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Little John (Character)
from Robin Hood (2010)

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Robin Hood (1973)
Little John: You're burning the chow!
Robin Hood: Sorry, Johnny. Guess I was thinking about Maid Marian again. I can't help it. I love her, Johnny.
Little John: Look, why don't you stop moonin' and mopin' around? - Just - Just marry the girl.
Robin Hood: Marry her? You don't just walk up to a girl, hand her a bouquet and say, "Hey, remember me? We were kids together. Will you marry me?" No. It just isn't done that way.
Little John: Aw, come on, Robbie. Climb the castle walls. Sweep her off her feet. Carry her off in style.
Robin Hood: It's no use, Johnny. I've thought it all out, and... it just wouldn't work. Besides, what have I got to offer her?
Little John: Well, for one thing, you can't cook.
Robin Hood: I'm serious, Johnny. She's a highborn lady of quality.
Little John: So she's got class? So what?
Robin Hood: I'm an outlaw, that's what. That's no life for a lovely lady. Always on the run. What kind of a future is that?
Friar Tuck: Oh, for heaven's sake, son. You're no outlaw. Why, someday you'll be called a great hero.
Robin Hood: A hero? Do you hear that, Johnny? We've just been pardoned.
Little John: That's a gas. We ain't even been arrested yet.

Little John: You know somethin', Robin. I was just wonderin', are we good guys or bad guys? You know, I mean, uh? Our robbin' the rich to feed the poor.
Robin Hood: Rob? Tsk tsk tsk. That's a naughty word. We never rob. We just sort of borrow a bit from those who can afford it.
Little John: Borrow? Boy, are we in debt.

Little John: The prince? Wait a minute. There's a law against robbing royalty. I'll catch you later.

Friar Tuck: Alright, laugh, you two rouges, but there's gonna be a big to-do in Nottingham.
[tastes the stew and coughs]
Friar Tuck: Well done, ain't it? Old Prince John's having a championship archery tournament tomorrow.
Little John: Archery tournament? Huh! Old Rob could win that standing on his head. Huh, Rob?
Robin Hood: Thank you, Little John, but I'm sure we're not invited.
Friar Tuck: No, but there's somebody who will be very dissapointed if you don't come.
Little John: Yeah, ol' Bushel Britches, the Honorable Sheriff of Nottingham.
Friar Tuck: No, Maid Marian.
Robin Hood: Maid Marian?
Friar Tuck: Yeah. She's gonna give a kiss to the winner.
Robin Hood: A kiss to the winner? Oodelaly! Come on, Johnny! What are we waiting for?
Friar Tuck: Wait a minute, Rob. Hold it. That place will be crawling with soldiers.
Robin Hood: Ah, but remember faint hearts never won fair lady. Fear not, my friends.
[he shoots an arrow, it ricochets off a washing tub; Robin then throws his hat in the air, where it is ran through by the arrow and lands back on his head]
Robin Hood: This will be my greatest performance.

Little John: You know something, Robin? You're taking too many chances.
Robin Hood: Chances? You must be joking! That was just a bit of a lark, Little John.
Little John: Oh, yeah? Take a look at your hat. That's not a candle on a cake.
Robin Hood: [regarding the arrow in his hat] Hello! This one almost had my name on it, didn't it? They're getting better, you know. You've got to admit it! They are getting better.
Little John: Yeah, the next thing you know, that sheriff will probably have a rope around our necks!
[gags as he chokes himself]
Little John: Pretty hard to laugh hanging there, Rob!
Robin Hood: The sheriff and his whole posse couldn't lift you off the ground.

Little John: [as Sir Reginald] Ah, milord, the esteemed royal sovereign of the realm. The head man himself. You're beautiful.
Prince John: Such savoir faire eclat elan, Hiss.
Little John: You took the words right out of my mouth, P.J.
Prince John: [Absolutely delighted] P.J.! I like that, do you know I do! Hiss, put it on my luggage.

Little John: [after sitting on Hiss] Oh, excuse me, Buster.
Hiss: Buster? You, sir, have taken my seat!
Prince John: [laughs] Hiss, with you around, who needs a court jester?

