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The Magnificent Seven (1960)
[Chris and Vin were just shot at, hitting the tip of Chris' cigar]
Vin: You elected?
Chris: Na. I got nominated real good.

Chris: There's a job for six men, watching over a village, south of the border.
O'Reilly: How big's the opposition?
Chris: Thirty guns.
O'Reilly: I admire your notion of fair odds, mister.

Old Man: You worry about yourself. Are you ready for him?
[refers to Calvera]
Old Man: What if he comes now, huh?
Vin: Reminds me of that fellow back home that fell off a ten story building.
Chris: What about him?
Vin: Well, as he was falling people on each floor kept hearing him say, "So far, so good." Tch... So far, so good!

[Calvera has just captured the Seven]
Calvera: What I don't understand is why a man like you took the job in the first place, hmm? Why, huh?
Chris: I wonder myself.
Calvera: No, come on, come on, tell me why.
Vin: It's like a fellow I once knew in El Paso. One day, he just took all his clothes off and jumped in a mess of cactus. I asked him that same question, "Why?"
Calvera: And?
Vin: He said, "It seemed to be a good idea at the time."

[the village Calvera's raiding has changed]
Calvera: New wall.
Chris: There are lots of new walls, all around.
Calvera: They won't keep me out!
Chris: They were built to keep you in.

[last lines]
Chris: The old man was right. Only the farmers won. We lost. We always lose.

Calvera: I should have guessed. When my men didn't come back I should have guessed. How many of you did they hire?
Chris: Enough!

[Villagers tell Chris they collected everything of value in their village to hire gunmen]
Chris Adams: I have been offered a lot for my work, but never everything.

Chris: I've been offered a lot for my work, but never everything.

Chris: You forget one thing. We took a contract.
Vin: It's sure not the kind any court would enforce.
Chris: That's just the kind you've got to keep.

Chris: Bring them in.
[refering to the women]
Chico: What for? Let Calvera find them, he'll take good care of them.

Chris: [referring to Calvera] If he rides in with no idea of the reception we can prepare for him, I promise you we'll all teach him something about the price of corn!

[Referring to Britt]
Villager: If he's the best with the gun and the knife, with whom does he compete?
Chris: Himself.

Chris: There's no need to apologize. We weren't expecting flowers and speeches.

Hilario: Very young, and very proud.
Chris: Well, the graveyards are full of boys who were very young, and very proud.

Chris: Morning. I'm a friend of Harry Luck's. He tells me you're broke.
O'Reilly: [chopping wood] Nah. I'm doing this because I'm an eccentric millionaire.

Chris: He's a good gun, and we aren't heading for a church social.

Chris: Nah leave him alone. It's a free country.
O'Reilly: And it's his.

Chico: They're afraid. She's afraid of me, you, him. All of us. Farmers! Their families told them we would rape them.
Chris: Well we might. But in my opinion you might have given us the benefit of the doubt. But just as you please...

Calvera: Somehow I don't think you've solved my problem.
Chris: Solving your problems isn't our line.

Chico: Villages like this they make up a song about every big thing that happens. Sing them for years.
Chris Adams: You think it's worth it?
Chico: Don't you?
Chris Adams: It's only a matter of knowing how to shoot a gun. Nothing big about that.
Chico: Hey. How can you talk like this? Your gun has got you everything you have. Isn't that true? Hmm? Well, isn't that true?
Vin: Yeah, sure. Everything. After awhile you can call bartenders and faro dealers by their first name - maybe two hundred of 'em! Rented rooms you live in - five hundred! Meals you eat in hash houses - a thousand! Home - none! Wife - none! Kids... none! Prospects - zero. Suppose I left anything out?
Chris Adams: Yeah. Places you're tied down to - none. People with a hold on you - none. Men you step aside for - none.
Lee: Insults swallowed - none. Enemies - none.
Chris Adams: No enemies?
Lee: Alive.
Chico: Well. This is the kind of arithmetic I like.
Chris Adams: Yeah. So did I at your age.

