Sir Guy of Gisbourne
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Sir Guy of Gisbourne (Character)
from The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)

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"Robin Hood: The Enemy of My Enemy (#3.11)" (2009)
Robin Hood: We go no further unless I know I can trust you. I can't just betray the others and bring you to the camp.
Guy of Gisborne: You can trust me. Just don't ask me to forgive your father.
Robin Hood: Now, you listen to me, Gisborne. If we're going to work together, then we have to leave that behind.
Guy of Gisborne: That's easy for you to say. Your father seduced my mother.
Robin Hood: Well, it didn't take much effort, did it?

Robin Hood: You kill my wife, and you expect forgiveness?
Guy of Gisborne: I loved her as you loved her! I'll never ask for your forgiveness. I can't forgive myself.

Guy of Gisborne: So we've got two fairly difficult problems. One, we don't know what he looks like.
Robin Hood: We'll recognize him by his birthmark. Don't worry, we'll find him when we get there.
Guy of Gisborne: ...which brings us to problem two.

Robin Hood: I think I have a - I think I have a plan.
Guy of Gisborne: I'm listening.
Robin Hood: You um, you get arrested, get taken to the dungeons, find Archer, and, um... I'll bribe the guards, I'll come and see you.
Guy of Gisborne: And then what?
Robin Hood: And then we escape!
Guy of Gisborne: How?
Robin Hood: Well I don't know, I haven't worked that out yet, have I?
Guy of Gisborne: Forget it, it'll never work.
Robin Hood: Why not?
Guy of Gisborne: 'Cause I'm not gonna get myself arrested.
Robin Hood: Why not?
Guy of Gisborne: 'Cause you'll leave me in the dungeon.
Robin Hood: I will not leave you in the dungeons. You have my word.
Guy of Gisborne: You see, that's where this falls down.
Robin Hood: Well, all right. Well, I'll get myself arrested, then.
Guy of Gisborne: That sounds like a better plan.
Robin Hood: [chuckles] ... and you come and get me out.
Guy of Gisborne: See, suddenly not such a good idea, is it?
Robin Hood: You know, I'm not sure if I trust you yet. But we're about to find out.

Guy of Gisborne: So where do you want me to sleep, then?

Guy of Gisborne: [after Archer makes dramatic exit] ... he stole my horse.

Guy of Gisborne: Well, I'm certainly glad I came to rescue my brother, aren't you?
Archer: This is not my fault.
Guy of Gisborne: No? Whose fault is it, then?
Archer: Didn't ask you to come.

Guy of Gisborne: This way.
Robin Hood: It's this way.
Guy of Gisborne: Don't argue with me!
Robin Hood: Gisborne, it's this way.
Archer: Have either of you been in this castle before?
Guy of Gisborne: No.
Robin Hood: No.
Archer: [sighs] This way. Come on, come on!

Archer: Both of you are mad. I know what poor is, I grew up that way. Neither of you had. There's no honor in being poor, and there's no shame in it. If you'd grown up with nothing, you'd know that. And you wouldn't apologize for wanting to have a little money, for dreaming of something better then what you've got.
Guy of Gisborne: You know NOTHING about my life! About what I've endured! I envy you. Better no family, rich or poor, then a leper father and a mother...
Archer: mother WHAT?
Guy of Gisborne: [Thinks better of it] Killed in a fire.
Archer: [Quietly] What was her name?
Guy of Gisborne: Ghislane.

Archer: you're a noble who's now an outlaw with no money.
Guy of Gisborne: Yep.
Archer: Can you explain the point of that?

Guy of Gisborne: I'll kill the next man that touches me!
Old Man: Kill me. Please. Put me out of me misery.
Guy of Gisborne:!
Old Man: You didn't bring any food, did you?

"Robin Hood: Too Hot to Handle (#3.7)" (2009)
Isabella: Guy, what are you doing?
Guy of Gisborne: My duty to Prince John. Executing a traitor... and his accomplice.

Robin Hood: I swear, if I get out of here alive, I will KILL YOU!
Guy of Gisborne: Swear all you want, Hood, it won't make any difference. The legend dies here. Slowly... and painfully, I'd imagine. Meanwhile, I get to be Sheriff. Life is sweet, isn't it?

Prince John: "Dead," you said. "Taken care of," you said.
Isabella: He's always lied, Sire. In fact, he was going to let me go and not tell you about it.
Guy of Gisborne: No...
Isabella: ...until I knocked him unconscious.
Guy of Gisborne: No, Sire.
Prince John: You let the team down, Guy. You've let yourself down. In fact, you're a liability.
Guy of Gisborne: No...
Prince John: Gisborne, you're fired.
Guy of Gisborne: No, you will not fire me. I've waited all my life to be Sheriff and I will NOT be fired by YOU!
[Draws sword on Prince John]
Guy of Gisborne: You're not a monarch. You're a pretender, a fake, a fraud!
Isabella: Oh no, not as big a fraud as him
[points to Robin]
Isabella: I've been a fool, Sire. A weak, vain woman, blinded by his flattery. But now I see the truth, and I beg you, Sire, let me show you how sorry I am!
[Holds club out at Robin]
Robin Hood: Isabella, put it...
Isabella: your honeyed words for someone who cares... Hood.
Prince John: Be my guest.

Robin Hood: You're a dead man walking, Gisborne.
Guy of Gisborne: Never seemed to do you much harm.

Guy of Gisborne: This isn't over, Hood!

Prince John: Do you know, I don't know who's hotter, you or me.
Isabella: It's you, sire. You are hot... hot... hot.
Guy of Gisborne: ...if we could get back to the business at hand, Sire.
Prince John: Oh, do we have to?

Isabella: Guy, let me go! You are my brother, you let me go! Please, Guy.
Guy of Gisborne: All right. I will. I'll give you another chance, Isabella. I mean, we all make mistakes, don't we?
Robin Hood: What a shame you didn't show that same compassion to Marian before you ran her through.
Guy of Gisborne: Shut it.
[to Isabella]
Guy of Gisborne: So, I'll unshackle you...
Isabella: Thank you.
Guy of Gisborne: ...on one condition.
Isabella: Why is there always one condition with you?
Guy of Gisborne: Prove to me that you understand the terrible error you have made. Kill him. In front of me. With this.
[Waves sword]
Guy of Gisborne: If you do that, I will lie to Prince John.
Isabella: What does he know?
Guy of Gisborne: I will tell him that he misread what he saw last night, and your life will be spared.
[holds out sword to Isabella]
Robin Hood: Just do it. You're a rubbish kisser, anyway. Just save us all the pretense and do it quickly. It'll make his day.
Guy of Gisborne: Fine, I will then! Huh. You were right. It was obviously a mistake having anything to do with this weasel.

Guy of Gisborne: We need to make arrangements.
Prince John: Oh, do stop whingeing, Gisborne. I've already told you, you're as good as Sheriff already. The only thing you don't have is the title or the power... or the castle. Truth is, right now, there are more pressing matters.
Guy of Gisborne: Robin Hood.
Prince John: Now, obviously he has to hang. The only problem is people rather do insist on adoring him still.
Guy of Gisborne: The people are fools, sire.
Prince John: Well, of course they are. But we need their cooperation if my plans for England are to come to fruition. So, I need to woo them. Make them love me.
Guy of Gisborne: Yes, Sire, but how?
Prince John: By giving them what they want, of course. What they want more then anything in this drought... water.

Prince John: Well?
Guy of Gisborne: She was as you suspected.
Prince John: She followed Hood?
Guy of Gisborne: She did.
Prince John: And?
Guy of Gisborne: ...and I solved the problem, Sire.
Prince John: h, please, don't go all enigmatic on me, Gisborne, are they dead?
Guy of Gisborne: Yes.
Prince John: Well, have a drink, man! It's not every day you get to celebrate killing a national treasure and one's own sister!
Guy of Gisborne: No, I don't want a drink, Sire. I merely ask that you fulfill your side of the bargain.
Prince John: You're right. You're owed that much at least. There you are. The keys to Nottingham.
[Standing up]
Prince John: My Lords, Ladies, let it never be said that I am a man who does not deliver on his promises. Robin Hood is dead. Executed by my loyal friend here, My Lords and Ladies, I give you Sir Guy of Gisborne, the new Sheriff of Nottingham!
[All toast "The Sheriff of Nottingham!"]
Prince John: So, go on, do tell. Did they squeal?

