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Philip Mark (Character)
from "Robin Hood" (1984)

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"Robin Hood: The Sheriff of Nottingham (#3.5)" (1986)
Philip Mark: We didn't have any Robin Hoods in Lincolnshire, de Rainault, and I'll tell you why. Because to be a so-called "people's hero," you have to have the people on your side. And in Lincolnshire, the people were just too... afraid.

Philip Mark: You are banished. You come within twenty miles, you are dead. Do you understand? You will leave here now. My soldiers will escort you to the edge of Sherwood.
Robert de Rainault: Sherwood? At night? You can't mean it!
Philip Mark: It's too dangerous for you, eh? Ah yes, of course, I forgot. Thanks to you, the place is crawling with cutthroats. Well, we'll just have to dress you in rags, won't we? It'd be good for you to be unrecognizable.
[to the guards]
Philip Mark: See to it.
Robert de Rainault: No, no you can't!
Philip Mark: I just have.
Robert de Rainault: Gisburne! Do something about it!
Philip Mark: Forget him, Gisburne. Let's have some wine.
[pats Gisburne's hand]
Philip Mark: You're mine now.