Heihachi Hayashida
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Heihachi Hayashida (Character)
from Seven Samurai (1954)

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Seven Samurai (1954)
Heihachi Hayashida: Haven't you ever seen anyone cut firewood before?
Gorobei Katayama: You seem to enjoy it.
Heihachi Hayashida: That's just the way I am. Yah!
[he chops another log]
Gorobei Katayama: You're good!
Heihachi Hayashida: Not really. It's a lot harder than killing enemies. Yah!
[he splits another log]
Gorobei Katayama: Have you killed many?
Heihachi Hayashida: Since it's impossible to kill them all - yah!
[he splits another log]
Heihachi Hayashida: I usually run away.
Gorobei Katayama: A splendid principle.
Heihachi Hayashida: Thank you. Yah!

Heihachi Hayashida: I'm Heihachi Hayashida, a fencer of the Wood Cutting School.

[Gorobei is watching Heihachi, who is methodically splitting logs]
Gorobei Katayama: How'd you like to kill thirty bandits?
Heihachi Hayashida: [Spins around in surprise as his axe swings wide]

Heihachi Hayashida: Actually, kids work harder than adults. But only if you treat them like adults.

Kikuchiyo: Something's upsetting the little bugger, but he won't say what. You can see it all over his face.
Heihachi Hayashida: Those lips of his are bolted up tight as a house.

Heihachi Hayashida: [after Kikuchiyo made the peasants exit their homes by sounding the alarm, and scolded them] We are now seven.

Heihachi Hayashida: [to Rikichi] I see that married couples work a lot better than anyone else. You should get married, huh?
[Rikichi becomes angry and runs away]
Heihachi Hayashida: Hey, come back! I was just kidding!

Old Woman: I don't want to live any more. But I'm afraid the next world will be terrible, too...
Heihachi Hayashida: No, no. It's paradise. No bandits or anything. It's very nice.
Kikuchiyo: [loudly] How do you know? Ever been dead?
Heihachi Hayashida: [to Kikuchiyo] You needn't yell at me.