Little John: Hey! Who's drivin' this flyin' umbrella?

Robin Hood: That's all of them. Get going!
Little John: This ain't no hayride. Let's move it outta here. Ho!
Friar Tuck: On to Sherwood Forest!

Sheriff of Nottingham: [Little John is secretly holding a dagger on Prince John and demanding Robin Hood's release] There's something funny going on around here.
Little John: [whispering] Now, P.J. tell my pal to kiss Maid Marian, or I've just found a new pincushion.
[the Sheriff goes behind the throne and sees Little John]
Sheriff of Nottingham: Why, you!
[tries to hit Little John with his sword, but misses. Little John lets go of Prince John and hits the Sheriff back]
Prince John: [shouts] Kill him! Don't stand there, kill him!

Robin Hood: [He and Little John are dressed as Gypsy women] Ooh-de-la-lay! Ooh-de-la-lay! Fortune tellers!
Little John: Fortunes forecast! Lucky charms!
Robin Hood: Catch the dope with your horoscope!

Prince John: Stop! Executioner, stop! Hold your axe!
Little John: [threatening him with a dagger] Okay, big shot, now tell him to untie my buddy, or I'll.
Prince John: Sheriff, release my buddy! I mean, release the prisoner!
Sheriff of Nottingham: Untie the prisoner?
Clucky: You heard what he said, bushel britches!
Prince John: Sheriff, I make the rules! And since I'm head man.
[to Little John]
Prince John: Not so hard, you mean thing.
[back to the Sheriff]
Prince John: Let him go, for heaven sakes! Let him go!

Robin Hood: [sees Maid Marian] There she is, Little John. Isn't she beautiful?
Little John: Cool it, loverboy! You're heart's running away with your head!
Robin Hood: Ah, stop worrying. This disguise will fool my own mother.
Little John: Yeah, but your mom ain't here. You gotta fool ol' Bushel Britches.

Little John: I am Sir Reginald, Duke of Chutney. And don't stick your tongue out at me, kid.

Little John: And now, your mightiness, allow me to lay some protocol on you.
Prince John: Oh, no, forgive me, but I lose more jewels that way.

Little John: Ooh, what a main event this is! What a beautiful brawl!

Little John: [singing] All the world will sing of an English king a thousand years from now / And not because he's passed some law or had that lofty brow / While bonnie good King Richard leads the Great Crusade he's on / We'll all have to slave away for good for nothing, John / Incredible as he is inept / Whenever the history books are kept, they'll call him the Phony King of England.
Friar Tuck: [singing] A pox on the Phony King of England.

Friar Tuck: Little John? It can't be.
Little John: [unchains Friar Tuck] Shh. Quiet, we're busting out here.
Friar Tuck: Thank God. My prayers have been answered.

"Robin Hood: A Good Day to Die (#2.12)" (2007)
Little John: A good day to die.
Much: Will you just shut up! Why does he always say that? Don't even know what it means!

Robin Hood: Lads... I've got a proposal. If they don't come to us, we go to them.
Little John: When?
Robin Hood: First light.
Will Scarlett: There's too many!
Djaq: We'll die.
Much: Suicide!
Little John: [after Robin nods] ... a good day to die!
Much: Will you shut up? He always says that! I don't even know what it means!
Robin Hood: We'll all most certainly die. But at least we'll die fighting.
Will Scarlett: Yeah. I'm in.
Djaq: Me too.
Little John: Yes.
Much: ...and me.
Robin Hood: [Nods] Good. Good.

Djaq: John?
Little John: No.
Will Scarlett: John, come on.
Djaq: Who do you love?
Little John: You. All of you. Even him.
[gestures to Much]
Little John: I love you all, all right? And Alice. I shouldn't have let her go. And my boy, little Little John. I should have made them stay.
Robin Hood: John, you didn't have a choice.
Little John: Let me speak. Leaving Alice, running to the forest, was wrong. Wrong. That's why I'm a huge, ugly, stupid, useless coward.
Will Scarlett: John!
Little John: That's why I'm always saying it, Much. "Today is a good day to die," because for me, it is. I deserve to die. I left the people that loved me, the two people that should have depended on me, my own child! God... what was I thinking?
Robin Hood: John, I'll not let you talk like this.
Little John: I'm going now. I won't wait until tomorrow.
Robin Hood: JOHN!
Little John: Let's move this cart. Move this thing! I need to die. I want to die! Let me die! Let me die!
Will Scarlett: [Hugging Little John] John!
Little John: [Sobbing] Let me die. I want to die!
Much: Is this normal, this Kalmina thing? Because it's weird.

