Katerina Debrofkowitz
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Katerina Debrofkowitz (Character)
from Defendor (2009)

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Defendor (2009)
Kat: That kind of information doesn't just grow on trees.

Kat: Defender?
Arthur Poppington: [Emphasizing] De-FEN-DOR!

Kat: Here. You can even have your comic back, too. First issue. You think it's worth something? You're wrong. Some geek offered me four bucks for it. Apparently Strontium 90 and the Hellhound Gang sucks balls.
Arthur Poppington: You shouldn't take other people's stuff.
Kat: Oh, really? Thanks for the tip. Should I suck your cock now?

Arthur Poppington: Well, you spend all of my money on drugs.
Kat: Yeah, and...?
Arthur Poppington: Well, you should spend it on a typewriter, like Lois Lane.
Kat: Well guess what? I'm not Lois Lane, and you're not fucking Superman. So go jack off on some other fantasy, all right?

Kat: Oink, oink, motherfucker.

Arthur Poppington: Why do you lie?
Kat: I'm good at it.

Arthur Poppington: Why do you smoke that stuff?
Kat: Why do you dress up like a superhero?
Arthur Poppington: Mmm... 'Cause superheroes aren't stupid. They're not afraid. And when I'm Defendor, I'm not Arthur any more. I'm a million times better than Arthur.
Kat: Well, when I smoke that stuff, I'm not afraid or stupid. I'm not me, either. It's the same.
Arthur Poppington: Yeah, but you should want to be you because you're really pretty.