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Gregory West (Character)
from "The Twilight Zone" (1959)

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"The Twilight Zone: A World of His Own (#1.36)" (1960)
[character first lines]
Mary: [mixing Gregory a martini] You really should be working, you know.
Gregory West: You're nagging me.
Mary: I'm only thinking of posterity.
Gregory West: [tenderly] Think of me, instead.
Mary: [smiles] Don't I always?
[They look at each other lovingly. Mary takes a sip from the glass]
Gregory West: Yes, you do. Dry enough?
Mary: We'll let the master decide.
[offers him the glass]
Gregory West: [takes sip] Perfect. As always.
Mary: [smiles] Are you describing yourself, Mr. West?
Gregory West: Let the mistress decide.
Mary: She's decided.
[she sits down next to him and he holds her in his arms]
Mary: [opening narration continues]

Rod Serling: We hope you enjoyed tonight's romantic story on The Twilight Zone. At the same time, we want you to realize that it was, of course, purely fictional. In real life, such ridiculous nonsense could never...
Gregory West: Rod, you shouldn't!
[Gregory interrupts Rod Sterling. He walks over to his safe and pulls out a tape marked Rod Serling]
Gregory West: I mean, you shouldn't say such things as "nonsense" and "ridiculous!"
[Gregory continues as he throws the tape into the fire]
Rod Serling: Well, that's the way it goes.
[in a resigned tone as he fades away]
Narrator: [Closing Narration] Leaving Mr. Gregory West, still shy, quiet, very happy - and apparently in complete control of the Twilight Zone.