Much: Well! Here's to freedom.
Will Scarlett:'s to the poor! Here's to the good people we leave behind.
Little John: We are Robin Hood!
[all echo]
Robin Hood: ...thank you, my friends.

Will Scarlett: What do you think, John? A good day?
Little John: Yes. A good day!


Djaq: So I admire you. All of you. You are good men. Brave... generous... kind, decent men, and I am proud to be amongst you.
Much: Is this what this is, everyone just sayin' that they love each other?
Djaq: Wait! And you're filthy. And you really stink. And you have no souls.
Little John: We live in the forest!
Djaq: I have to be honest! I have to be honest.

Robin Hood: Let's get the weapons ready. As soon as there's light to see by, we go.
Little John: NO. No.
Robin Hood: John, we agreed on this!
Little John: You have not spoken, Robin. It's your turn.
Robin Hood: We have a few moments left on this earth. Let me have my thoughts to myself. I'll share them with you in the next life.
Djaq: Robin, if there is a heaven, yours is different from mine.
Much: And if there isn't a heaven...
Robin Hood: It's almost light.
Little John: Robin.
Robin Hood: You know my thoughts. They are for the poor. They are for you. And they're for Marian, the woman I love. The woman who I recently gave a ring to.
Djaq:'re engaged?
Robin Hood: ...the woman who makes me believe that by a twist of fate we might just be able to see this through. And Much, I have betrayed your friendship. But I think you know why. You see, I can't face the terrors we saw, I can't. Because I'm not as strong as you. I have to put them out of my mind, because if I don't, I wouldn't be able to lead. I mean, I wouldn't even be able to...
[pauses, laughs]
Much: ...what?
Robin Hood: It doesn't matter.
Little John: shoot.
Much: Shoot? Of course he can shoot!
Robin Hood: No. No, John's right. In the Holy Land, the men we saw in bits... screaming... every time I raise my bow, I see them. I hear them. And I know now whether it was right or wrong, what we did in the holy land, it makes no difference. So I have to try not to kill. I have to avoid killing. I mean, God gave me a gift with bow. I can kill with my eyes closed. I mean, I can kill a man from a thousand yards, and I have to try everything in my power not to. And that's why I wasn't there for you in your hour of need, my friend. Because I have to let those memories go. I just have to be free.
Much: ...why didn't you say?
Robin Hood: It doesn't matter now. In a few moments, we'll be free forever.

Much: I do not have a fat face.
Little John: Fat face.
Much: Badger beard.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)
[after causing Robin to fall in the river]
Will Scarlett: There was a rich man from Nottingham/ who tried to cross a river/ What a dope/ he tripped on a rope/ Now look at him shiver. Beg for mercy, rich man.
Robin Hood: I beg of no man, as you can see I have nothing, not even my sword.
Little John: Any man who travels with two servants and says he has no money, is either a fool or a liar.
Will Scarlett: Yeah, he's a liar.

Will Scarlett: It was your anger that drove them apart! It's not a lie! You ruined my life! I have more reason to hate you than anyone. But I found myself daring to believe you. What I want to know brother, is will you stay with us and finish what you've started?
Robin Hood: I have a brother? I have a brother!
[hugs and holds Will]
Robin Hood: So I'll stand with you, side by side. Until the end.
Bull: Until the end!
Little John: We are all bloody in!
Friar Tuck: Damn buggers!
Robin Hood: We finish this.

[Robin is holding a struggling Little John by the neck in a river]
Robin Hood: Do you yield?
Little John: I can't bloody swim.
Robin Hood: Do you yield?
Little John: Yes.
Robin Hood: Good. Now put your feet down.

