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Nathan Jackson (Character)
from "The Magnificent Seven" (1998)

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"The Magnificent Seven: Wagon Train: Part 2 (#2.6)" (1999)
Nathan Jackson: Lord, you got no shame, Ezra.

Nathan Jackson: [setting of a booby trap which launches Ezra into a tree] Yep, that works.
Ezra Standish: That's not kind. Not kind at all.

"The Magnificent Seven: Safecracker (#1.3)" (1998)
Buck: What happened?
Ezra: Long story.
Vin: Where's Chris?
Buck: With the gang, on his way to rob the bank.
Nathan: What?
Buck: Long story.

Olivia Greer: Was my mom taken by those men 'cause she's been in prison?
Nathan: Could be, honey.
Josiah Sanchez: In prison, you cross paths with a lot of people don't have your best interest at heart.

"The Magnificent Seven: Manhunt (#1.7)" (1998)
Nathan: Vin, you're just a man. And every once in a while, a man can be wrong.

"The Magnificent Seven: Nemesis (#1.5)" (1998)
Jock Steele: I've never seen a man of the cloth carry a gun before.
Nathan: Josiah can get very Old Testament on occasion.

"The Magnificent Seven: The Collector (#1.6)" (1998)
[looking at a poster advertising a touring floor show]
Josiah Sanchez: Yahweh has answered my prayers.
Nathan Jackson: What's Yahweh?
Josiah Sanchez: God to you.
Nathan Jackson: Prayin' for "Gettin' Gertie's Garter" to come into town?

"The Magnificent Seven: Love and Honor (#2.3)" (1999)
Nathan Jackson: [Buck has just been publicly rejected by Inez] Let me translate for you Buck!
Ezra Standish, Nathan Jackson: NEVER!
Buck: Oh, hell, it wasn't that funny!

"The Magnificent Seven: The New Law (#2.1)" (1999)
Nathan: It's always good to be needed.

"The Magnificent Seven: Sins of the Past (#2.2)" (1999)
Ezra Standish: What does eveyone in this town want to do? What does every visitor here want to do?
Nathan: Leave?

"The Magnificent Seven: Witness (#1.4)" (1998)
Buck: You're a doctor-type fella, aren't ya?
Nathan Jackson: Yeah, I suppose.
Buck: Uh-huh. Um, you've heard about this animal magnetism thing, haven't you? I mean, women can smell it on you. Now, medically speaking, if a man's got it, it's not his fault, right? I mean, it's more like a condition, it's like, uh, it's like a rash or an ailment. It won't ever go away, will it? It won't...will it?

"The Magnificent Seven: One Day Out West (#1.1)" (1998)
Judge Oren Travis: [leveling shot gun] Drop your gun belt.
Lucas James: [surprised] Don't know who I am, do ya?
Judge Oren Travis: No, and I don't care.
Lucas James: Well, you're makin' a big mistake pointin' that thing at me.
Judge Oren Travis: Sawed-off coach gun, double aught buck, should cut all three of you in half.
Lucas James: That stuff in there was self defense. Weren't it, boys?
Judge Oren Travis: He's unarmed, you shot him twice. That's murder in my book.
Lucas James: I admire your courage, old man, but there's three of us and one of you.
Vin: [drinking from a canteen] Hardly sounds fair.
Nathan Jackson: [leading horse] Nope.
Buck Wilmington: Well, howdy... boys.
[sits down]
Lucas James: [sees Chris] You stay outta this, cowboy, this ain't your fight!
Chris Larabee: [to JD] Did he just call me a cowboy, JD?
J.D. Dunne: [almost apologetically] I think he did, Mr Larabee.
Ezra Standish: [dusting himself off] At least once.
Josiah Sanchez: [smiling] He hates that.
Chris Larabee: [smiling, but threatening] You just call me a cowboy?
Lucas James: [backing off] Nah, I was just saying, it ain't your fight.
Chris Larabee: Not yet.
Judge Oren Travis: [advances] Drop the gunbelt.
Lucas James: [bewildered] Who the hell are you?
Judge Oren Travis: I'm a circuit judge. Oren Travis. You're under arrest, young man.
Lucas James: [looks around, drops gun belt]

"The Magnificent Seven: Working Girls (#1.2)" (1998)
Nathan: You know, it takes a bold man to talk about "dignity" when he's trying to sell women off like they're cattle.
Ezra Standish: I'll ignore that.
Nathan: Yeah, you'd better do that - how else are you going to get some sleep tonight.
Ezra Standish: Anything else?
Nathan: About making a profit off the back of another human being? Hell yeah I've got a lot to say! But it'd just be wasted on you.

"The Magnificent Seven: Ghosts of the Confederacy (#1.0)" (1998)
Nathan Jackson: The Seminoles put themselves on the line for man an escaped slave. They took us in when nobody else would. For five dollars, they can have a week of my life.
Vin Tanner: Or all of it.

"The Magnificent Seven: Chinatown (#2.7)" (1999)
Nathan: It's not like you ridin' off alone to save the day. What's come over you?
Ezra: I'll let you know when I figure it out.