Chris: [Chris has discovered Lee waiting for him in his room] Thought you were looking for the Johnson brothers?

[Chris is driving the hearse up to Boot Hill; Vin is riding shotgun]
Chris: We'll get there.
Vin: It's not getting up there that bothers me. It's staying up there that I mind.

Harry Luck: I heard you got a contract open.
Chris: Well, not for a high-stepper like you.
Harry Luck: A dollar bill always looks as big to me as a bedspread.

[Chris and the villagers are in the bar]
Sotero: There's one - look at the scars on his face!
Hilario: The man for us is the one who GAVE him that face.
Chris: Hey. You learn fast.

[as they ride to the village, Chico is following them]
Vin: Riding out there in all that dust and heat... what a chucklehead.
Chris: Yep. Not smart like us.
Vin: Yep.

Vin: You know the first time I took a job as a hired gun, fellow told me, "Vin, you can't afford to care." There's your problem.
Chris: One thing I don't need is somebody telling me my problem.
Vin: Like I said before, that's your problem. You got involved in this village and the people in it.
Chris: Do you ever get tired of hearing yourself talk?
Vin: The reason I understand your problem so well is that I walked in the same trap myself. Yeah. First day we got here, I started thinking: Maybe I could put my gun away, settle down, get a little land, raise some cattle. Things that these people know about me be to my credit - wouldn't work against me. I just didn't want you to think you were the only sucker in town.

[as Chris, Vin and Chico are about to leave the village]
Old Man: You could a-stay, you know. They wouldn't be sorry to have you a-stay.
Vin: They won't be sorry to see us go, either.
Old Man: Yes. The fighting is over. Your work is done. For them, each season has its tasks. If there were a season for gratitude, they'd show it more.
Vin: We didn't get any more than we expected, old man.
Old Man: Only the farmers have won. They remain forever. They are like the land itself. You helped rid them of Calvera, the way a strong wind helps rid them of locusts. You're like the wind - blowing over the land and... passing on. Vaya con dios.
Chris: Adios.

[Chris and Vin enter their room, to see Lee sitting there, waiting]
Lee: Remember me?
Chris Adams: Yup.
Lee: You need men for a job in Mexico? How long?
Chris Adams: Four, maybe six weeks.
Lee: That ought to do it. How much does the job pay?
Chris Adams: I thought you were looking for the Johnson brothers, Lee.
Lee: [smirking] I found them. Now, how much does the job pay?
Chris Adams: Twenty dollars.
Lee: I'll have the money before I leave. It should just take care of my last two days' rent.

Harry Luck: [Dying words] Well, I'll be damned.
Chris Adams: Maybe you won't be.

Harry Luck: No tricks now, Chris.
Chris Adams: Harry! It's good to see you again.
Harry Luck: Chris.
Chris Adams: What are you doing in this dump?
Harry Luck: I heard you've got a contract open.
Chris Adams: Not for a high-stepper like you.
Harry Luck: A dollar bill always looks as big to me as a bedspread.

Vin: We heard you got that Salinas thing cleaned up in five weeks.
O'Reilly: They paid me $800 for that one.
Vin: And Johnson County in four weeks.
O'Reilly: They paid me $500 for that one.
Vin: You cost a lot.
O'Reilly: [proudly] Yeah, I cost a lot.
Chris: The pay is $20.
[Chris and Vin turn and walk away]
O'Reilly: [Calling after them] $20? Right now, that's a lot.

Chris: Oh, hell. If that's all that's holding things up, I'll drive the rig.

Chris: You heard of anything?
Vin: Just shooing some flies away from a Mexican village, but I can't find out what it pays.
Chris: Twenty dollars.
Vin: A week?
Vin: Six weeks.
Vin: Oh, that's ridiculous. Have you heard of anything?
Chris: Yeah. Shooing away some flies from a Mexican village. Theirs.
Vin: That wouldn't even pay for my bullets.
Villager: We understand. You could make much more in a grocery store. And it would be good, steady work.
Chris: [Sarcastically] Yeah.
Vin: How many you got?
Chris: [Puts up one finger. Vin reluctantly puts up two]

Chris Adams: Bernardo O'Reilly; you've been adopted.
O'Reilly: Yeah, that's my real name. Irish on one side, Mexican on the other... and me in the middle.

