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Johnson (Character)
from Rush Hour (1998)

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Rush Hour (1998)
Carter: I don't want no partner, I don't need no partner and I ain't never gonna have no partner. Did Kojak have a partner?
Tania Johnson: Yeah the fat guy.
Carter: Well he wasn't ever with him. Did Columbo have a partner?
Tania Johnson: Captain Diel ordered me to go with you on that bust because you needed bomb squad back up but once again you screwed me and you screwed yourself.

[Tania is trying to defuse a bomb without killing all of them]
Tania Johnson: Roses are red / Violets are blue / Sugar is sweet/ And so are you.

[Det. Carter is on the phone with Cptn. Diel complaining about the crappy G-14 classified assingment given to him by the FBI]
Carter: Captain, I don't think this is funny. No, seriously, Captain. Now I ain't playin'. Call the FBI and tell 'em you made a mistake.
Captain Diel: I can't do that, Carter. I'm sure that you and Mr. Lee will have a nice time together!
[Cptn. Diel, Det. Johnson, and other cops laugh]
Carter: [getting angry] I'm warning you, man. You better call the FBI or I'm dropping his ass off at Panda Express.
Captain Diel: You drop this case, Carter, and you're suspended for two months without pay!
Carter: All right. Well, you can forget about bein' Mayor then.
Tania Johnson: Congratulations, Carter. Look like you finally got yourself a partner.
[Johnson hangs up; everyone is laughing]