every now and then we have to let the general public know that we can still blow shit up.
Carter: You're God damn right.

Captain Diel: Two officers were shot, one man lost a pinkie.
Carter: But didn't nobody die!
Captain Diel: You destroyed half a city block!
Carter: That block was already messed up.
Captain Diel: And you lost a lot of evidence!
Carter: We still got a little bit left.

Carter: I'm lookin' out for you when I reach the top. I'm gonna make you mayor.
Captain Diel: I'd rather you didn't.

Captain Diel: [on the phone with FBI] Even if I had an extra man, who would want such a bullshit assignment? It's a disgrace to me! It's a disgrace to my department! It's a disgrace to...
[Carter enters the office]
Captain Diel: Dan, I'm sending someone right over.

[Det. Carter is on the phone with Cptn. Diel complaining about the crappy G-14 classified assingment given to him by the FBI]
Carter: Captain, I don't think this is funny. No, seriously, Captain. Now I ain't playin'. Call the FBI and tell 'em you made a mistake.
Captain Diel: I can't do that, Carter. I'm sure that you and Mr. Lee will have a nice time together!
[Cptn. Diel, Det. Johnson, and other cops laugh]
Carter: [getting angry] I'm warning you, man. You better call the FBI or I'm dropping his ass off at Panda Express.
Captain Diel: You drop this case, Carter, and you're suspended for two months without pay!
Carter: All right. Well, you can forget about bein' Mayor then.
Tania Johnson: Congratulations, Carter. Look like you finally got yourself a partner.
[Johnson hangs up; everyone is laughing]

Captain Diel: [On the phone with the FBI] Well, even if I said anything, who would want the Bullshit job.
[about Carter]
Captain Diel: He's a disgeace to me, he's a disgrace to my department, he's a disgrace to...
[Seeing Carter coming in]
Captain Diel: Dan, I'm sending someone right over.
[Hangs up]
Carter: Cap'n, Cap'n, I know you read the papers this morning. They lie, you know I don't do nothin' like that, y'know how they exaggerate, they just want a story.
Captain Diel: 2 officers were shot, 1 man lost a pinky.
Carter: But, nobody died.
Captain Diel: You destroyed half a city block.
Carter: That block was already messed up.
Captain Diel: You destroyed a lot of evidence.
Carter: We still have some left.
Captain Diel: What you did was dangerous, and completely against policy, not only that...
[Leans over to him, calmly]
Captain Diel: You did a good job.
Carter: [In disbelief] What?
Captain Diel: Everybody is so image proned, a lot of the cops around here are afraid of their own goddamn shadow, I like an officer that can, lay it on the line.