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Herne the Hunter (Character)
from "Robin Hood" (1984)

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"Robin Hood: Herne's Son: Part 1 (#3.1)" (1986)
Herne the Hunter: Why have you come?
Robert of Huntingdon: I need your help.
Herne the Hunter: Why must I give it?
Robert of Huntingdon: Because I am Herne's Son.
Herne the Hunter: Are you? You told me he was dead. Denied your destiny, deserted those who would have followed you. But Marion is in danger. And so you return.
Robert of Huntingdon: What must I do?
Herne the Hunter: The powers of light and darkness will lead you. In the past lies what is to come.

Herne the Hunter: You're Herne's Son. You must lead them.
Robert of Huntingdon: Herne's Son is dead.
Herne the Hunter: Robin of Loxley is dead. Herne's Son lives again in you.
Robert of Huntingdon: No! It is finished.
Herne the Hunter: You were chosen.
Robert of Huntingdon: You called, and I answered. His followers are safe. It's enough!
Herne the Hunter: You are The Hooded Man.
Robert of Huntingdon: Farewell, Herne.
Herne the Hunter: You will return. You must!

"Robin Hood: The Greatest Enemy (#2.6)" (1985)
Herne the Hunter: Who is the greatest enemy? Always near to you, sometimes at your shoulder?
Robin of Loxley: I've known he was there.
Herne the Hunter: You must face him. Listen: each man travels along one path. At the end of it, if he has the courage, he will meet himself and find his power.
Robin of Loxley: Will you be there?
Herne the Hunter: No. But we cannot be parted. Another riddle for you.

Herne the Hunter: I am Herne the Hunter, and you are a leaf driven by the wind.
Robert of Huntingdon: Herne is a spirit. And you...
Herne the Hunter: I am a man.
Robert of Huntingdon: Yes. A man.
Herne the Hunter: Answer me this, then - what brought you here?
Robert of Huntingdon: I don't know... there was a voice.
Herne the Hunter: And what did this voice say to you? Tell me!
Robert of Huntingdon: It said... nothing's forgotten. Nothing is ever forgotten.
Herne the Hunter: So he is free.
Robert of Huntingdon: Nobody's free. What does it mean?
Herne the Hunter: The Hooded Man will come to the forest, there to meet with Herne the Hunter, to be his son and do his bidding.
[hands the Hooded Man a longbow]
Herne the Hunter: String the bow.
Robert of Huntingdon: Why?
Herne the Hunter: To give it purpose. And you must also have purpose and prove yourself.

"Robin Hood: Robin Hood and the Sorcerer (#1.1)" (1984)
Herne the Hunter: They are all waiting. The blinded, the maimed, the men locked in the stinking dark all wait for you. Children with swollen bellies hiding in ditches wait. The poor, the dispossessed, they all wait. You are their hope. You cannot escape. So must it be. Robin in the Hood!

Robin Hood: What do you want of me?
Herne the Hunter: Your life, your strength. The powers of light and darkness have always been with you. You have denied them.
Robin Hood: What's your name?
Herne the Hunter: When the Horned One possesses me, I am Herne the Hunter.
Robin Hood: But what must I do?
Herne the Hunter: What your fate asks of you. The time is near.
Robin Hood: The time? What time?
Herne the Hunter: They have waited too long. Take the sword, take it! Albion. One of the seven swords of Wayland, charged with the power of light and darkness. Now, string the bow!

"Robin Hood: The Swords of Wayland (#2.5)" (1984)
Herne the Hunter: Nothing we make is good or evil until we use it. The power in Wayland's swords was blind. There lay the danger.
Robin of Loxley: And Albion?
Herne the Hunter: Albion is in good hands.

"Robin Hood: The Pretender (#3.10)" (1986)
Herne the Hunter: There are many who would be one thing when in truth they are another. You cannot fight those who pretend to be what they are not.
Robert of Huntingdon: Who is this Arthur? What does he want with us?
Herne the Hunter: Only by being what you are, Robin i' the Hood, can you prevail.
Robert of Huntingdon: Another riddle.

"Robin Hood: The Witch of Elsdon (#1.2)" (1984)
Herne the Hunter: The powers of light and darkness are with you. Use them! Act quickly!

"Robin Hood: The Enchantment (#2.4)" (1985)
Herne the Hunter: I know why you have come. The Hooded Man is hidden from me by a cloud of darkness. He is slave to another, bound by sorcery. You can find him, and you must, for soon will he face the greatest of enemies and find himself in the white flame of his power. Take this. Listen well!

"Robin Hood: The Time of the Wolf: Part 1 (#3.12)" (1986)
Herne the Hunter: It is the Time of the Wolf. The time of famine. When the Sons of Fenris howl for blood. Drive them out! Destroy them!
Robert of Huntingdon: Where shall we find them?
Herne the Hunter: A child will come.
Robert of Huntingdon: A child? What child?
Herne the Hunter: We shall meet at the Ring of the Nine Maidens.
Robert of Huntingdon: When? When shall we meet?
Herne the Hunter: When the sky cries out.
[Thunder crashes as Herne disappears]