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Quotes for
Nell (Character)
from Battle Beyond the Stars (1980)

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Battle Beyond the Stars (1980)
Nell: 30 seconds and counting, Zed. 29, 28, 27, 24, 15, 22... did I... did I say 15?

[Saint-Exmin has bested Shad and Nell in a dogfight]
Saint-Exmin: The Valkyrie are great warriors. In our youth, we must leave home and fight in many battles until we have proven ourselves.
Shad: Well, you've proven yourself to be a pain in the neck. So why don't you just... fly off?
Saint-Exmin: But I wish to fight.
Shad: [exasperated] My PLANET is in danger, and you're playing TAG with me! Your ship is like a toy; you have no firepower.
Saint-Exmin: It's one of the fastest in the universe.
Shad: Well, the Varda teach us that "swift rain is little rain."
Saint-Exmin: But I WANT to join.
Shad: But we don't want you, we don't need you, and we won't have you, so go count your coup somewhere else.
[He breaks off communications with her]
Nell: You were a little harsh, weren't you?
Shad: You saw her. She was PLAYING with me.
Nell: Yes... and she WON.

[Shad can't bring himself to shoot down Kalo and Tembo's Malmori warship]
Shad: Can we outrun 'em?
Nell: We sure as hell can't OUTFIGHT 'em, not with YOU in the driver's seat!

Nell: Showing my backside to those mutant sons of bitches. I can't believe it! You got no BACKBONE, kid! When Zed was your age...
Shad: My job is to find mercenaries. And I'm NOT Zed.
Nell: Hmm! You bet. Not even a pale imitation.
Shad: [insulted] Wha... Now, I thought I did pretty well back there. I mean, YOU'RE still in one piece, aren't you?
Nell: Sure, you did. If they hold a contest for running away, YOU'LL be Champion of the Universe!

Shad: You fired without me.
Nell: It had to be done.
Shad: You were placed under my direct command. You fired without me. "That which is not organic must not..."
Nell: "... harm that which is." I know, I know. It's a damn stupid rule.

Nell: Terrific! Now I've got TWO babies to sit for.
Shad: [sternly] Nell, shut up.

Shad: I've never taken a life before, Nell.
Nell: The Varda SAYS we can take life to SAVE life.

Sador: This is Sador of the Malmori. I command you to surrender.
Nell: [sarcastically] I'll surrender, you sorry son of a mutant.