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Lee (Character)
from Rush Hour (1998)

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Rush Hour 2 (2001)
Lee: You are a civilian. In Hong Kong, *I* am Michael Jackson and *you* are Toto.
James Carter: You mean Tito! Toto is what we ate for dinner last night!

James Carter: Who died, Lee?
Lee: You!
James Carter: Detective Yu?
Lee: Not Yu, you!
James Carter: Who?
Lee: You!
James Carter: Who?
Lee: Do you understand the words that are a-coming out of my mouth?
James Carter: Don't nobody understand the words that are comin' out of your mouth.

[during a fight scene with a bunch of Chinese men]
James Carter: [after accidentally punching Lee] Sorry, man!
Lee: Carter!
James Carter: All y'all look alike!

James Carter: Lee, let me introduce you to Carter's new theory of criminal investigation: follow the rich white man.
Lee: Follow the rich white man?
James Carter: Behind every big crime there's a rich white man waiting for his cut.

James Carter: Couldn't help noticin' how she was staring at a brother.
Lee: She never even look at you.
James Carter: You just jealous, Lee, 'cause women like me. I'm tall, dark and hansome and you third world ugly.
Lee: I am not third world ugly, women think I'm cute. Like Snoopy.
James Carter: Lee, Snoopy is 6 inches taller than you.

[Carter throws Lee's CD out the window]
Lee: That's my CD! Don't you ever touch a Chinese man's CD!

Lee: I will bitch-slap you back to Africa.

[after Isabella kisses Lee]
James Carter: I saw that. You played it smooth too, walkin' away like that.
Lee: Yeah, I'm a player.

[Carter tried to pick up two girls in Chinese]
James Carter: All I did was invite them to have a drink.
Lee: You invited them to get naked and sacrifice a small goat.
James Carter: Which word was 'goat'?

James Carter: Secret Service Agent James Carter, I like the sound of it. Won't be long before I'm in Washington D.C. protectin' the President.
Lee: We both know you wouldn't take a bullet for someone else.
James Carter: Yeah but they don't know that.

James Carter: Just tell me how the Triads gonna kill us.
Lee: They will torture us for three days.
James Carter: Okay, I can handle that.
Lee: Then they will cut off our eggrolls.
James Carter: Cut off our eggrolls? Hell no! Lets get the hell outta here! C'mon man, don't give up!

James Carter: Why didn't you tell me you had a bomb in your mouth?
Lee: I did.
James Carter: No you did not!
Lee: I said "mmm!"
James Carter: What the hell is "mmm! mmm!"
Lee: mmm, mmm. Bomb!

Lee: All he wanted was some Mushu.

Lee: I'll meet you at the bar in ten minutes. They don't like tourists in here, so try to blend in.
James Carter: Blend in? I'm two feet taller than everyone in here.

[Carter attempted to speak Chinese to everybody but had no idea what he said]
James Carter: What did I just say?
Lee: You just ask everybody to pick up their Samurai swords and shave your butt.

Lee: That's Ricky Tan.
James Carter: That's Ricky Tan? Man, that's a midget in a bathrobe!

Lee: Just follow my lead. Act like a tourist.
James Carter: I am a tourist, fool!

Lee: Stop, I'm sick of your bullshit.
James Carter: And I'm sick of you! I'm not the one running up in Karaoke bars full of gangsters. And I'm not the one running up in massage parlors looking for crime lords.

Lee: I'm sorry.
James Carter: You sorry? I got somebodies old chopsticks stuck up my ass and all you gotta say to me is you sorry?

Lee: Carter, you don't understand.
James Carter: Oh I understand, man. I got knocked off a building, I got beat on, I got stripped butt-naked and you held out on me. I'm outta here.

Lee: These men are Triads. The most deadly gang in China.
James Carter: You think they scare me? I'm from Los Angeles, man. We invented gangs!

James Carter: Now why did you say it was a bomb.
Lee: No you said that!
James Carter: No you said it!
Lee: You said that in the hotel room.
James Carter: I said 'she was the bomb'.
Lee: She was the bomb?

[In Cantonese]
Lee: Where did you learn that?
Kenny: Master Ching.
Lee: Master Ching of Hong Kong?
Kenny: No, Freddy Ching on Crenshaw.
Lee: [In English] They're brothers.