"Robin Hood: Something Worth Fighting For: Part 2 (#3.13)" (2009)
Guy of Gisborne: This is the end?
Robin Hood: For you and me both, my friend.
Guy of Gisborne: I'm sorry. At least you have someone waiting for you. Marian. The love of my life. She was always yours. I lived in shame. But because of you, I died proud... and free.

Much: What have we done? We doubted him, John. He did this. HE DID THIS!
Robin Hood: Much! Much, you'll have time for that.
Kate: There's soldiers at every wall, hundreds of them. The whole town's surrounded!
Guy of Gisborne: I put a dagger in him. I saw him die.
Robin Hood: Well, that ghost has raised as army.

Sheriff of Nottingham: Surprise. You thought I was dead. But you didn't check, did you? Very nasty wound. Gisborne, we will have our reckoning. Right now, I want my town back.
Robin Hood: Never. You're finished, Vasey. Your weapons are no match for the hatred these men have for you.
Sheriff of Nottingham: You tell your pleasant army, anybody who resists me will die. Poor Allan. Squealed like a stuck pig when he died.
Guy of Gisborne: Robin...
Robin Hood: And you'll pay for that, you murdering swine.
Sheriff of Nottingham: Sticks and stones, Hood.

Robin Hood: We hold Nottingham, for the King! We know the King's coming, he has loyal troops waiting for him at Loughborough. If we can get word to them...
Guy of Gisborne: Robin, you could end this now by giving me up to the Sheriff. You could have done it back there. Why didn't you?
Robin Hood: This is bigger then you, Gisborne. It always has been. We are fighting for the future of England. You have Isabella behind bars, that's what you wanted. This isn't your fight unless you choose it to be.
Guy of Gisborne: While the Sheriff lives, this is all our fight. I'm with you.

Guy of Gisborne: Did you know the Sheriff was still alive?
Isabella: I knew nothing of this.
Guy of Gisborne: [to Guard] Leave us.
Isabella: You so want to kill me, don't you? What's stopping you, Guy? Not that fact that I'm a woman, surely. You're so good at killing defenseless females.
Guy of Gisborne: You're right. There is too much blood on my hands already. Isabella, you'll find no mercy amongst the outlaws now. So when the time is right...
[pulls out bottle of poison]
Guy of Gisborne: you might want to use this.
Isabella: Poison.
Guy of Gisborne: A single drop will act slowly and painfully. For it to be quick, you must take it all.
Isabella: This is your idea of mercy. Your last brotherly gesture. For whose sake, Guy? Mine or yours?
Guy of Gisborne: I do this for our Mother's sake. Though there's precious little of her goodness left in either of us.

Guy of Gisborne: Isabella.
Isabella: Guy?
Guy of Gisborne: Isabella, where are you?
Isabella: Come and get me.
Guy of Gisborne: That explosion...
Isabella: The tunnel should be cleared by now. I'd say there's a way out if you want it. For you, Guy, perhaps it's time you took the poison for yourself. After all, you've destroyed anyone you've ever held dear to you. You know, Brother, you loved me once.
Sheriff of Nottingham: ...and me, too.
Guy of Gisborne: planned this?
Sheriff of Nottingham: Isabella, you will, of course, relinquish your claims to my title if you wish to join me.
[to Guy]
Sheriff of Nottingham: I didn't want anyone else to have the pleasure of killing you, so I set up this little trap. Stay back. He's mine. The man who tried to kill me. I MADE YOU!
Guy of Gisborne: I won't make the same mistake twice.

Robin Hood: This ends here!
Isabella: Oh, how right you are, Robin Hood.
[Traces her own neck where Robin's wound is]
Robin Hood: It's a scratch! IT'S NOTHING!
Isabella: No, no, no. You should be careful. I mean, this blade, it could be rusty, or, or even worse...
Guy of Gisborne: What have you done?
Isabella: I used your poison on the blade. A few drops flowing through your bloodstream. I'd say you'll be dead by sundown.
Robin Hood: [to Guy] Is this true?
Guy of Gisborne: [Nods]
Sheriff of Nottingham: Oh, this is too good to be true. You've killed Robin hood! Oh, we'll be back to finish the rest of you off with the army. Please, wait for me. I don't want to miss the big moment.

Guy of Gisborne: What's happened?
Robin Hood: It's Kate. Kate's taken it upon herself to go to Loughborough for the troops.
Little John: She knows what she's doing. You taught her well.
Robin Hood: The Sheriff is playing with us! He knows he's got the advantage. We HAVE to hold this castle until the troops arrive.
Much: Can we? I mean, how long under bombardment from Byzantine fire?
Archer: ...He's got plenty of it.
Robin Hood: How do you know?
Archer: I sold it to him.
Much: For a profit? You sold it to the man who killed my friend!
Robin Hood: Well, now your trade has caught up with you! And you're going to be bombarded by your own weapons!
Archer: I've done you a favor by sticking around here. I saved your ungrateful lives!
Guy of Gisborne: Our lives wouldn't have needed saving if you hadn't trapped the tunnel in the first place.
Much: We lock him up. We can't trust him.
Robin Hood: Well, what's the matter? A guilty conscience? And what about all those people that are going to die because of your greed?
Archer: Well, what about all those who have died because they listened to Robin Hood? A few untrained, under-equipped peasants against that war machine. So you think about that you got them into, before you ever try and judge me.

"Robin Hood: Let the Games Commence (#3.5)" (2009)
Robin Hood: Looking well, Gisborne. For a dead man.
Sir Guy of Gisborne: Be assured that your death will be real... not rumoured.
Robin Hood: You must have made quite an impression on Prince John.
Sir Guy of Gisborne: A better impression than you have.
Much: What's he got in there?
Robin Hood: How should I know? Just ready yourself.
Much: How can I ready myself when I don't know what I have to be ready for?
Kate: Just be ready for anything.

Allan A Dale: What the HELL?
Much: ready for that?
Sir Guy of Gisborne: Seemed a rather apt way to dispatch such virulent supporters of the Couer De Lion. He hasn't been fed in days. I wanted him ready for you.

Sir Guy of Gisborne: Welcome.
Robin Hood: I like what you've done with the place, Gisborne.
Sir Guy of Gisborne: I wasn't expecting your visit.
Robin Hood: [Chuckles] Well, I find that very hard to believe.

Robin Hood: So... would you like to hear my demands?
Sir Guy of Gisborne: [laughs] Demands? Please. Demand away.
Robin Hood: It's quite simple, really. Get out of my forest.
Sir Guy of Gisborne: Yeah. That's a reasonable request. Let me think... kill Him.

Isabella: Guy, what about your men? You can't just leave them!
Sir Guy of Gisborne: They failed me.
Isabella: Is that why you gave me to Squire Thornton? Did I fail you, too? Why won't you answer me? Don't you owe me that, at least?
Sir Guy of Gisborne: I owe you nothing. I did what was best.
Isabella: For who? You? You did nothing but to condemn me to hell and I demand to know why.
Sir Guy of Gisborne: You're a foolish girl, and you do not understand the world.
Isabella: No, I understand perfectly. I just want to hear it from you. Why did you give me away? I said, why did yo...
Sir Guy of Gisborne: Because he offered a fair price for you, that's why. So... do you still require my protection?
Isabella: know I do.

Sheriff of Nottingham: Can I help you? Well. Might you hang your head in shame, Gisborne. You let him escape again and this - this! Is THIS what distracted you?
[gestures to Isabella]
Sir Guy of Gisborne: ...this is my sister.
Sheriff of Nottingham: Oh. Oh, I'm so sorry. You were busy playing happy families. Your level of incompetence never ever ceases to amaze me, Gisborne. Every time I think you've plumbed a new depth, along you come and surprise me all over again. Well, maybe now prince John will remember why he put ME in command!

