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Quotes for
Gelt (Character)
from Battle Beyond the Stars (1980)

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Battle Beyond the Stars (1980)
Cowboy: [upon seeing Gelt's ship approach] Here comes somebody else. Who's that?
Shad: [switching over to Gelt] Do you want your name used?
Gelt: My name is Gelt.
Cowboy: Where ya from, Gelt? I'm from Earth. Know where that is?
Gelt: I was born in space.
Cowboy: Oh, well, put in between us. I'll cover you.
Gelt: I don't like anyone behind me.
Cowboy: Okay, you keep a scanner on our tail.
Gelt: I always do.

Gelt: What a place to end up - a minor planet in a third-rate galaxy.
[Gelt dies]
Shad: Have somebody prepare a meal.
unknown (extra): A meal?
Shad: Full course, then bury it with him.
unknown (extra): Bury it?
Shad: That was our arrangement: A meal and a place to hide.

[in Gelt's lair and treasure chamber]
Shad: I'm hiring mercenaries to protect against an invasion, but food and shelter is all we can offer in payment. All of our wealth is in our culture.
Gelt: I could buy your planet ten times over with what I've gathered in this room: plutonium, cadmium, qualine crystals... I've been very well paid for my work.
Shad: I'm sorry. I've wasted your time.
Gelt: NO! Wait. Listen to the rest of it: I sleep with my back to the wall - when I CAN sleep. I eat serpents seven times a week. There's not a major city in this galaxy where I can show my face, or spend my wealth. Right now, your offer looks very attractive to me... A meal, and a place to hide.

[after "Hammerhead" wings Gelt]
Shad: Gelt, are you all right?
Gelt: [just prior to force-landing back on Akir] That remains to be seen, Shad. Have a nice fight!

Akira Boy: Mister, are you a bad man?
Gelt: That's right.
Akira Girl: Why?
Gelt: I don't think the way you Akira do. If you think different, you get called "bad."
Akira Girl: How DO you feel?
Gelt: I don't.
Akira Boy: Mister, were you bad when you were little?
Gelt: I was never that little.

Gelt: There's not a planet in the galaxy where there isn't a bounty on my head.
Shad: What makes you so popular?
Gelt: I settle disputes very quickly. I'm very good at it.