[in Cantonese]
Kenny: [pointing to Carter] Why are you hangin' out with 7-11?
Lee: 7-11?
Kenny: Because his mouth never closes.
James Carter: [in English] Hey I heard that!

Lee: I always dreamed of going to Madison Square Gardens, see the Knicks play.
James Carter: New York City?
Lee: First class.
James Carter: The Plaza hotel.
Lee: Maybe some mu shu.
James Carter: I could use another vacation.

Lee: [outtake] I always dreamed to square martin.

Lee: If you reach for that gun, I'll kill you.
Ricky Tan: Aren't you forgetting? I'm already dead.

Isabella: I need your help.
Lee: Last time you needed my help, I woke up in a truck.

Lee: You still have it?
Kenny: 'Still got my lunch money from the third grade.

Lee: Let me tell you something about Asians, we never panic.
James Carter: Oh yeah, when Godzilla be coming, y'all be trippin': "Giaca! Giaca!"

James Carter: [after Lee kicks Ricky Tan out of a window and onto a cab] Damn! Good kick, Lee.
Lee: It was an accident.
James Carter: That's okay. We'll just say he tried to catch a cab.

[Carter has just been hit on by the gay Versace Salesman]
James Carter: Did you see that?
Lee: He likes you.
James Carter: I ain't shopping with you no more.

Lee: You owe me a copy of the Beach Boy's greatest hits.
James Carter: Don't you go having gettin' an attitude with me Lee. I been here three days and ain't done nothin' but work your cases. The only reason why I'm here in Hong Kong is 'cause you said you was gonna show me a good time. I'm on vacation, man! and I want some mu shu.
Lee: Mushu, you hungry?
James Carter: No, not mushu? MU shu. I want to see some women man. Now, stop playing dumb and take me to the SHU.

James Carter: Whoa, man. I ain't going in there!
Lee: Come on!
James Carter: There's rats in there!
Lee: There's no rats!
James Carter: Look at that rat!
[Lee leaves, and Carter reluctantly follows]

James Carter: [singing] Don't stop till you get enough!
Lee: Carter?
James Carter: Cha-mon!
Lee: Carter!
James Carter: Cha-mon, Lee!
James Carter: [sings] I'll be right back! I'll be right back!

James Carter: Lee, what happened?
Lee: You left me!
James Carter: No, I didn't! I was waitin' up there for you!

James Carter: Throw it Lee!
Lee: Where?
James Carter: Lee Throw it!
Lee: Where?
James Carter: Throw the bomb over the edge! Throw it, throw it! Throw it over the edge!
Lee: No, there's people down there.
James Carter: Lee throw it!
Lee: Carter!
James Carter: Lee!
Lee: Carter!
James Carter: ...Lee!
Lee: Carter!

James Carter: Hey Lee! What are you doing?
Lee: ...Dancing
James Carter: Dancing! Man, im up here working, putting my life on the line, and you up here messing around, dancing with some Bimbo... Does she have a friend?

Lee: [exasperated sigh] You will never understand me.
James Carter: You right, because I didn't even understand what you said to me right then!

[Lee and Carter are trying to get a bomb out of Isabella's suite]
James Carter: [to Lee] Kick the door.
Lee: [Lee kicks open the door] No, no, no, no, no.
[takes the bomb from Isabella]
James Carter: [looking at Isabella in her bra and panties] Damn you look fine.
Lee: Carter!

James Carter: Where are you going?
Lee: Bathroom.
James Carter: Well, hurry up. Cause we're going to party. Party!

Captain Chin: [to HKPD officers] Escort Detective Carter to the airport.
Lee: No, I'll take him.
James Carter: [to HKPD officers] *Get* your hands off!

Lee: I'm not third world ugly, women like me! They think I'm cute, like... Snoopy.
James Carter: Lee, Snoopy is six inches taller than you.

James Carter: [outtake] Kick the door, Jackie!
Lee: Okay, Chris Tucker!