Sheriff of Nottingham: You're still alive. Things must've gone well at court. Well, that can't have gone that badly, not for Prince John to provide you with men, horses...
Sir Guy of Gisborne: ...necessities.
Sheriff of Nottingham: So Prince John sent you back to Nottingham with a mission, and yet nobody saw fit to tell me. The last time I checked, I was still the Sheriff.
Sir Guy of Gisborne: The Prince is *still* waiting for his 1,000 crowns. His patience wears thin.
Sheriff of Nottingham: As indeed, does mine, what's the mission?
Sir Guy of Gisborne: He wants me to kill Robin Hood.
Sheriff of Nottingham: Oh, I'm sure he does. But you've, uh, you've never managed it before, Gisborne, hmm? Although you did once have him at your sword point, and yet he still bested you.
Sir Guy of Gisborne: Well, this time will be different. This time I will command with mission without incompetent, ill-conceived interference from others.
Sheriff of Nottingham: No. You will fail, like you always failed before, and then you will come back and beg me for my patronage.
Sir Guy of Gisborne: Not this time. The Prince has furnished me with a weapon that not even Hood can escape.
Sheriff of Nottingham: What weapon?
Sir Guy of Gisborne: Oh, I will not have need of you, ever again.

"Robin Hood: Bad Blood (#3.10)" (2009)
Robin Hood: You realizing how difficult life can be in the forest?
Guy of Gisborne: How long have you and your men been following me?
Robin Hood: You're jumpy.
Guy of Gisborne: Answer me!
Robin Hood: Gisborne, I have better things to do with my day. I'm alone.
Guy of Gisborne: Very well.
[Draws sword]
Robin Hood: [sighs] Really? You really sure you want to do this now?
Guy of Gisborne: Why not?
Robin Hood: Well, honestly, I don't think you have the energy.
Guy of Gisborne: I don't need food or sleep to drive me.
Robin Hood: Then what do you need?
Guy of Gisborne: Revenge.
Robin Hood: On who? Prince John?
Guy of Gisborne: Prince John will keep. Isabella will not. Neither will you.

Malcolm: I want you to listen and understand. Someone's life depends on it.
Guy of Gisborne: I find it hard to understand when I am tied. Now, free me!
Malcolm: I'll free you - free you from the bad blood that shackles you to each other.
Guy of Gisborne: Well, maybe there are good reasons for that bad blood. What do you know about our lives, anyway?
Malcolm: More then you do. I know the truth.
Robin Hood: The truth about what?
Malcolm: About how your parents really died.
Guy of Gisborne: You know about the fire. So?
Robin Hood: It was never a secret. Everybody knew that we both became orphans that day.
Malcolm: There are still things you don't know about your past.

Robin Hood: My father loved one woman only, and that was my mother.
Guy of Gisborne: That's just what you were told. The truth was kept from you by your precious father.
Robin Hood: What are you talking about?
Guy of Gisborne: He shielded you from reality like he always did! You were never made to face the consequences of your actions.
Malcolm: were once on a very different path, Robin.

Robin Hood: My father would NEVER had left me alone!
[Malcolm takes of hood]
Robin Hood: No. No...
Malcolm: I'm sorry, Robin.
Robin Hood: NO. I mourned for you!
Malcolm: How could I be your father after what I had done? After all I taught you about honor? Robin. I couldn't bear to see the shame in your eyes.
Guy of Gisborne: You killed her. All these years, I thought it was my fault. That my parents died because of the fire I started, but it was you. That guilt was with me every day. EVERY DAY!
[Grabs Malcolm]
Robin Hood: Get off him!
Guy of Gisborne: Can't you see he deserves this? He betrayed us both!
Malcolm: You're right. Death would be a release. There has been many times that I have been temped to do the job myself.
Robin Hood: And you expect us to feel sorry for you?
Malcolm: Of course not.
Guy of Gisborne: So why now? Why tell us after all this time?
Malcolm: Because of your brother. I need you to forgive each other. So that you can unite and save him.
Guy of Gisborne: Oh, this again.
Malcolm: Everything I have told you is the truth. And I have told you so you don't destroy each other like your fathers. Son...
Robin Hood: No. No, you lost the right to call me "son" when you left me alone in the world.
Malcolm: Maybe. But didn't it make you the man you are today?

Malcolm: Both of your lives could have been so different, were it not for the mistakes your parents made.
Robin Hood: We can't change that. I can never forgive Guy.
Malcolm: Why not?
Robin Hood: Because he showed no remorse for what he did to Marian.
Guy of Gisborne: You know nothing.
Robin Hood: You worked and killed for the Sheriff for years.
Guy of Gisborne: You'd still be living under his power were it not for me.
Robin Hood: What do you mean, "for you?"
[Guy is silent]
Robin Hood: ... you killed the Sheriff!
Guy of Gisborne: And I intend to kill the new one, too.

Robin Hood: Gisborne.
Guy of Gisborne: Enough. No more talk.
Robin Hood: So, what do you think we sh...
Guy of Gisborne: To York.

Guy of Gisborne: Awwww, how touching. Look, I really don't see the point of any of this.
Malcolm: You need to know the truth to save a life.

"Robin Hood: Total Eclipse (#3.1)" (2009)
Guy of Gisborne: Take them! Everything they have, everything they own, I want it! Bring them out. I want all of it - gold, silver. 'round their necks, 'round their wrists, in their filthy mouths, I want all of it!

Guy of Gisborne: So tired. Every time I close my eyes, they come.
Friar Tuck: They?
Guy of Gisborne: Demons. Clawing at my brain. How can I get some peace?

Guy of Gisborne: Do it! End it, please!
Robin Hood: want this?
Guy of Gisborne: I live in hell.

Robin Hood: GISBORNE!
Guy of Gisborne: ...he has come.

Robin Hood: Time's come for you to pay for what you did.
Guy of Gisborne: No. It was YOU. You forced me to do it!
Robin Hood: You murdered her! She didn't love you, you couldn't have her...
Guy of Gisborne: ...she should have been mine!
Robin Hood: SHE WAS MY WIFE!

Sheriff of Nottingham: You pathetic, misery addled mess. You are teetering on the edge of dispensability, Gisborune. Make sure you don't fall off.
Guy of Gisborne: You know, I've finally come to the conclusion that I don't like you.

The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)
Sir Guy of Gisbourne: You've come to Nottingham once too often!
Robin Hood: When this is over, my friend, there'll be no need for me to come again.

Sir Guy of Gisbourne: Let me ram those words down his throat your highness!
Prince John: No... later. Let him spout for the moment.

Sir Guy of Gisbourne: What the devil?
Robin Hood: Come now, Sir Guy. You would not kill a man for telling the truth, would you?
Sir Guy of Gisbourne: If it amused me, yes!

Sir Guy of Gisbourne: What is your name?
Much-the-Miller's-Son: A better one than yours!

Sir Guy of Gisbourne: [during duel with Robin] Do you know any prayers, my friend?
Robin Hood: I'll say one for you!

Sir Guy of Gisbourne: Now that you've robbed us and had your fill of insulting us, we wish to leave. Come, Lady Marian.
Robin Hood: My own men will escort my Lady. But before you take leave of her, it might be as well if you thanked her for saving your life.
Sir Guy of Gisbourne: My life?
Robin Hood: Do you think you would've left this forest alive if it hadn't been for her presence here? Peter! Errol! Take six men guide our loyal host and his nervous friend to the Nottingham road.
High Sheriff of Nottingham: But our... our horses? Our... our clothes?
Robin Hood: You'll return to Nottingham as you are, on foot. This, Sir Guy, will at least be a lesson to you in humility if not in mercy. The rest of your people will be returned tomorrow.
Sir Guy of Gisbourne: But the Lady Marian?
Robin Hood: You'd best be started, before I've a change of mind.
[Robin's men draw their swords]
High Sheriff of Nottingham: [to Sir Guy] I think we'd better go!

"Robin Hood: Herne's Son: Part 1 (#3.1)" (1986)
Robert de Rainault: And to illustrate my good will, you can have Gisburne for free.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: My lord, I...
Robert de Rainault: Don't argue, Gisburne; you could do with the exercise. Oh, and by the way, no shields for the men. I don't want Owen to know where the soldiers came from.

Sir Guy of Gisburne: This morning I remembered where I'd seen the animal before. I never forget a horse.
Robert de Rainault: I'm sure you don't, Gisburne.

Robert de Rainault: Tell me this: why should Robert of Huntingdon, heir to vast estates and several castles, concern himself with a gang of outlaws?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: Marion of Leaford.
[the Sheriff chokes on his wine]

Sir Guy of Gisburne: Did you dance in Sherwood? What's the matter? Don't you remember, Lady Wolfshead?

