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Oberon (Character)
from A Midsummer Night's Dream (1999)

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"Gargoyles: The Gathering: Part 2 (#2.45)" (1996)
Oberon: What is this child to you, Goliath? He is not of your kind.
Goliath: No matter! It is wrong to take an innocent child from its parents!
Oberon: I am Lord Oberon! I judge what is right and wrong!

Goliath: Oberon, you decreed that your magic would not affect me or my clan.
Oberon: My decrees are MINE to interpret!

Oberon: I want the boy! And I want him NOW!
David Xanatos: This is my home! And I have to insist that you go!
[Goliath lands behind Xanatos]
Goliath: Leave this place, Oberon! You have no claim here!
Oberon: I'll leave soon enough. With the child!

Oberon: [after Petros Xanatos hits him with an iron harpoon] I am vulnerable to iron. You have hurt me. Hurting me was a mistake!

Oberon: Finally, all the nuisances have been eliminated.
Owen Burnett: [entering] I'm afraid, my lord, there's one more nuisance left.
Oberon: Do you think a stone fist will stop me, human?
David Xanatos: Owen, I knew you'd come back.
Owen Burnett: It was against my better judgment, Mr. Xanatos, I assure you. Nevertheless...
[Owen starts to spin and changes]
Puck: Here's PUCK!

Oberon: It is time to relinquish the child.
Fox: Over-my-dead-body!
Oberon: As you wish!
[Blasts Fox]

Oberon: Very well, Puck. You have made your choice, Puck. And you shall live with it... forever! You are eternally banished from Avalon, Puck! Never again will you sample its paradise!
Puck: No! Wait! Not eternally!
Oberon: We hereby strip you of all your powers, save when you are training or saving the boy! Such is your punishment! So speaks Oberon!

"Gargoyles: Ill Met by Moonlight (#2.42)" (1996)
Goliath: We would perhaps better understand your pronouncements, if we knew who you are.
Oberon: We are Oberon. Lord of the Third Race. Ruler of Avalon. This lady is Titania, our once and future Queen. We have come to reclaim our own.

Oberon: Do you now profess concern for mortals, Titania? Was it not your disdain for them the reason I divorced you? And decreed that you and the children should live among them to learn humiltiy?
Titania: True enough. But perhaps, you have not learned your own lesson.

Titania: Then grant them the opportunity to save themselves. Help them, but fairly. Reducing your power to give them a fighting chance.
Oberon: When I can wipe them from the isle with a gesture? Why bother with such foolish fairness?
Titania: Because if you win my Lord, I will stand by your side again.
Oberon: You would once again be my wife and wear my ring?
Titania: And you who are merely my lord, shall once more be my husband. But take heed, should they win and sound the knell of your defeat, some other ring must then be your reward.
Oberon: An amusing bargain, my lady. Very well.

Goliath: Lady Titania, our thanks.
Oberon: You are wise to thank her while you may, gargoyle.
Goliath: We have no desire to fight you, Oberon.
Oberon: Do it or die where you stand!
Angela: Not much of a choice.
Gabriel: Better than none!
Goliath: I agree!
Oberon: Very well.
Titania: You three shall match my lord Oberon. Avalon's Lord be thou enchained/Thy power to child's strength restrained/Til hunt be done and issue known/This contest won by craft alone.

Goliath: You've proven your mastery over the terrain, but did Titania want the isle to defeat us or *you*?
Oberon: We had hoped to spare you the humiliation of direct combat, but if that is the only way to satisfy you... Come on then.

Angela: You're still not fighting fair! This isn't your true form!
Oberon: Now you're just quibbling.

Oberon: [to Princess Katherine] You could have obliterated us, and yet did not. Strange behavior for your breed. Such an example of generosity is worth rewarding. Stay then, with our blessing, all of you.
[Walks to Goliath]
Oberon: And henceforth Goliath, you and your clan shall be immune to my arts and shall become the Honor Guard of Avalon from this day onward.
Goliath: I thank you my Lord.

"Gargoyles: The Gathering: Part 1 (#2.44)" (1996)
The Weird Sisters: The Gathering is nearly complete, my lord Oberon. Save only for Queen Titania and your servant, Puck.
Oberon: My Queen comes and goes as she pleases. Puck, is another matter. He forgets he is *mine* to command.

Anastia Renard: [to the Petros Xanatos and Halcyon Renard] Okay you two. You can see them later. Fox needs her rest.
[the grandfather leave]
Anastia Renard: I'll keep the baby while you sleep.
David Xanatos: NO! That's not necessary. We have a nurse.
Anastia Renard: But David, I'm his grandmother.
David Xanatos: And you must be tired from your trip here.
Fox: What's going on?
Oberon: [Entering] Yes, what exactly *is* going on?

Anastasia Renard: I am gathering even now.
Oberon: We discussed this, my dear. It is my law that we not directly interfere in human affairs. Let the woman keep her child.
Fox: "Keep my child?" Mother, who is this guy?
Oberon: *Mother*?
Oberon: . Titania, what have you been up to?
Fox: Who is Titania? Mother, explain yourself!
David Xanatos: This should prove interesting.
Oberon: More interesting than you know. It is time to drop this facade my Queen.

Titania: [Speaking of the baby] He has magic in him. I would not see it die as did his mother's. It must be encouraged, nurtured.
Fox: This is ridiculous! My son will be nurtured right here! With his father and me!
Titania: No Fox! The boy must be taken to Avalon where he can be properly trained in his mystical heiritage,
[facing Oberon]
Titania: if, of course, you allow it, my lord.
Oberon: As I see it, Fox has turned out to be regrettably human. And thus we cannot interfer in her life. However the baby is still of our blood and if it pleases you to take him, you have my permission.
Fox: NO! You can't have him!
David Xanatos: It's all right. No one is taking our son anywhere. Taking a child from his parents is the epitome of interfering with human affairs. By your own law, you cannot allow it.
Oberon: I have made up my mind.
Fox: Too bad for you!

Oberon: [to Fox after immobilizing David Xanatos] We are not without heart child. You may have one hour to say goodbye to your son. Before we take the child to Avalon... forever.

"ShakespeaRe-Told: A Midsummer Night's Dream (#1.4)" (2005)
Oberon: Is Puck short for Puck-up by any chance?

[advising Theo how to patch things up with his wife]
Oberon: You just go in there and you say the three magic phrases that all women love to hear: "I'm sorry", "I love you" and "You were right".

A Midsummer Night's Dream (1935)
Oberon, King of the Fairies: Ill-met by moonlight, proud Titania!

"Shakespeare: The Animated Tales: A Midsummer Night's Dream (#1.1)" (1992)
Oberon: Ill met by moonlight, proud Titania

A Midsummer Night's Dream (1999)
Theseus: The iron tongue of midnight hath told twelve: Lovers, to bed; 'tis almost fairy time.
Oberon: Now, until the break of day / Through this house each fairy stray. / To the best bride-bed will we, / Which by us shall blessed be; / So shall all the couples three / Ever true in loving be; / And the owner of it blest / Ever shall in safety rest. / Trip awa; make no stay; / Meet me all by break of day.