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Quotes for
Maude Standish (Character)
from "The Magnificent Seven" (1998)

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"The Magnificent Seven: Witness (#1.4)" (1998)
Maude Standish: Raised you better than that.
Ezra: Raised me? Did you say raised me? Come now, mother. You didn't raise me as well as a... as a stray cat raises a litter. You dumped me remember? At every aunt and uncle's home you could find. Unless you needed me... for a con.

[Mr. Wheeler returns the handkerchief Maude "accidentally" dropped]
Ezra Standish: A handkerchief? The oldest ruse in the book.
Maude Standish: One can always count on the classics.

[Ezra drops Maude's heavy suitcase and its contents, several dozen bricks, spill out on the boardwalk]
Maude Standish: Appearances are everything, darlin'.
Ezra Standish: [to a gawking towmsman] Rare masonry from ancient Rome. Very valuable.

Buck: Have a good trip!
Maude Standish: Thank you. What's that smell? Like an animal or somethin'.
[Maude sniffs Buck's coat]
Maude Standish: P.U.!

"The Magnificent Seven: Sins of the Past (#2.2)" (1999)
Ezra Standish: You know what this means.
Maude Standish: A little war?
Ezra Standish: I'll run you into the ground.
Maude Standish: Well, we'll just see who buries whom
Ezra Standish: Well then, the gauntlet is thrown.