Sir Guy of Gisburne: I'll track them down. However long it takes. And the man who rescued them.
Robert de Rainault: Ah, the Hooded Man... Of course you will, Gisburne. I have enormous faith in your abilities.
Abbot Hugo de Rainault: Hah!

"Robin Hood: Cause and Effect (#3.2)" (2009)
Guy of Gisborne: Is that meant to frighten me? Look at you. Your plans are in ruins. The Black Knights are disbanded and your having to buy the affections of a Prince who would rather see you dead. Why should I fear you?

Guy of Gisborne: Say your prayers, outlaw!
Sheriff of Nottingham: Gisborne! You move, Gisborne, and you die.
Guy of Gisborne: I will have his blood!
Sheriff of Nottingham: Don't be so selfish.
Guy of Gisborne: Get off me! He dies now!
Sheriff of Nottingham: Come, come. Surely you don't want to miss the slow and painful death of Robin Hood? Hmm?

Guy of Gisborne: I will have my way. I will watch him die and then I'll bring his head to you on the road and you can send it with the money to Prince John.
Sheriff of Nottingham: Yes. Very good, Prince John would like that. He can show off his head in his trophy room. Perhaps I will allow you to have your way. But if you even think about defying me again then it will be your head on it's way to London.

Sheriff of Nottingham: I want those two buffoons out before anyone knows they're here.
Guy of Gisborne: Afraid Price John will find out you're supplying soldiers to his enemies?
Sheriff of Nottingham: Why should he find out, hmm?
[holds blade to Gisborne's neck]
Sheriff of Nottingham: Prince John will get his patronage money. He has to. And where it comes from is of no importance.
Guy of Gisborne: Is that meant to frighten me? Look at you. Your plans are in ruins. Black Knights are disbanded, and you're having to buy the affections of a Prince who would rather see you dead. Why should I fear you?
Sheriff of Nottingham: Because...
[throws sword]
Sheriff of Nottingham: I AM THE SHERIFF OF NOTTINGHAM!

Sheriff of Nottingham: We call this room the vault. One door, solid oak, 3 locks. No windows, just... lots of stone.
Robin Hood: ...a challenge.
Guy of Gisborne: This is the last room you'll ever know. You should have killed me when you had a chance. I'm going to make you suffer before you die.
Robin Hood: Just like you're suffering, Gisborne? You know, you could kill me a 100 times over, but the pain you're feeling now, the hatred, the self-loathing, it's never going to go away. You'll never hate me as much as you hate yourself!
Sheriff of Nottingham: [Gesturing towards Gisbornes drawn sword] Oh, put it away. Always in such a rush, hmm? Sometimes I don't think you appreciate the poetry of pain. Something clearly, Robin Hood does.

"Robin Hood: Do You Love Me? (#3.6)" (2009)
Guy of Gisborne: You're the reason Marian is dead! You poison everyone!
Sheriff of Nottingham: All this for a woman?

Sheriff of Nottingham: Did Prince John put you up to this? He asked you to kill me, do you hear me, Gisborne? This is nothing but sport for him. Putting us up against each other. Unity, Gisborne.
Guy of Gisborne: This isn't for Prince John! This is for me!
[attacks Vasey]
Guy of Gisborne: I will be rid of you!
Sheriff of Nottingham: Quickly, Gisborne. I beg you. Have mercy on me.
Guy of Gisborne: You have no idea how much please this is going to give me. You're going to die slowly, and I'm going to watch the venom drain from your body as you die.
Sheriff of Nottingham: Oh, Gisborne, please. Don't disgrace me. Kill me quickly.

Guy of Gisborne: You represent everything that's loathsome in a man!
Sheriff of Nottingham: I thought that's why you liked me! I was always fond of you Gisborne. Not overly fond, but fond.

Prince John: Do you love me, Gisborne?
Guy of Gisborne: Yes, Sire.
Prince John: I'm so pleased to hear it, because I don't think the Sheriff loves his Prince. No, I don't think he does at all. My time is almost here, Gisborne. You know, my father, Henry, God rest his soul, wanted me to be king, not my brother, Richard. Me. King. That was his wish. And I will be, soon. My father taught me to surround myself with only those most loyal, with only those who love me. You'd make a fine sheriff, Gisborne. I'm confidant in that. Does it please you that I have such confidence in you?
Guy of Gisborne: Yes, Sire.
Prince John: Hmm. Robin Hood isn't dead. I told you, I told the Sheriff I wanted Robin Hood dead. His blood is a gift I covet, and yet no one gives it me. If the Sheriff loves Prince John, he would give it me. And yet I do not have it. Ergo, he doesn't love me. Well, I will have blood. The Sheriff's blood. You will kill the Sheriff for me, Gisborne. Discreetly. Only the two of us will know. A private secret we can share. And you will do this for me, Gisborne... because you love me.

Sheriff of Nottingham: Gisborne? Gisborne!
Guy of Gisborne: My Lord.
Sheriff of Nottingham: You're here, I've been looking for you. I've, uh, been thinking about out relationship. We should work on it, don't you think? It's been a little strained in the past, I admit. But in the light of Prince John's visit, well, I think unity is the best way forward. Unity between you and me, hmm? Standing strong, together, don't you think? The past is the past. We should leave it behind us. The man is a tyrant, Gisborne, we both know that. And he's dangerous. The only way we're going to survive is... unity.

"Robin Hood: Brothers in Arms (#1.7)" (2006)
Lucky George: I need more guards.
Guy of Gisborne: Out of the question.
Sheriff of Nottingham: You shall have them.

Guy of Gisborne: You know the worst crime a man can commit?
Marian: Murder.
Guy of Gisborne: Betrayal.

Guy of Gisborne: I've been betrayed.
Sheriff of Nottingham: Again? Hmh. Well, you're making a habit of it, aren't you?

Guy of Gisborne: Will you. Marry. Me?

Guy of Gisborne: [on who gave information to Robin Hood] It was Marian. I have the proof.
Sheriff of Nottingham: Marian? Well, well, well. Am I surprised? Clue:
[shakes his head and mouths 'no']
Sheriff of Nottingham: It's always the girl. I told you: women - lepers.

"Robin Hood: Alan a Dale (#1.4)" (1984)
Robert de Rainault: [Mildred starts weeping] Oh, look at her! Any mention of our forthcoming nuptials and she positively overflows! God knows where it all comes from.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: Will there be many guests, my lord?
Robert de Rainault: It's a wedding, Gisburne, not a celebration! I made a list of guests. Then, after I'd read them, I started crossing them off. I went on crossing them off until there was nobody left.
[to Mildred]
Robert de Rainault: Shut up! Fortunately, most of my relations are either dead, or living in Normandy, which amounts to the same thing.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: And the Abbot Hugo, my lord?
Robert de Rainault: My dear brother has had a sudden and totally uncharacteristic surge of piety, and hurried off on a pilgrimage to Wolsingham, thus saving both his soul and the necessity of providing me with a wedding present.

Robert de Rainault: Why on earth did I agree to be united in the unholy bonds of matrimony with a pansy-faced sixteen-year-old virgin? That is, if she still is a virgin, of course. Do you think it's worth the money, Gisburne? Could it possibly be worth ten thousand marks?
Robert de Rainault: Why don't you answer?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: I assumed the question was rhetorical, my lord.
Robert de Rainault: Never assume anything, Gisburne, except an occasional air of intelligence. Well, you'd better go and fetch her, hadn't you? And that ghastly man who's supposed to have fathered her, though that's a matter of some doubt, considering the amount of time he spends riding around on horseback. Ha! well, you should get on famously together. All he ever talks about is halters and harnesses. No wonder his coat of arms is a rampant boar.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: And when will the... ceremony take place, my lord?
Robert de Rainault: When I'm drunk enough to go through with it!

Robert de Rainault: [to the soldiers] You cross-eyed idiots! Gisburne, stop playing around in the mud and come up here. You look like a decaying dung-heap. Keep downwind of me, for the love of Christ!
[nods to Mildred]
Robert de Rainault: Lady Mildred. Where's the Baron? And where are your men?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: The Baron was wounded in a tournament, my lord. He's taken to his bed.
Robert de Rainault: And your men, Gisburne? Have they taken to their beds as well?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: We were attacked by outlaws! That devil pursued me!
Robert de Rainault: A devil, is he? All I saw was a ragged wolfshead whom you seem quite incapable of killing.

