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Quotes for
Frank (Character)
from 28 Days Later... (2002)

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28 Days Later... (2002)
[Jim starts yelling to Frank at how bad of an idea it is to go through the underground tunnel]
Jim: Oh, no. No, see-see, this is a really shit idea. You know why? Because it's really obviously a shit idea. So, we're just gonna drive in the tunnel full of fuckin' smashed cars and broken glass. It's really fuckin' obviously a shit idea!
Frank: [Frank sees a wreckage of cars, screaming] Hold on!

[Jim lectures Frank about getting a flat tire in the underground tunnel]
Jim: The world's worst place to get a flat, huh?
Frank: Agreed. I think we'd better do this quick.

[Frank looks up to a balcony and sees a crow eating off a dead body]
Frank: Get out of it!
Frank: [Frank stands] Get out of it!
[as Frank kicks the fence below, a drop of blood drips down from the body and into his eye]

[Frank finds a crate of fresh apples in a pile of rotting produce]
Frank: Mmm... Irradiated.

[Frank shows Jim all of the empty buckets on the rooftop]
Frank: You'd never think it... needing rain so badly. Not in fucking England!

[Frank turns on the meter to the taxi car as the group makes their way towards Manchester]
Frank: Just so you know, I don't take checks or credit cards.

[Frank asks for Selena and Jim's opinion before entering the underground tunnel]
Frank: What do you think?
Selena: It's the most direct route to the other side of the river.
Jim: No - No - No, then we should take the most indirect route. The one that's in broad daylight and that's not underground.
Frank: [Frank presses on the gas of the car] Let's just get it done.

[Frank reads the description on the single malt whiskey bottle]
Frank: 'Takes out the fire, but leaves in the warmth.'

[Frank wakes up Jim in the middle of the night while seeing him have a nightmare]
Frank: Shh! You're having a bad dream, that's all.
Jim: Thanks, Dad.

[Jim wakes up to the sound of Frank's car horn]
Selena: [Jim holds his baseball bat] Come on, sleepyhead! Come on, Babe Ruth.
Frank: Hurry up.
Jim: [Jim gets in the car] Oh, no. Did I miss breakfast!

[Frank talks to Selena when they arrive to the empty Army blockade]
Frank: We have to go.
Selena: Yeah.
Frank: [Frank yells] Go fucking where!

[Frank tells Hannah his last words before becoming infected]
Frank: Hannah, I love you very much.
Hannah: What?
Frank: [Frank quietly warns Hannah] Keep away from me. Stay where you are.
Hannah: Dad?
Frank: [Frank begins shouting] Keep away from me!
Hannah: Dad?
Frank: [Frank dashes to Hannah and pushes her to the ground] Keep away from me! Keep away from me! Keep away! Keep away!
Hannah: Dad!