Billy Rocks
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Billy Rocks (Character)
from The Magnificent Seven (2016)

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The Magnificent Seven (1960)
[Britt has just shot a fleeing bandit off his horse]
Chico: Ah, that was the greatest shot I've ever seen.
Britt: The worst! I was aiming at the horse.

Britt: Nobody throws me my own guns and says run. Nobody.

Wallace: You tell 'em! I won, didn't I?
Britt: You lost.

Britt: I... changed my mind.

Britt: You lost.

The Magnificent Seven (2016)
Billy Rocks: I knew you'd come back.
Goodnight Robicheaux: How?
[Billy shows him his hip flask]

Billy Rocks: Knives, there's nothing to it.
[shases open some dummies, everyone walks away]
Billy Rocks: Hey, come back!

Goodnight Robicheaux: It's like my daddy said...
Billy Rocks: What did your daddy say?
Goodnight Robicheaux: [laughs] My daddy said a lot of things!