Sir Guy of Gisburne: Shall I hang him?
Robert de Rainault: No, Gisburne. A public flogging will do.

Sir Guy of Gisburne: [instructing the soldiers] After the ceremony is over, on a signal from me, you will all cheer. Understood?
[They nod]
Sir Guy of Gisburne: We'll try one now. Are you ready? Deep breath. Cheer!
[They give a half-hearted, barely audible cheer. Gisburne looks annoyed, and doesn't see the Sheriff entering the room behind him]
Sir Guy of Gisburne: We'll try that again. On the command "cheer" - CHEER!
[They respond more loudly. Gisburne nods]
Robert de Rainault: Are you trying to be funny, Gisburne?
Robert de Rainault: Is there any sign of the priest?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: No, my lord. Nor the outlaws.
Robert de Rainault: Is everyone alert and ready?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: Yes, my lord.
Robert de Rainault: Well, put them back in their little box, Gisburne, or do something with them!

"Robin Hood: The Time of the Wolf: Part 1 (#3.12)" (1986)
Sir Guy of Gisburne: My lord?
Robert de Rainault: Ah, Gisburne. A little hard of hearing, are we? What are you doing in your armour?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: The tournament.
Robert de Rainault: What tournament?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: At Derby. I'm in the Earl's team!
Robert de Rainault: You think I employ you to go careering around the countryside getting your head knocked off, whilst I stay here at Nottingham slaving away from cockcrow to sunset? Look at this, look at it! Fines, leases, receipts!
Sir Guy of Gisburne: You said I could go!
Robert de Rainault: I said I'd consider it. Well, I have, and you can't. Not now. Read this.
[holds out document]
Sir Guy of Gisburne: My lord Sheriff...
Robert de Rainault: Read it! Perhaps you'd like to join our noble king in this ridiculous war and cover yourself with glory, fighting against Llewellyn.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: [reading] It says two hundred men.
Robert de Rainault: And all the grain I can send him.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: With due expe... expeded... exped...
Robert de Rainault: Expedition! It means at once, Gisburne. At once!
Sir Guy of Gisburne: I know what it means!
Robert de Rainault: Irritating little man, what does he want Wales FOR? I have a Hundred Court in two days' time, I'm supposed to attend six hangings on Thursday, and my mother's coming for the weekend.
Robert de Rainault: Wales? It'll be Scotland next. Drunk with power! He'll ruin all of us, just like his wretched brother did.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: [pause] Your mother?
Robert de Rainault: Don't be so inane, Gisburne. Just climb out of that iron harness and get your men together. If that's at all possible.

Sir Guy of Gisburne: Wickham, Aulbury, and Leaford.
Robert de Rainault: It's a miserable amount. They must have hidden some.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: Impossible. My searches were thorough.
Robert de Rainault: And just a little heavy-handed, Gisburne?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: That man in Leaford would have died anyway, when the winter comes.
Robert de Rainault: So will a lot of them.

Robert de Rainault: He's foul-mouthed, has considerable power, and rather like you, Gisburne, has absolutely no sense of humour. William Brewer's not a man to cross. I suppose that's why the king's appointed him. This grain business is probably his idea.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: Well, it's ready for him.
Robert de Rainault: And so am I, Gisburne, so am I. I only hope it's enough to satisfy him.
Robert de Rainault: God's teeth, it's cold! I wish the wretched man would hurry.

Robert de Rainault: My lord.
William Brewer: I'm taking your head to the King.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: Take Robin Hood's head, my lord. This was his doing!
William Brewer: What did you say?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: I said that Robin Hood...
William Brewer: Who is this thing?
Robert de Rainault: My steward, Sir Guy of Gisburne.
William Brewer: You're Guy of Gisburne, are you? I've heard of you. And what I've heard hasn't impressed me.

Grendel: This man will join us.
Gulnar: Do you forswear all allegiances, save to Fenris?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: I do.
Gulnar: Release the beast within you. Be savage like the mighty wolf you are to serve! Bone to bone, flesh to flesh,
[rakes an iron wolf's claw across Gisburne's chest]
Gulnar: and blood to blood. Halegomoneth! Now you belong to Fenris.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)
[the Sheriff has said he'll cut out Robin Hood's heart with a spoon]
Guy of Gisborne: Why a spoon, cousin? Why not an axe?
Sheriff of Nottingham: Because it's DULL, you twit. It'll hurt more.

Guy of Gisborne: Might I have the pleasure of your name, before I have you run through?

Guy of Gisborne: Harboring felons, are you, milady?
Marian: They're thieves, you imbecile. They're stealing my horses.
Guy of Gisborne: Lucky they didn't steal your virtue as well.

Friar Tuck: [singing drunkenly] Old King Richard's gone to war, loves his wine and warring/But for those of us who stay at home, there's only beer and whoring/Play the music, dance the day, think not on tomorrow...
Guy of Gisborne: FRIAR! I'm sure you shall find it much more difficult to sing with a sword in your gullet!
Friar Tuck: Yes, my lord.
[laughs, to himself]
Friar Tuck: You pig.

Guy of Gisborne: C'mon, damn you! There're only three of them!
Soldier: It's not the men we fear, sir. It's the evil spirits.
Guy of Gisborne: Robin of the Hood! Son of a devil worshipper! Your father died a coward, cursing your name and squealling like a stuck pig!
Azeem: You will bring no justice to your father by dying today.

"Robin Hood: The Children of Israel (#2.2)" (1984)
Sarah de Talmont: Everything about you disgusts me. Your arrogance, your cruelty, your ignorance and your conceit! How did you think that I could marry you? You, with my people's blood on your hands! To be your wife? To renounce everything that I believe in? I loathe you, I despise you, and I'd rather die than have anything to do with you!
Sir Guy of Gisburne: You're hysterical. It's been an ordeal, I know. I can see that you need a man to match your spirit!

Sir Guy of Gisburne: My lord, I thought...
Robert de Rainault: You thought, did you, Gisburne? What a pity I wasn't here. When did you have this thought of yours? While I was in London? Or was it perhaps more recent? Surely such an earth-shattering event would linger in the memory. Or was it this morning perhaps, while I was being attacked?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: Attacked, my lord?
Robert de Rainault: Ten miles from Nottingham, by Robin Hood's men! That was when I had MY thought, Gisburne. And do you know what it was? A simple, uncomplicated thought: Where is Gisburne? Where is the escort that I asked for in my letter?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: Your letter? Your letter says that you will be back in four days, dated the 8th!
Robert de Rainault: The 7th, Gisburne. The 7th! Don't try to get out of it!
Sir Guy of Gisburne: But, my lord...
Robert de Rainault: But! But! You're the butt of everyone in Nottingham, aren't you?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: You insult me!
Robert de Rainault: I do! And will, as long as you continue to give me cause!

Sarah de Talmont: I'll kill myself before I marry you.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: Don't be so stupid!

Captain: A poacher, my lord. See? Red-handed!
Sir Guy of Gisburne: And soon one-handed.

"Robin Hood: Lord of the Trees (#2.3)" (1984)
Sir Guy of Gisburne: Save me! Save me!
Abbot Hugo de Rainault: Save you? What are you talking about?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: The forest. The trees... The trees!
Abbot Hugo de Rainault: Save you from the trees? Have you been drinking?

Bertrand de Nivelle: Your servant, my lord, Bertrand de Nivelle.
Abbot Hugo de Rainault: Yes, I've heard of you.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: One of the finest soldiers in Europe.
Abbot Hugo de Rainault: And one of the richest.
Bertrand de Nivelle: That's true. Fighting is nearly as profitable as praying.

Edward of Wickham: Those antlers are nigh on a hundred years old. If you want the man who killed that stag, you'll have to dig him up.
[Gisburne breaks the antlers]
Edward of Wickham: You call this law?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: The ONLY law.

Sir Guy of Gisburne: I'm surprised you're so complacent about it. I thought the Church was supposed to condemn witchcraft!
Abbot Hugo de Rainault: We're not talking about witchcraft, Gisburne! As long as they come to Mass, have their children baptized, are married and buried as Christians, I'm not too bothered what they get up to. You leave well alone, Gisburne. Or you may find the old gods aren't quite as dead as you think.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: Dead? They never existed!