Chris: Go ahead, Lee. You don't owe anything to anybody.
Lee: Except to myself.

Lee: Insults swallowed - none. Enemies - none.
Chris Adams: No enemies?
Lee: ...alive...

Harry Luck: The odds are too high.
Chris: Much too high.
Harry Luck: Then we go?
Chris: No; we lower the odds.

Chris: Now we are seven.

"The Magnificent Seven: Ghosts of the Confederacy (#1.0)" (1998)
Chris Larabee: You shot a lot of holes in the clouds back there. Anybody stop to reload?

Vin Tanner: It looks like a few more than we planned on.
J.D. Dunne: How many more?
Vin Tanner: The word regiment mean anything to you?
Chris Larabee: Would you like to come back when there are less of them?

Chris Larabee: [Buck has just fallen off the roof of a hotel in his underwear] Afternoon, Buck, interrupt something?

Mary Travis: Where did you come from?
Chris Larabee: Saloon.
Mary Travis: Wait, where are you going? I want to talk to you.
Chris Larabee, Vin Tanner: Saloon.

Seminole Chief: We greet you with great hostility.
Vin Tanner: [under his breath to Chris] Don't you think he means hospitality.
Chris Larabee: [looking at the chief] Nope, I think he means hostility.

Chris Larabee: [Buck give Chris a hug] Easy, big fella. People will talk.

Chris Larabee: Town always this lively?
Old Timer: Trail herd from Texas all liquored up... gettin' in the mood for a lynchin'.
Chris Larabee: Where's the law?
[pointing at two riders galloping out of town]
Old Timer: Marshal and his deputy. That isn't even his horse.

[weighing a gold amulet]
Bartender: Thirty five dollars, give or take.
Seminole Chief: This may not seem like much to you, but it's all that we have.
Chris Larabee: How many ghosts are there?
Seminole Chief: Would twenty men scare you?
Vin Tanner: I was makin' five dollars a week at the hardware store without anyone shootin' at me.
Chris Larabee: So if we pay five dollars a head, that gets us all of seven men.

Buck Wilmington: How'd you know I was here?
Chris Larabee: I make it a point of knowin' who's in town. Live longer that way.

[Ezra has just won a bet by placing six shots dead center in a playing card]
Chris Larabee: The first shot was louder than the other five.
Ezra Standish: What are you attempting to suggest?
Chris Larabee: The first bullet was real and the last were blanks.
Ezra Standish: Well, suh, I abhor gambling and as such leave nothing to chance.

[Mary has written a newspaper article which bends the truth about Chris and Vin's confrontation with a lynch mob]
Mary Travis: I'm just trying to scare the bad element out of town.
Chris Larabee: Lady, I *am* the bad element.

Chris Larabee: You didn't tell us they had a cannon.
Seminole Chief: You didn't ask.

Seminole Chief: [about J.D.] He is good... and proud.
Chris Larabee: Carve that on his tombstone.

Chris Larabee: I thought you said there were twenty.
Seminole Chief: No, I said would twenty scare you.
Chris Larabee: Twenty, no - Forty, yes!

[while the Seven prepare to leave the Indian village, Chris returns the gold amulet to the Seminole Chief]
Chris Larabee: Never could figure out how to split it seven ways. You can use it again the next time you're threatened.

[last lines]
[Nathan and Josiah join Chris and the rest of the Seven]
Chris Larabee: Ready, boys?
[The Magnificent Seven literally ride off into the sunset]

Return of the Magnificent Seven (1966)
Vin: I heard you were riding shotgun for the Overland Stage.
Chris: I was. My doctor told me to quit. For my health.
Vin: Why?
Chris: Too much lead in the air.

[last lines]
Chris: Well I'll be damned.
Vin: I doubt that. I doubt that very much.