[outtake, cell phone rings and Tucker answers]
James Carter: Hello? I'm filming man. Call me back at 7... I'm filming, I'm looking at Jackie Chan dead in his eye. Call me back.
Lee: [pointing at the camera] We're on a... We're...
James Carter: Call me back!
Lee: Are you a professional? We are filming and you turn on your phone?
James Carter: No, you can't speak to Jackie Chan.
[crew laughter]
James Carter: No! They want to speak to you, Jackie.
Lee: [Tucker hands the phone to Jackie] Hello?
James Carter: I'm sorry about this.
Lee: We're... We're filming right now!
[crew laughter]
Lee: You're sorry? You wasted all our film!
James Carter: [Takes phone back] Call me back later, 7 o'clock!
[Tucker hangs up, crew applause and laughter, Jackie points at Tucker]

James Carter: Gotta be somethin' you want?
Lee: I've always wanted to go to Square Mad - -...
Lee: I always want to go to square... I
Lee: Shhhh!
Lee: I've always dreamed to Square Marden...
[Jackie and Chris laugh]
Lee: I always wanted to go to Square 3,2...
[laughing and Jackie tampers]
Lee: Now I'm gone. Now I'm nervous. Every garden I'm nervous! Madison Square Garden.
Lee: I always want to go to Square...
[Jackie and Chris laugh]

Rush Hour (1998)
Carter: You don't know nothing about no War.
Lee: Everybody knows War.
Lee: War! Huh! Yeah! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, sing it again, you all!
Carter: It ain't 'you all', it's "y'all"!
Lee: Yaw.
Carter: Y'all!
Lee: Yaw!
Carter: Man you sound like a Karate movie, y'all!
Lee: Yoll.

Carter: That's why I don't have no partner, that's one thing I learned from my daddy.
Lee: Your father was a policeman?
Carter: Fifteen years LAPD.
Lee: My daddy also a policeman.
Carter: Your daddy was a cop?
Lee: Not a cop, an officer, a legend all over Hong Kong.
Carter: My daddy a legend too all over America. My daddy once arrested fifteen people in one night by himself.
Lee: My daddy arrested 25 by himself.
Carter: ...My daddy once saved five crackheads from a burnin' building, by himself.
Lee: My daddy once caught a bullet with his bare hand.
Carter: My daddy'll kick your daddy's ass all the way from here to China, Japan, wherever the hell you from and all up that Great Wall too.
Lee: Hey, don't talk about my father.
Carter: Don't talk about my daddy.

Lee: We can hang in my crib. I will show you my 'hood.

Lee: Ah! Beach Boys!
Carter: Oh, hell no! You didn't just touch my goddamn radio!
Lee: The Beach Boys are great American music.
Carter: The Beach Boys gonna get you a great ass whuppin'. Don't you ever touch a black man's radio, boy! You can do that in China but you can get your ass killed out here, man!

Lee: You must take me to see Consul Han right away.
Carter: Man, just sit there and shut up! This ain't no democracy.
Lee: Yes, it is.
Carter: No, it ain't. This is the United States of James Carter. I'm the president, I'm the emperor, I'm the king. I'm Michael Jackson, you Tito. Your ass belongs to me.

Carter: This ain't no Democracy.
Lee: Yes it is.
Carter: No it ain't. This is the United States of James Carter. I'm the President, I'm the Emperor, I'm the King. I'm Michael Jackson, you're Tito. I own yo ass.

Lee: I like to let people talk who like to talk. It lets me find out how full of shit they are.
Carter: What the hell did you just say?

Lee: Whassup, my nigga?
Bartender: What did you just say?
Lee: Whassup, my nigga.

Lee: Leave me alone. A man like you could never understand.
Carter: A man like me?
Lee: You are devoted only to yourself. You're ashamed of being a police officer, you dishonor your father's name!
Carter: You don't know nothing about my father.
Lee: You said your father is a legend.
Carter: My father WAS a legend. My father was killed making a routine traffic stop in broad daylight by some punk who didn't want no ticket. His partner was supposed to get out of the car and back him up but never did. My father was just as devoted as you, and now he's dead, and for what? A traffic ticket and some punk? You tell me, where's the honor in that?
Lee: You believe your father wasted his life, that he died for nothing?
Carter: Prove me wrong.

Carter: How long this flight?
Lee: Fifteen hours.
Carter: Fifteen hours? What are we gonna do for fifteen hours?
Lee: [Puts on head phones and begins to sing] Huh! War! Uh! Good God "yaw."
Carter: Oh, hell no! Stewardess! Get me another seat!