"Robin Hood: Adam Bell (#3.9)" (1986)
Robert de Rainault: Ninety-nine, one hundred gold marks exactly.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: I did count it, my lord.
Robert de Rainault: I know, Gisburne, but one can never be too sure.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: My lord, are you questioning my hono...
Robert de Rainault: Your honour? No, no, just your ability to count.

Robert de Rainault: What are you snickering about, Gisburne? Are you laughing at me?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: No, my lord, but I thought...
Robert de Rainault: That's the trouble, Gisburne: you thought. You never think!

Robert de Rainault: I told him there were two ways you can win - luck and cunning. But of course, there's a third.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: A third?
Robert de Rainault: Yes. You can cheat.

Robert de Rainault: Have I ever spoken to you about my younger brother, Edward?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: No.
Robert de Rainault: Even when he was young he was different from me: honest, trusting, generous. Naturally I despised him.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: Naturally.

"Robin Hood: The King Is Dead, Long Live the King... (#3.8)" (2009)
Isabella: I mean, what does Sheridan know about Nottingham, anyway? Stupid old fool!
Guy of Gisborne: Hello, Sister.
Isabella: Guy, please, please just wait.
Guy of Gisborne: What, for you to betray me again?
Isabella: You got what you deserved.
Guy of Gisborne: And you will get what you deserve.
Isabella: So kill me. You did as much to me when I was a child, anyway.
Guy of Gisborne: Is that to be your dying thought?
Isabella: Yes. Go on. End it now. Put us both out of our misery. Come on! What's wrong with you? Maybe we change things. King Richard is dead. Prince John is due to be crowned.
Guy of Gisborne: What?
Isabella: That's right. I can help you.
Guy of Gisborne: How can you help me?
Isabella: I can speak for you. But for that, you need me alive. Kill me, and you kill your last chance back with the new King. Let me live, and we both get what we want.

Isabella: How did you sleep?
Guy of Gisborne: With one eye open.

Guy of Gisborne: So... how I am to get back into the New King's favor?
Isabella: I have decided to speak to him for you, on one condition. I need you to apologize.
Guy of Gisborne: Apologize? What for?
Isabella: You know what for.
Guy of Gisborne: Isabella, had I not arranged your marriage, we would still be living in some godforsaken corner of France without a penny or acre to our name.
Isabella: Better that then to have been with him.
Guy of Gisborne: No, it is not my fault that you failed to make the best of your chance. In fact, it's down to me that we're still in with a chance of anything, so instead of wasting time, I say we work out exactly what it is you're going to say to the Prince.
Isabella: I was thinking, maybe I should just drug you and hand you in to him myself.
Guy of Gisborne: ...what?
Isabella: I was willing to forgive you, brother. But you don't deserve my absolution.
[Guy gasps and knocks his cup over]
Isabella: Oh, no, no, It's not your drink. It's your wound. Straight into your bloodstream.

Prince John: You impersonate the King?
Robin Hood: Just like you. PRINCE John.
Prince John: Arrest him!
Robin Hood: You can do what you want! These people, they know the truth.
Archbishop Walter: And so do I. I will never make you King.
Prince John: Where's my crown?
Guy of Gisborne: Is this what you're looking for? How about a state funeral?
[aims crossbow at Prince John]
Robin Hood: Gisbrone! Don't do it. I know he deserves it, but with no leader at home, England could be ripped apart, torn up by war.
Guy of Gisborne: What has England ever done for me?
Isabella: Brother...
Guy of Gisborne: Don't think I won't shoot you as well after everything you've done.
Isabella: I know. But you'll have to decide which one of us you want dead the most - Prince John or me. Because as much as I hate Robin Hood, he loves his country. And he won't give you a second shot.

"Robin Hood: Tattoo? What Tattoo? (#1.8)" (2006)
Guy of Gisborne: [whilst fighting Robin] There will always be War.

Guy of Gisborne: Robin of Locksley, Earl of Huntingdon, Hero of Acre. And look at you now; you're just a common outlaw!

Marian: You leave me little choice.
Guy of Gisborne: I thought you'd already made your choice.

Robin Hood: I will find out, and when I do I will see you all hang for treason.
Guy of Gisborne: Oh, and when will that be?
Robin Hood: When the king returns.
Guy of Gisborne: I wouldn't hold your breath if I were you.

"Robin Hood: Get Carter! (#2.8)" (2007)
Sheriff of Nottingham: Carter is a godsend. He kills people for fun!
Guy of Gisborne: ...then why are we paying him?
Sheriff of Nottingham: Fun... and money.

Sheriff of Nottingham: Oh, and by the way, Marian sent a message.
Guy of Gisborne: What message?
Sheriff of Nottingham: Hmm? Oh. "I'm not coming back, get over it, and for god's sake, change your clothes once in a while."

Guy of Gisborne: Saddle my horse.
Allan A Dale: I don't really do saddlin'.
Guy of Gisborne: Do as you're told.
Allan A Dale: Sure!

"Robin Hood: Sisterhood (#2.1)" (2007)
Guy of Gisborne: Torture him.

Sheriff of Nottingham: Talking of our lady leper friends, time to go and get the pretty one and her daddy.
Guy of Gisborne: Edward and Marion.
Sheriff of Nottingham: Mm.
Guy of Gisborne: If they resist, shall I use force?
Sheriff of Nottingham: Get up to speed, Gisborne. Use force anyway.

Guy of Gisborne: Look at you. You threw it away. For what? So you could be king of the paupers? Did you think they'd love you? Did you think they'd kneel at your name? Trust me, you're not dead yet and they've forgotten you already.

Robin Hood (2010)
Godfrey: In the name of King John, pay or burn.

Godfrey: I've come looking for Robert Loxley.
Sir Walter Loxley: My son has not returned.
Godfrey: That is the truth because he's lying in a French ditch.
Sir Walter Loxley: Who are you?
Godfrey: I'm the one who killed him.

Sir Robert Loxley: [During the french ambush] You're English?
Godfrey: When it suits me.

"Robin Hood: The Witch of Elsdon (#1.2)" (1984)
Robert de Rainault: What a worrier you are, Gisburne! You must learn patience if you're ever to take service with me. And tact - you're very short on tact.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: I believe in action, my lord.
Robert de Rainault: Ah yes, action. The eternal excuse for not stopping to think.

Robert de Rainault: I was wrong about Robin Hood.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: Yes, my lord.
Robert de Rainault: 680 silver marks! I want his head!
Sir Guy of Gisburne: I'll get it for you.
Robert de Rainault: Don't be so stupid! If you go to Sherwood, all you'll get is an arrow in your back, and a bloody long one, too.

Robert de Rainault: Well, if it isn't the flower of chivalry himself. What can I do for you?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: It is the third day, my lord.
Robert de Rainault: I know what day it is, Gisburne! You've no need to ride ten miles to tell me that.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: The Abbot is angry.
Robert de Rainault: The Abbot's always angry. He was angry as a child. I've still got the scars.

"Robin Hood: Robin Hood and the Sorcerer (#1.1)" (1984)
Sir Guy of Gisburne: Good. And who are you, serf?
Robin Hood: I'm not a serf. I'm a free man.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: If I say you're a serf, you're a serf!
[backhands Robin]
Sir Guy of Gisburne: Now. What's your name, serf?
Robin Hood: Robin of Loxley.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: You aren't Robin of Loxley. Loxley doesn't exist!

Sir Guy of Gisburne: I don't like liars. Especially Saxon liars.

Robert de Rainault: Gisburne, see what you can get out of the miller. He must know where they are.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: I will.
Abbot Hugo de Rainault: May God's peace go with you. Don't take any prisoners.

"Robin Hood: Seven Poor Knights from Acre (#1.3)" (1984)
Robert de Rainault: So Robin Hood has crossed you, has he de Villaret?
Reynald de Villaret: Robin Hood?
Robert de Rainault: Of course, you've been away, haven't you? The so-called "King of Sherwood", a dangerous rebel.
Reynald de Villaret: Does a girl fight with him?
Robert de Rainault: Yes, I believe so.
Reynald de Villaret: And a friar, a FAT friar?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: That renegade was the Sheriff's chaplain.
Reynald de Villaret: They'll all die. ALL of them. We've sworn it.
Robert de Rainault: Have you now? Then I give you my blessing, de Villaret. Come along, Gisburne. It's time we left the brothers to their devotion.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: My Lord, I must protest!
Robert de Rainault: I'd rather you didn't. Just get back on your horse and stop making an exhibition of yourself!

