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Quotes for
Flynn (Character)
from 28 Weeks Later (2007)

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28 Weeks Later (2007)
Flynn: Where's Doyle?
Tammy: It's... just us.

Doyle: I got some strays.
Flynn: Dogs?
Doyle: No, puppies.

Flynn: Having fun down there Doyle?
Doyle: Kiss my ass! This is the worst combat I've ever seen. Where's the fucking combat?
Rooftop Soldier: Give me something to shoot.
Flynn: Too easy. Medical sector, east side, fat guy, jerking off in the toilet.
Rooftop sniper: Ah... bug nuts, I saw him yesterday.
Soldier: I don't see him. Where is Fester Fuck nut?
Rooftop Soldier: There, look! Bald guy with his dick in hands on the 20th floor.

[after being scared by Doyle]
Flynn: Doyle, you bastard!
Doyle: Boy, I've never seen you get so white.
Flynn: Come on!
Doyle: Dude, good morning!
Flynn: Get the fuck out of here, man. I'm having all good dreams.
Doyle: Yeah?
Flynn: Sunday afternoon, clear blue skies. I'm laying in bed with my wife and... now I'm back in this shithole.
Doyle: I know, man. I had that same dream about your wife.

Flynn: [talking over the radio] Doyle, come in.
Doyle: Flynn, go.
Flynn: Doyle, where the fuck are you man?
Doyle: Ground level, District One.
Flynn: Shit! Closed frequency.
Doyle: Copy that.
Flynn: What the fuck are you doing there? Listen to me, you've got some serious shit coming your way.
Doyle: We've already got some serious shit.
Flynn: No. I'm not fucking playing - this is worse. The air cav; they just got their orders. They're firebombing all of District One.
Doyle: That was fast.
Flynn: Outbreak is totally out of control. They're taking no chances. So unless you are out of the target zone, you are getting cooked, you got me?
Doyle: How long we got?
Flynn: They're already on their way. You got four minutes, tops. But listen, I got some clear landing ground at Regents Park. That's the pick-up point. Got it?
Doyle: I'll be back in touch.
Flynn: Hey Doyle, you fucking better be.