[Carter has ordered Chinese takeout]
Carter: Damn, Chin, this is some greasy shit. You ain't got no better food, like some chicken wings, some baby back ribs, some fries or something?
Chin: Chinese food, no soul food here!
Carter: I didn't say nothin' 'bout no soul food, I said you got some better food. I don't want that greasy shit. How you gonna sell a big box of grease?
[Chin conplains in Chinese]
Carter: [turns cross] I'm chilly a what?
Lee: [grabs Carter] Come on!
Chin: I'm no punk bitch.
Carter: I ain't no punk bitch, neither!
Chin: I'M no punk bitch!
Carter: I'm about to knock that hat off your head, Chin.

Lee: Why would they not want my help?
Carter: Because they don't give a damn about you! They don't like you! I don't like you!
Lee: I don't care! I'm here for the girl!
Carter: The girl don't like you! Nobody likes you!

Lee: [handcuffs Lee to the steering wheel] Hey, what are you doing?
Carter: You ain't the only one with quick hands now, right? Wah!

Lee: Carter! I can't hold any more! I'm slipping!
Carter: Hang on a minute, I'll go get help!
Lee: [shouts] Carter!
Carter: Ah, I was just playin' wit ya...

Lee: [yanks a cigarette from the Cigaweed Guy] That's bad for you!

[after Clive refuses to answer Carter, Lee steps in his way]
Clive Cod: Oh, you want some too? I'll give you all you want.
Lee: Give me a name.
Clive Cod: I ain't telling you shit.
[Lee takes out Soo-Yung's picture]
Lee: She's only eleven years old. I don't want her to die.
[Clive shifts his gaze]
Lee: Look at the picture! I don't care about him, I don't care about you! I care about the little girl. Give me the name.
Clive Cod: [lowers voice] The guy's name is Juntao. I never seen him.
Lee: Where can I find him?
Clive Cod: Foo Chow Restaurant, Chinatown.
[He heads back to his cell]
Carter: Foo Chow Restaurant? Thank you, Clive!
Clive Cod: [to Lee] Get rid of this guy, he's gonna get you killed.

Lee: I didn't know you spoke Chinese.
Carter: I never told you I didn't, you just assumed I didn't.

Carter: Man, what you got me eatin'?
Lee: That's eel.
Carter: Is it good?
Lee: Very good.
Carter: What you got?
Lee: Camel's Hump.
Carter: What?
Lee: [enuciates] Camel's Hump
[Carter takes a bite of the eel while Lee eats his Camel's Hump]
Carter: Mmm! Kinda good. Needs a little Hot sauce, but it's kinda good though.

[as the guests are evacuating the Convention Center, Lee sees Sang, disguised as a server, handing a remote to Griffin. The truth come out: Griffin is Juntao]
Lee: Juntao.
[Lee chases after Griffin]
Lee: Juntao! JUNTAO!
Thomas Griffin: [holds the remote towards Lee, Consul Han, and the agents] Consul Han, six pounds of C-4 are wired to your daughter in a car outside.
[Lee and the agents back off]
Thomas Griffin: You know, before the takeover, most of these works were in the hands of a single private collector: me. I mastered my life to acquire and catalog these priceless piece that you see before you. And then in one fell swoop, it was taken away from me. But tonight, I shall be paid in full. Don't move! She dies if I press this button. Just be patient. My transportation will arrive shortly. Stay calm.

Lee: [to Soo Young] And don't worry, America is a very friendly place.
Carter: [cut to]
Carter: [Carter driving erratically on the LA Streets]
Carter: Stupid fool get the hell out of my way!

Rush Hour 3 (2007)
[from trailer]
Detective James Carter: We need to get her to relax.
Chief Inspector Lee: Maybe we should put on a dirty movie.
Detective James Carter: Lee!
Chief Inspector Lee: Only $9.95.

[from trailer]
French Assassin: [shouts at Carter in French]
Detective James Carter: [to Lee] What the hell is that?
Chief Inspector Lee: I think he's speaking French.
Detective James Carter: [slaps assassin] You Asian. Stop humiliating yourself!