Robert de Rainault: It's a very curious country, Gisburne. It seems to absorb people like a sponge. I mean, what do you think we are - English or Norman?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: Norman, my lord.
Robert de Rainault: Yes, that's what I thought you'd say. Ah, it's such a bore, having to trot around the shire every year. But we're not going to fill the coffers by sitting at home in Nottingham, are we?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: Cattle must be driven.
Robert de Rainault: And driven hard, Gisburne.

Sir Guy of Gisburne: [indicating Much] The half-wit, my lord, the half-wit!
Robert de Rainault: [glaring at Gisburne] Which one?

"Robin Hood: The Time of the Wolf: Part 2 (#3.13)" (1986)
Gulnar: [the captive Sheriff is brought before Gulnar] Who is this?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: Robert de Rainault, High Sheriff of Nottingham.
Robert de Rainault: Where is Abbot Michael?
Gulnar: In Hell. Do you wish to join him?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: [putting his sword to the Sheriff's throat] I can arrange it.
Robert de Rainault: What do you think you're wearing, Gisburne? You look absurd.
[Gisburne lifts his sword to strike the Sheriff]
Grendel: [to Gisburne] Not yet!
Grendel: [to the Sheriff] Join us. Join us or die!
Robert de Rainault: Well, you don't give me any choice in the matter, do you? Because I have no intention of capering about in a wolfskin with a gang of demented savages!
Gulnar: [gesturing to the Sheriff] Take him for your sport. We shall use what's left of him as a sacrifice to Fenris.

Robert de Rainault: You're a fool, Gisburne. Do you really think you can survive in this madhouse?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: Oh yes, I'll survive. You're the one who's going to die, and die with Robin Hood and his men.
Robert de Rainault: What?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: Yes, all of them. We have all of them. Hahahahaha. Ironic, isn't it?
Robert de Rainault: Come to your senses, man! We could use their deaths to get ourselves a pardon from the King!
Sir Guy of Gisburne: I'd rather watch you suffer.
Robert de Rainault: And then be killed by the rest of this rabble.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: [shouting] This is the Time of the Wolf! Your time is over, Sheriff.

"Robin Hood: A Thing or Two About Loyalty (#1.9)" (2006)
Guy of Gisborne: Where is your betrothal ring?
Marian: I felt dishonest wearing it. I'm afraid we have misunderstood each other lately. I assumed you would be true to your word. You perhaps thought I would not mind if you let me down.
Guy of Gisborne: I sincerely did not intend that.
Marian: I don't care. I thought you were a better man. Now I realise I must content myself with disappointment.
Guy of Gisborne: I had to make a choice. You know that I am all that stands between you and the Sheriff, and I would not see you harmed. I have to protect you. Will you wear the ring again?
[long pause]
Marian: Of course. But we will never find ourselves in this situation again. Everything is back in its box.

Guy of Gisborne: Hood got there first. The ledger's gone.
Sheriff of Nottingham: [looking over a chessboard] Didn't you tell me that you'd *hidden* the barrels of black powder?
Guy of Gisborne: [under pressure] I did. Yes, I did.
Sheriff of Nottingham: [moves the white rook across the chessboard] Who else did you tell?
Guy of Gisborne: No one.
Sheriff of Nottingham: [still not looking at Guy of Gisborne] So how did he find it before you?
[long pause]
Sheriff of Nottingham: Were you followed, Gisborne?
Guy of Gisborne: [seriously] No.
Sheriff of Nottingham: [nods, then suddenly picks up the white king and hurls it at Guy of Gisborne, who ducks]
Sheriff of Nottingham: You fool! We've been set up! Now you dispatch every man you can to the caves, bring me Eve, and fetch me my horse!

"Robin Hood: The Pretender (#3.10)" (1986)
Sir Guy of Gisburne: It looks unpleasant, my lord.
Robert de Rainault: It is unpleasant, Gisburne. It's unpleasant being bitten by one of my own dogs. Mind you, it's what I've come to expect.

Queen Hadwisa: I understand the Sheriff is indisposed?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: Sadly yes, my lady. He was... bitten by a dog.
Queen Hadwisa: Poor creature.

"Robin Hood: Dead Man Walking (#1.11)" (2006)
Guy of Gisborne: Marian, um, for some time now...
Marian: I thought I would rest before dinner.
Guy of Gisborne: Hear me out, please.
[Marian smiles at the disguised Robin Hood]
Guy of Gisborne: Is there something the matter?
Marian: No, I'm a little out of sorts, that is all.
Guy of Gisborne: Since we came to our understanding, you have been constantly in my thoughts. Without you, I no longer feel quite whole.
Marian: Please, Sir Guy, I would rather not talk about this now.
Guy of Gisborne: Don't send me away.
[She takes his offered hand, and he pulls her up]
Guy of Gisborne: We should be spending more time together, so that we can understand each other better. I want to know you.
Marian: I'm sorry, I cannot.
Guy of Gisborne: Marion.
[He puts an arm around her back]
Guy of Gisborne: Be with me.
Marian: [Pushing him away and going back to her desk] Please, Guy, not now.
Guy of Gisborne: Perhaps you'll at least think over what I've said.
[He leaves]
Guy of Gisborne: [as soon as he's gone, Marian gets up and runs to the door, thinking that Robin is in the hallway. When she looks, he isn't. Disappointed, she closes the door and begins walking back to the desk]
Robin Hood: [Coming out from behind a tapestry] Please don't send *me* away.
[Marian smiles and turns around]
Robin Hood: We *should* be spending more time together.

[first lines]
Guy of Gisborne: You owe two shillings.
Peasant: Mercy, my lord.
Guy of Gisborne: Given a week to find it; now, pay up. If he's no money, take goods for the value.
Peasant: Mercy. Mercy.
Guy of Gisborne: If he's nothing of value, take him. This is the king's annual duty to finance his crusade against the heathens. You can't pay, you go to prison. Sheriff's decree; no exceptions, no tolerance.

"Robin Hood: Peace? Off! (#1.10)" (2006)
Marian: [Being led outside by Gisborne blindfolded] I do not like surprises.
Guy of Gisborne: Well, you'll like this one.
[He removes her blindfold]
Marian: [Gasps at the sight of the horse] Oh, he's beautiful!

Guy of Gisborne: Marian and I have had a disagreement, that's all. I'd hoped that...
Sheriff of Nottingham: Hope! I would rather be *dead* than spend my life hoping. I hope for this; I hope for that. Buy her something. A trinket or two.
Guy of Gisborne: Marian is not the type to be bought.
Sheriff of Nottingham: Nonsense. All women can be bought; it's a nesting thing. They want to make sure that their offspring are provided for. They're animals really.

"Robin Hood: The Prophecy (#2.1)" (1984)
Peter de Leon: Oh, and he takes a bath twice a week.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: Whatever for?
Peter de Leon: It's his custom.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: How extraordinary!
Peter de Leon: He is an extraordinary man.

Sir Guy of Gisburne: Does the prince like music?
Peter de Leon: Not particularly. He has other diversions, and they will be traveling with him, too.

"Robin Hood: Something Worth Fighting For: Part 1 (#3.12)" (2009)
Guy of Gisborne: I'll take that.
[Takes letter from Messenger]
Robin Hood: Tie him up, then!
Tuck: [Taking letter from Gisborne and opening it] It's from Isabella to Prince John. "My Prince, I understand the urgency of your request. Richard returns from the crusades within the month. Troops loyal to him await his return in Loughborough. We must be ready."
Allan A Dale: Richard. King Richard?
Kate: The King's coming home.
Robin Hood: Read the rest.
Tuck: "You asked for 300 men, food, and supplies. I will dispatch them at sunset to join with your northern forces in Doncaster."
Robin Hood: So where's Isabella got 300 men from?
Tuck: "England will soon be yours."
Robin Hood: [to Messenger] You give the Sheriff this message. England will never be a slave to Prince John, not while Robin Hood fights for King Richard!