Vin: I came after you so that you'd know there was a price on your head.
Chris: How much?
Vin: Five hundred.
Chris: Dollars?
Vin: Pesos.

Chris: He wants to know if we're going after them tonight or in the morning.
Vin: It's a big country and finding them could take a long time.
Chris: Hell, I haven't been going anywhere for ten years... and neither have you.
Vin: Ain't it the truth.

Chris: He's fast!
Frank: As fast as you are?
Chris: I'd hate to have to live on the difference.

Chris: How would you like to use that gunbelt for something more than just holding up your pants.

Vin: I wish I knew for sure.
Chris: Knew what?
Vin: Whether I'm here because Chico is a friend of mine, or if I'm just on the prod for a fight like Frank. Killing can get inside you.
Chris: And you think that's happening to you?
Vin: Why else would I be here? Sure Chico is a friend of mine. But, hell, I don't even know his last name.
Chris: Neither do I.
Vin: Don't it make you wonder?
Chris: No.
Vin: How the hell come, Chris?
Chris: Because in all the years I made my way with a gun, I never once shot a man just to see him fall. If that time ever comes, I'll throw my guns in a water bucket and walk away. So will you.

Chris: I'm not a religious man, Father, but I'll tell you this: they need you... more now than ever.
Priest: I've failed them.
Chris: You failed yourself. You got knocked down. Get up, Father... at least as far as your knees!

Chris: [In Spanish to Manuel] Stay here and cover us from the bell tower.
Vin: Ain't you going to take him with us?
Chris: He'll cover us from the bell tower.
Vin: We'll need all the help we can get.
Chris: Nah he stay's behind.
Vin: For luck?
Chris: [Smiles, remembering Harry Luck] For Luck!
[the six men ride away leaving Manuel. With Elmer Bernstein's triumphant music]

Frank: [Chris watches in sure coolness over the Devil's Spine fallen Bandit's ] If your thinking on going out there we better get at it or the hill's going to get higher to climb.
Chris: How many men does he have left?
Frank: I counted thirty. We could circle higher come from behind.
Chris: One Chance in hell!
Frank: That's better than none at all.
Chris: [sighs] Saddle the horses.
Frank: Already did.

Lopez: [Chris rides into the Devil's Spine] Buenos Tardes senor.
Chris: Buenos Tardes.
Lopez: What can we do for you?
Chris: [Look's to all the slaves] Friend of mine, holding him prisoner, I want him... and all the others.
Lopez: Just like that?
Chris: Just like that!
Lopez: Your either a very stupid or a very brave man senor. One for me and you, we'd both be dead.
Chris: That will make two of us. You've got five Winchesters pointed at your head.
[the Five men aim at Lopez]
Lopez: Professionals?
Chris: Professionals.
Lopez: Perhaps we should have a little talk.
Chris: We just did!
Lopez: Father, you better go and get Francisco.
Chris: Don't move Father.
Lopez: You'd kill a priest?
Chris: Only if I have too.

The Magnificent Seven Ride! (1972)
Marshall Chris Adams: Tell me everything you know about him. What he likes, how he acts, everything.
Laurie Gunn: Well, ah, the first thing you notice about him are... his eyes. They tell you that he is mad. Crazy mad.

Noah Forbes, Writer: Well, should we bury 'em?
Marshall Chris Adams: The living need us more.

Marshall Chris Adams: Judge Parker told me once, "The men I hang never killed again. There are plenty I didn't hang, did." Now you tell me he was wrong.

Padre: God works in strange ways.
Marshall Chris Adams: Yeah, I know. He's got me confused most of the time, too.

Noah Forbes, Writer: That's all we're taking?
Marshall Chris Adams: Yeah.
Noah Forbes, Writer: Let's get more men.
Marshall Chris Adams: Seven's always been my lucky number.

[last lines]
[Laurie convinces Chris to stay with her]
Marshall Chris Adams: Skinner, you've just been demoted to deputy.
Mark Skinner: Yell, well that figures. I wouldn't have had much time for work anyway.

