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Baron de Belleme (Character)
from "Robin Hood" (1984)

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"Robin Hood: The Enchantment (#2.4)" (1985)
Baron de Belleme: Did you really believe you could overthrow ME?

Baron de Belleme: [to Gisburne] I am no spirit. I breathe as you breathe. As your companion breathed, before you took his life.
Baron de Belleme: They are mine.
[Gisburne puts down the jewels and backs away]
Baron de Belleme: I give you your life, to tell the Sheriff: I command his presence here.

Baron de Belleme: You speak of things of which you have no knowledge. What is death, de Rainault? When does a man die? When his heart stops? When his last breath has left his body? When he rots? And if he doesn't rot, de Rainault? If the frozen hours stretch on forever... his blood a silent river of ice. Waiting... waiting. What then, de Rainault?

"Robin Hood: Robin Hood and the Sorcerer (#1.1)" (1984)
Baron de Belleme: Fire must be fought with fire.
Abbot Hugo de Rainault: But not with hellfire!
Robert de Rainault: You do see the problem, my lord. You can hardly expect the Church to align itself with the opposition, so to speak.

Robert de Rainault: When do you propose to take her?
Baron de Belleme: Tomorrow is the first of May.
Robert de Rainault: The feast of Beltane.
Baron de Belleme: You're very well-informed, for a skeptic.
Robert de Rainault: Superstition is a hobby horse of mine.
Baron de Belleme: Superstition? You're a fool, de Rainault.

Baron de Belleme: The time is coming when you will beg for my help. Both of you! When The Hooded Man comes to the forest...