Robin Hood: We take the castle. We claim it under King Richard. We put Isabella under house arrest, we release the supplies, we release the men. And we hold that castle till King Richard returns.
Much: We can't take a castle!
Guy of Gisborne: We can if we go down the tunnel. When the old Sheriff returned from his failed mission in the holy lands, he became paranoid about repercussions. So he built himself an escape route. A tunnel. The diggers were silenced, I made sure of that. So no one else knows about the tunnel, especially not Isabella. It starts here, in a derelict churchyard outside the west gate, and it leads directly into the heart of the castle. I say we go down the tunnel, we seize Isabella, and we force her to dismiss her guards. If we take Isabella, we take the castle.
Robin Hood: If we time the break-in to coincide with the supply train leaving, most of the guards will be busy with the convoy anyway.
Kate: Count me out. I don't trust him!
Little John: How do we know this isn't a trap?
Guy of Gisborne: Because we want the same thing.
Kate: Since when have you cared about our people?
Guy of Gisborne: I don't. I just want Isabella. She betrayed me to Prince John and I intend to make her pay.
Kate: Now THAT sounds more like the Gisborne we all know and loathe!
Robin Hood: That's enough! We go through the tunnel! And that's my final word. Gisborne is one of us now. Our fate is his.

"Robin Hood: Lardner's Ring (#2.9)" (2007)
The Fool: I'll make some predictions and then I'll make them come true. Someone in this room will bare their buttocks to the Sheriff tonight.
Sheriff of Nottingham: Take that man to the dungeons now.
The Fool: Look, hang on, prediction two. Sir Guy's joint will rise from the dead.
Guy of Gisborne: What's that supposed to mean?
The Fool: Your woodcock, sir Guy. I can bring it back to life.

Guy of Gisborne: I will always believe that there is a chance for you and me.

"Robin Hood: Rutterkin (#3.11)" (1986)
King's aide: You must rest...
Prince John: Rest? Rest? And who will deal with the unrest that de Rainault's fled from? Fine Sheriff! Trots off on a pilgrimage to Canterbury at the first sign of trouble!
Sir Guy of Gisburne: Perhaps he knew you were coming, my liege?
[the King shoots Gisburne a poisonous look]
Sir Guy of Gisburne: To, uh, deal with it...

Prince John: And why did Robin Hood escape, Gisburne?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: My lord King...
Prince John: Because you are incompetent! Inept! Inadequate! And incompetent!

"Robin Hood: The Power of Albion (#3.3)" (1986)
Robert of Huntingdon: I find it difficult to confess...
Robert de Rainault: Take all the time you need.
Robert of Huntingdon: I've been attacked by Robin Hood.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: What?
Robert de Rainault: Gisburne, please!
Robert of Huntingdon: Believe me when I tell you that I fought long and hard before they overwhelmed me. The disgrace of being beaten by such scum! I find it almost impossible to bear. Imagine it, Sir Guy: a trained swordsman being beaten by peasants!

Robert of Huntingdon: Hear me out, my lord; I have a plan.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: A plan? Do you think there are any plans that haven't already been tried?
Robert de Rainault: [laughing] I'm afraid when it comes to outlaws, Gisburne gets rather obsessed.

"Robin Hood: The Betrayal (#3.8)" (1986)
Sir Guy of Gisburne: There's no need for panic.
Robert de Rainault: No? Then why is the King bringing Roger de Carnac with him?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: De Carnac!
Robert de Rainault: Exactly. "The Carnage" would be a better name for him.

Robert de Rainault: My liege, she's not to be trusted.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: She should be hanged at once!
Prince John: Silence, imbecile.
Robert de Rainault: [to Guy] Clown!

"Robin Hood: The Enchantment (#2.4)" (1985)
Sir Guy of Gisburne: I - I don't know how to put this, my lord.
Robert de Rainault: You usually do, Gisburne. I'm sure you'll find a way.
Robert de Rainault: They weren't there, were they? A wild goose chase and a dead duck!
Sir Guy of Gisburne: They were there, my lord. The jewels were there...
Robert de Rainault: Then where are they now?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: The Baron has them.
Robert de Rainault: What Baron?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: Th-the Baron de Belleme.
Robert de Rainault: He's dead!
Sir Guy of Gisburne: I know!

Sir Guy of Gisburne: I hoped to... to surprise you, by discovering the whereabouts of Belleme's jewels.
Robert de Rainault: I don't like surprises, Gisburne. I never have done. Especially when you're involved!

"Maid Marian and Her Merry Men: Keeping Mum (#3.3)" (1993)
The Sheriff: So you'll marry her?
Guy of Gisborne: Oh yummy with knobs on!
King John: What?
The Sheriff: I think that's idiot speak for "I will".

"Robin Hood: The Sheriff of Nottingham (#3.5)" (1986)
Sir Guy of Gisburne: It's always Robin Hood. Robin Hood! Anyone would think he was the only wolfshead in Sherwood!
Robert de Rainault: But he is, Gisburne, the only one that matters.
Sir Guy of Gisburne: You made him what he is. Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham. You're two sides of the same coin.
Robert de Rainault: What! You forget who you speak to!
Sir Guy of Gisburne: But it's true, isn't? It's an obsession. A disease. But you'll never get rid of him, because he's part of you.

"Maid Marian and Her Merry Men: Driving Ambition (#3.2)" (1993)
Guy of Gisborne: [singing] Ding-a-ling-a-ling / Dong-a-long-a-long / I'm a little silly / And this is my song / Dong-a-long-a-long / Ding-a-ling-a-lilly / This is my song / And I'm a little silly.
King John: Guy, will you please stop putting me off with your mindless moronic drivel. It's bad enough to win the Eurovision Song Contest!

"Robin Hood: A Clue: No (#1.13)" (2006)
Guy of Gisborne: What do you mean the King is not coming?
Sheriff of Nottingham: He's in the Holy Land. I've arranged an imposter. Think about it: is there a king who's spent God knows how long fighting in the Holy Land going to stop of in Nottingham for a chat? A clue: no.

"Robin Hood: The Return of the King (#1.12)" (2006)
Guy of Gisborne: [as he breaks down the door] Time to play, Night Watchman!

"Robin Hood: Will You Tolerate This? (#1.1)" (2006)
Guy of Gisborne: Now, I have kept your lands for you, managed your estate to the best of my ability under the guidance of the sheriff, and I'd appreciate more respect in front of the populace.
Robin Hood: How long have you been here?
Guy of Gisborne: three years, four winters.
Robin Hood: And you still do not have the respect of the populace?

"Robin Hood: We Are Robin Hood (#2.13)" (2007)
Marian: I would rather die than be with you Guy of Gisborne.
Guy of Gisborne: No...
Marian: I'm going to marry Robin Hood. I love Robin Hood.

"Robin Hood: The Cross of St. Ciricus (#3.6)" (1986)
Lady Margaret of Gisburne: [She has just caught Guy stealing the Cross of St. Ciricus] Guy, what have you become?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: What you made me!

"Robin Hood: The King's Fool (#1.5)" (1984)
King Richard: Suppose I told you that I sent for them?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: Sent for them?
King Richard: SENT for them, Gisburne! Demanded their presence here!
Sir Guy of Gisburne: But why should they come?
King Richard: [shouting] Because I am the King of England!
[long pause while Gisburne looks at the floor]
King Richard: Untie them, boy!
Robin of Loxley: [to Gisburne] Thank you... boy.

"Maid Marian and Her Merry Men: Rotten Rose: Part 1 (#2.5)" (1990)
Guy of Gisborne: [telling about his Christmas presents] And my own personal Walkman!
Marian: [pretending to be interested] Really!
Guy of Gisborne: Well, he runs if you shout at him. And- I have a yo-yo!
Marian: Have you?
Guy of Gisborne: Yo! Ha, ha, ha! Do you get it? I said I've got a yo-yo, you said, "Have you?" and I said, "Yo"!
Marian: [fake laugh] Yes! Hysterical! Shall we find somewhere to sit down?

"Robin Hood: The Greatest Enemy (#2.6)" (1985)
Robert de Rainault: Why are you so on edge?
Sir Guy of Gisburne: The outlaws have many sympathizers.
Robert de Rainault: Sympathizers don't do anything but sympathize, Gisburne.

"Star Trek: The Next Generation: Qpid (#4.20)" (1991)
Sir Guy of Gisbourne: [to Picard] I'll have you know, I'm the greatest swordsman in all of Nottingham!
[they fight]
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: Very impressive.
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: There's something you should know.
[more fighting]
Sir Guy of Gisbourne: And what would that be?
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: I'm *not* from Nottingham!
[kills Sir Guy]