Noah Forbes, Writer: The name's Noah Forbes, Marshal. I've decided to do for you what Ned Buntline did for Bill Cody.
Marshall Chris Adams: Make a damn fool of me?
Noah Forbes, Writer: Make you famous.
Marshall Chris Adams: You're a writer?
Noah Forbes, Writer: You name a big city newapaper and I've worked on it.
Marshall Chris Adams: That means you're pretty good - or you can't hold a job.

Capt Andy Hayes: All right, what's your plan?
Marshall Chris Adams: Oh, I figured we'd just ride in there and shoot down anyone carrying a gun.

Marshall Chris Adams: [Leaving the Cantina with Laurie after personally making Skinner the town sheriff] I won't be coming this way again. The sheriff's an old enemy of mine.
Laurie Gunn: Oh, if you behave yourself you won't get in any trouble.

Guns of the Magnificent Seven (1969)
Judge: Anybody in favor of hanging this man, say "Aye."
Crowd: Aye!
Judge: Against?
Chris Adams: Nooo.
Judge: And who says, "No"?
Chris Adams: Me.
Judge: Just who are you to say, "No"?
Chris Adams: Who do you have to be to say "No" to a rigged court - stretchin' the neck of this poor slob?

Chris Adams: I need help - more men.
Lt. Maximiliano O'Leary: We have the men - quick with the guns, but slow with the brains.
Chris Adams: Six men - not enough to attract suspicion - just enough to do the job.

Lt. Maximiliano O'Leary: Chris, can I fight with you? Oh, it's not for the money - I could not take it. It's for Quintero.
Chris Adams: Not on the basis of what you did against Keno.
Lt. Maximiliano O'Leary: I'm young, I'm strong, I'm angry and I will learn. Besides, my cousin says seven is a lucky number for you.

Chris Adams: This is a rough go, huh, Cassie?
Cassie: Yeah. If I stay here any longer, I'll end up in jail.
Chris Adams: Wouldn't you rather blow one up?
Cassie: For money or for laughs?
Chris Adams: About as much as you'd make in a year - a hundred dollars. Not many laughs.

Chris Adams: [putting a lit cigar to Lobero's face] If you move any way but back you're gonna lose that eye.

"The Magnificent Seven: Safecracker (#1.3)" (1998)
Chris Larabee: Buck Wilmington, you shot my brother in the back! Now I'm here to kill you!

Buck: Well, I dunno, Chris, but I think I could have handled the situation myself.
Chris: I shoulda shot you when I had the chance.

Vin: How's your Spanish?
Chris Larabee: Bueno. Yours?
Vin: What's "bueno" mean?

[looking over a ramshackle town]
Vin: Purgatory, Chris. When I was a bounty hunter, I chased a few desperados here. The place is so overrun with outlaws, no one wearin' a badge will come within a bullet's distance. A real hellhole.
Chris Larabee: Sounds like fun.
Vin: We're goin' to hell any way you look at it. Come on.

[after a man is shot in the back and his fellow townsman steal his money, take his boots and drag him off to the side of the road]
Chris Larabee: At least they keep the streets clean.

The Magnificent Seven (2016)
Widow: He made them murder my husband, he will take everything we have.
Sam Chisolm: So you seek revenge?
Widow: I seek righteousness. But I'll take revenge.

Sam Chisolm: What we lost in the fire, we found in the ashes.

Sam Chisolm: We've got a seven .
Sheriff Harp: He's got an army !
Josh Faraday: And they'll be murdered by the world's greatest lover .

Preacher: The spirit is willing, but we are not killers.
Sam Chisolm: No one is, until they're looking down the barrel of a gun.

"The Magnificent Seven: The Collector (#1.6)" (1998)
Chris: Would you be interested in partaking in a little show of force?
Buck: Show of force? Why, hell, that's my middle name!

Vin: He said he would cut your eye out.
Chris: 'Top Hat' Bob Spikes? I've never heard of him.
Vin: He ain't one that would be easy to forget. He could kill a man with his breath alone.

