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Quotes for
Rod McCallister (Character)
from Home Alone (1990)

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Home Alone (1990)
Rod McCallister: Who's gonna feed your spider while we're gone?
Buzz McCallister: He just ate a whole load of mice guts. He should be good for a couple of weeks. Say... isn't it true that French babes don't shave their pits?
Rod McCallister: Some don't.
Buzz McCallister: But they've got nude beaches.
Rod McCallister: Not in the winter.
[Buzz sulks]

Rod McCallister: [watching Old Man Marley] What's he doing now?
Buzz McCallister: He walks up and down the streets every night, salting the sidewalks.
Rod McCallister: Maybe he's just trying to be nice.
Buzz McCallister: No way. See that garbage can full of salt? That's where he keeps his victims. The salt turns the bodies... into mummies.
Rod McCallister: Whoa.
Kevin McCallister: Mummies?
[Marley looks up at the boys]
Rod McCallister: Look out!
[they close the drapes and run]

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)
[at the airport waiting for their luggage passing Kevin's bag]
Kate McCallister: Give this to Kevin.
Aunt Leslie McCallister: Give this to Kevin.
Rod McCallister: Give this to Kevin.
Sondra McCallister: Kevin.
Buzz McCallister: Give this to Kevin.
Megan McCallister: Give this to Kevin.
Linnie McCallister: Give this to Kevin.
Tracy McCallister: Give this to Kevin.
Fuller McCallister: Here you go Kevin.
[startled when he sees an elderly couple; he turns away and thinks of what to say before passing Kevin's duffel back]
Fuller McCallister: Kevin's not here.
Tracy McCallister: Kevin's not here.
Linnie McCallister: Kevin's not here.
Megan McCallister: Kevin's not here.
Buzz McCallister: Kevin's not here.
Sondra McCallister: Kevin's not here.
Rod McCallister: Kevin's not here.
Aunt Leslie McCallister: Kevin's not here.
Kate McCallister: Kevin's not here.
Peter McCallister: WHAT?
Kate McCallister: [laughs then surprised] KEVIN!