Detective James Carter: Well, for your information, I'm part Chinese now. That's right, Lee. For the last three years, I have studied the ancient teachings of Buddha, earning two black belts in Wu Shu martial arts, spending every afternoon the Hong Kong Massage parlor. I'm half Chinese, baby!
Chief Inspector Lee: If you're half Chinese, I'm half black. I'm your brother and I'm fly. You down with that, Snoopy? That's dope, innit?
Detective James Carter: Sorry, Lee. You can't be black. There's a height requirement.

Detective James Carter: [to Lee on the plane to Paris, France] Did you know that the average French woman is naked 34 percent of the time?
Chief Inspector Lee: We're not going there to meet women.

Chief Inspector Lee: You know nothing about me!
Kenji: I do know that you don't have a wife or kids, you have nothing, just like me!
Detective James Carter: I wouldn't say nothing. He has me his brother from another mother.

Detective James Carter: [to Lee, as they ride the elevator to their rooms] It's all your fault. How come you didn't tell me about Kenji?
Chief Inspector Lee: [clearly upset] That was none of your business.
Detective James Carter: In cased you missed it, man; people are trying to kill me! I'me covered in shit and some French cop whooped my ass with some yellow pages, man. So don't tell me it ain't none of my business.
Chief Inspector Lee: You lucky we're not in Hong Kong. Phone book twice as big.
Detective James Carter: Why didn't you tell me you had a brother, man?

Detective James Carter: [after Det. Revi kisses him cheek to cheek] Hey man! You touch me again, you gonna owe me dinner and movie.
Detective Revi: Congratulations! It appears we have finally brought down the Triad.
Chief Inspector Lee: [total disbelief] We?
Detective James Carter: You didn't do shit!
Chief Inspector Lee: My butt still hurts!
Detective Revi: [winking at Lee] The Americans and the French need to work together in the spirit of brotherhood. Together, we can do anything. Anything!
Detective James Carter: He's right, Lee. Together we can do anything. I'll go this way...
Chief Inspector Lee: And I'll go that way.
[as they team punch Det. Revi]

Detective James Carter: We have an assassin in custody that only speaks French... A limo blows up at the French consulate... And the next meeting of the world court is in Paris, 2 days from now.
Chief Inspector Lee: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Detective James Carter: Yeah, we go to Fiji. Hide out for a year. Maybe change our names. Get jobs as bartenders. And imma call you Kiko.

Detective James Carter: Sister we appreciate you doing this!
Sister Agnes: My pleasure!
Chief Inspector Lee: Sister Agnes please ask who sent him?
[asks in french]
French Assassin: [speaks french]
Sister Agnes: He says your both making a big mistake,that one day youll beg for mercy, he also said...
Chief Inspector Lee: What? Oh please sister we have to know.
Detective James Carter: There's lives at stake.
Sister Agnes: Well he used the N word
Detective James Carter: What? The N word you tell this little mother...
Chief Inspector Lee: Carter, shes a nun.
Detective James Carter: Sister you tell this piece of S word, that I will personally F word him up.
French Assassin, Sister Agnes: [speaks french to assassin]
[speaks french to sister Agnes]
Detective James Carter: Did he say negro?
Sister Agnes: He used the N word, but this time he mentioned your grandmother.
Detective James Carter: You tell him that his mama's an H.
Chief Inspector Lee: Carter I believe whore is spelled with an W.
Detective James Carter: Right W, and his sister's a W and his grandmama is a two bit W who makes double cause she got no teeth you tell him I said that.
French Assassin, Sister Agnes: [speaks french to assassin]
[speaks french to Sister Agnes]
Chief Inspector Lee: Did he say it again?
Sister Agnes: No, this time he called this gentleman a word that means cat and another word that rhymes with maggot.
Chief Inspector Lee: What? Well you can tell him hes a A.W.
Detective James Carter: Ugh, Lee hole is spelled with an H.
Sister Agnes: I have a dictionary upstairs.
Chief Inspector Lee: Just call him an asshole!
Sister Agnes: [assassin speaks french] He says you been both marked for death like Han and the girl.

French Assassin: [Speaks French]
Detective James Carter: What the hell is that?
Chief Inspector Lee: I think he's speaking french.
Detective James Carter: French? What kind of china-man speak french? Tell him to stop playing around and talk right.
Chief Inspector Lee: How can i tell him? I don't speak french.

"Rush Hour: Pilot (#1.1)" (2016)
Jonathan Lee: This is unacceptable.
James Carter: You speak English!