Chris: Who the hell are you?
Marshal 'Top Hat' Bob Spikes: You're a low-down Yankee liar if you say we've never met!
Buck: Seems to me a man would remember an ugly, one-eyed coward, six and a half feet tall, with no hair and a sissy hat.

Marshal 'Top Hat' Bob Spikes: Chris Larrabee, you've been scared of runnin' into me since we met.
Chris: There's a couple of ladies I'm scared of runnin' into, but you're not one of 'em.

"The Magnificent Seven: One Day Out West (#1.1)" (1998)
Judge Oren Travis: [leveling shot gun] Drop your gun belt.
Lucas James: [surprised] Don't know who I am, do ya?
Judge Oren Travis: No, and I don't care.
Lucas James: Well, you're makin' a big mistake pointin' that thing at me.
Judge Oren Travis: Sawed-off coach gun, double aught buck, should cut all three of you in half.
Lucas James: That stuff in there was self defense. Weren't it, boys?
Judge Oren Travis: He's unarmed, you shot him twice. That's murder in my book.
Lucas James: I admire your courage, old man, but there's three of us and one of you.
Vin: [drinking from a canteen] Hardly sounds fair.
Nathan Jackson: [leading horse] Nope.
Buck Wilmington: Well, howdy... boys.
[sits down]
Lucas James: [sees Chris] You stay outta this, cowboy, this ain't your fight!
Chris Larabee: [to JD] Did he just call me a cowboy, JD?
J.D. Dunne: [almost apologetically] I think he did, Mr Larabee.
Ezra Standish: [dusting himself off] At least once.
Josiah Sanchez: [smiling] He hates that.
Chris Larabee: [smiling, but threatening] You just call me a cowboy?
Lucas James: [backing off] Nah, I was just saying, it ain't your fight.
Chris Larabee: Not yet.
Judge Oren Travis: [advances] Drop the gunbelt.
Lucas James: [bewildered] Who the hell are you?
Judge Oren Travis: I'm a circuit judge. Oren Travis. You're under arrest, young man.
Lucas James: [looks around, drops gun belt]

Ezra Standish: Mr. Larabee, might I assume you've come to take me with you?
Chris Larabee: Oh, I couldn't do that.
Ezra Standish: May I ask why?
Chris Larabee: You broke the law. You've been a bad boy.

Chris Larabee: Can you handle it?
Vin: Like lickin' butter off a knife.

"The Magnificent Seven: Inmate 78 (#1.8)" (1998)
Chris Larabee: You don't shoot nobody in the back!

Warden: When you address me or any guard in this camp you use the proper appellation: "Sir."
Chris Larabee: Proper what?

"The Magnificent Seven: Nemesis (#1.5)" (1998)
Buck: [about the reporter] Who is this guy?
Chris: Nobody. Leave him.
Buck: Do you mind if I just shoot him?

Chris: The guy we're hunting for was close enough to sneak into my room and leave a dead body, and we're just sitting here eating breakfast!
Josiah: It's the most important meal of the day.

"The Magnificent Seven: Working Girls (#1.2)" (1998)
Chris: [about Mary Travis wanting the working girls to leave town] That's mighty Christian of you, Mrs. Travis.

Chris Larabee: [Wickes has come looking for his girls] Anybody seen any girls?
Josiah: Just the ones on them horses.
Buck: [with utter disgust] All I see is a pig on a horse.

"The Magnificent Seven: Sins of the Past (#2.2)" (1999)
Chris: You stick around here, you're gonna be deader'n a beaver hat.

"The Magnificent Seven: Wagon Train: Part 1 (#2.5)" (1999)
Chris Larabee: You gonna pull that piece or is your hand just restin' on it?

"The Magnificent Seven: Wagon Train: Part 2 (#2.6)" (1999)
Chris Larabee: [Vin just let the woman he loves leave] You alright?
Vin: Most of me.

"The Magnificent Seven: Witness (#1.4)" (1998)
Vin: What do you think made him run off like that?
Chris Larabee: I don't know. He's runnin' from somethin'.
Vin: Ain't we all.