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Titania (Character)
from A Midsummer Night's Dream (1999)

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"Gargoyles: The Gathering: Part 1 (#2.44)" (1996)
Owen Burnett: And may I present Fox's mother, Anastaia Renard.
Anastasia Renard: It's no longer Renard, I have remarried.
Halcyon Renard: Remarried? When? Who?
Anastasia Renard: My first husband.
Owen Burnett: [Hastily leaving] I -I have some things to attend to, elsewhere. Excuse me.

Anastia Renard: [to the Petros Xanatos and Halcyon Renard] Okay you two. You can see them later. Fox needs her rest.
[the grandfather leave]
Anastia Renard: I'll keep the baby while you sleep.
David Xanatos: NO! That's not necessary. We have a nurse.
Anastia Renard: But David, I'm his grandmother.
David Xanatos: And you must be tired from your trip here.
Fox: What's going on?
Oberon: [Entering] Yes, what exactly *is* going on?

Anastasia Renard: I am gathering even now.
Oberon: We discussed this, my dear. It is my law that we not directly interfere in human affairs. Let the woman keep her child.
Fox: "Keep my child?" Mother, who is this guy?
Oberon: *Mother*?
Oberon: . Titania, what have you been up to?
Fox: Who is Titania? Mother, explain yourself!
David Xanatos: This should prove interesting.
Oberon: More interesting than you know. It is time to drop this facade my Queen.

Titania: [Speaking of the baby] He has magic in him. I would not see it die as did his mother's. It must be encouraged, nurtured.
Fox: This is ridiculous! My son will be nurtured right here! With his father and me!
Titania: No Fox! The boy must be taken to Avalon where he can be properly trained in his mystical heiritage,
[facing Oberon]
Titania: if, of course, you allow it, my lord.
Oberon: As I see it, Fox has turned out to be regrettably human. And thus we cannot interfer in her life. However the baby is still of our blood and if it pleases you to take him, you have my permission.
Fox: NO! You can't have him!
David Xanatos: It's all right. No one is taking our son anywhere. Taking a child from his parents is the epitome of interfering with human affairs. By your own law, you cannot allow it.
Oberon: I have made up my mind.
Fox: Too bad for you!

Titania: The child belong with us in Avalon. But I fear my daughter will no co-operate. I seek your help in protecting both mother and child during the imminent battle.
Goliath: Experience has taught me that *nothing* should come between a parent and child, not even if that child is Xanatos's!
Titania: Have you forgotten how I helped your clan on Avalon?
Goliath: No. But it does not justify what you are about to do.
Titania: So you will not help, but neither will you interfere. Or Oberon will crush you with a though!

"Gargoyles: Ill Met by Moonlight (#2.42)" (1996)
Oberon: Do you now profess concern for mortals, Titania? Was it not your disdain for them the reason I divorced you? And decreed that you and the children should live among them to learn humiltiy?
Titania: True enough. But perhaps, you have not learned your own lesson.

Titania: Then grant them the opportunity to save themselves. Help them, but fairly. Reducing your power to give them a fighting chance.
Oberon: When I can wipe them from the isle with a gesture? Why bother with such foolish fairness?
Titania: Because if you win my Lord, I will stand by your side again.
Oberon: You would once again be my wife and wear my ring?
Titania: And you who are merely my lord, shall once more be my husband. But take heed, should they win and sound the knell of your defeat, some other ring must then be your reward.
Oberon: An amusing bargain, my lady. Very well.

Goliath: Lady Titania, our thanks.
Oberon: You are wise to thank her while you may, gargoyle.
Goliath: We have no desire to fight you, Oberon.
Oberon: Do it or die where you stand!
Angela: Not much of a choice.
Gabriel: Better than none!
Goliath: I agree!
Oberon: Very well.
Titania: You three shall match my lord Oberon. Avalon's Lord be thou enchained/Thy power to child's strength restrained/Til hunt be done and issue known/This contest won by craft alone.

Titania: You have nothing to fear from him now, Goliath. In Avalon, Oberon's word is law.
Princess Katherine: Does that mean he's alway right?
Titania: Not while he's married.
Goliath: All's well that ends well then. But one thing puzzles me still, my Lady. Why did you aide us?
Titania: To repay a favor rendered.
Goliath: But we have never met before.

"Gargoyles: Walkabout (#2.33)" (1996)
Anastasia Renard: I'd just feel better if we restarted with a clean Operating System.
Fox: Mother, it's just a test. If we're successful, David and I can use Matrix to reshape the entire planet to suit *us*.
Anastasia Renard: Fox! Humor your mother.
Fox: Well, it's a lot of work, but if you really think it's necessary, we'll erase the program and start over.

Dingo: What? Talk to a machine?
Anastasia Renard: It's more than a machine now. It's an Artificial Intelligence!
Fox: But it thinks a billion times faster than we do. We can't communicate with it in real time!
The Shaman: Then you must seek it in the Dream Time.

A Midsummer Night's Dream (1999)
Titania: Come, my lord, and in our flight / Tell me how it came this night / That I sleeping here was found / With these mortals on the ground.

Titania: Out of this wood do not desire to go!

"ShakespeaRe-Told: A Midsummer Night's Dream (#1.4)" (2005)
Titania: What's your name?
Bottom: Bottom. But you can call me Booty.

Bottom: And what do they call you?
Titania: Titania
Bottom: [looking down at her breasts] I'm not surprised.

"Gargoyles: The Gathering: Part 2 (#2.45)" (1996)
Titania: Be well Fox, I plan to look in on you and Alexander from time to time.
Fox: Must you?
Titania: Why are you angry? Didn't things work out to your satisfaction?
Fox: That hardly changes what you tried to do!
Titania: What makes you think this isn't exactly what I've been trying to do from the beginning?
[Whispers something to Fox]

Voyage of the Unicorn (2001) (TV)
Titania: You need no magic from me. How can I give someone gifts, who already possess so many of her own.

"Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles: For It May Come True (#1.10)" (1996)
Goliath: Yes, I *was* accepted. Loved. No longer an outsider. Only...
Titania: You were not at peace. And there were other, unforeseen affects of your change. If you had never been a gargoyle, Xanatos might never have reformed. Elisa might have become a gargoyle-hunter, instead of an ally, and a true friend. Indeed, if you were to deny your gargoyle nature, you might lose all you hold dear. Or not. It it is only one possibility.