Little John: Are you bleedin' cracked, girl? You'd get hurt.
Fanny: I've given birth to eight babies. Don't you talk to me about gettin' hurt, ya big ox.

[the outlaws are passing a jug of mead around a circle; one of them finishes, then starts to pass the bottle past Azeem]
Robin Hood: Has English hospitality changed so much that a friend of mine's not welcome?
Hal: But he's a savage, sire.
Robin Hood: That he is... but no more than you or I. And don't call me sire.
[the woodsman offers the jug to Azeem]
Azeem: Regretfully, I must decline. Allah forbids it.
Little John: Your bloody loss, mate.

Robin Hood: My father was no devil worshiper. And I'll have words with any man who says otherwise. But he's right. I was a rich man's son. When I killed the sheriff's men, I became an outlaw like you.
Will Scarlett: You are nothing like us.
Little John: That is Will Scarlet. Take no notice of him, he's full of piss and wind. Come on lads, drink up. Don't talk about so much bloody rubbish. This here is the best that we simple men can expect. Here we're safe. We are kings!

[after Robin defeats Little John, and asks for his father's medallion back]
Little John: Give me your name first.
Robin Hood: Robin of Locksley.
[the camera shifts to Will Scarlet, whose face suddenly clouds over]
Little John: Well, Robin of Locksley, you've got balls of solid rock.

Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993)
Little John: Let me introduce you to my best friend: Will Scarlet.
Scarlet: Scarlet's my middle name. My full name is Will Scarlet O'Hara.
Scarlet: We're from Georgia.

Robin Hood: And who might you be?
Little John: Oh, they call me Little John. But don't let my name fool you. In real life, I'm very big.
Robin Hood: I'll take your word for it.

Robin Hood: Kindly let me pass.
Little John: Uh, no. Sorry, but a toll is a toll, and a roll is a roll, and if we don't get no tolls, then we don't eat no rolls.
Little John: I made that up.
Robin Hood: It's very fascinating. But I'm afraid I'm going to have to hurt you.

Little John: A toll is a toll, and a roll is a roll. And if we don't get no tolls, then we don't eat no rolls. I made that up.

Little John: Let's face it. You've gotta be a man to wear tights!

Robin Hood: This is Ahchoo.
Little John: Bless you!
Ahchoo: [laughs] No, that's my name, man. Ahchoo.

Rabbi Tuckman: I am Rabbi Tuckman, purveyor of sacramental wine and moyel extraordinaire.
Merry Men: 'ello Rabbi!
Rabbi Tuckman: Hello boys!
Robin Hood: A moyel... I don't believe I've ever heard of that profession.
Rabbi Tuckman: A moyel is a very important guy. He makes circumcisions.
Scarlet: What, pray tell, sir, is a circumcision?
Rabbi Tuckman: It's the latest craze. The ladies love it!
Little John: I'll take one!
Ahchoo: Hey, put me down for two!
Robin Hood: I'm game. How's it done?
Rabbi Tuckman: It's a snap.
[demonstrates with a carrot and a miniature guillotine]
Rabbi Tuckman: I take my machine here, I take your little thing, I put it through this hole, and then...
[releases the blade, cutting the end off the carrot]
Rabbi Tuckman: I nip the tip! Whose first?
Merry Men: [groan]
Little John: I changed me mind!
Ahchoo: I forgot, I already got one.
Blinkin: [puts his hand in the air] Question...
[Ahchoo pulls his arm down silencing him]
Rabbi Tuckman: I gotta start working with a younger crowd.

"Robin Hood: Something Worth Fighting For: Part 2 (#3.13)" (2009)
[last Lines]
Much: I never thought it - it would end like this.
Tuck: It does not end, Much, Robin Hood goes on. Our work here is far from finished.
Much: Our leader and our friend is dead. We can't go on.
Tuck: Would you let his legacy die along with him?
Kate: He wouldn't want us to give up.
Tuck: As long as Prince John and his allies bring misery and suffering to the people of England, we will fight it.
Little John: We are Robin Hood.
Archer: I'm with you.
Little John: Much. For Robin.
Much: [Leads All] Robin Hood!

Robin Hood: Get it done!
Much: There's something we have to do first.
Little John: Honor the dead.

Little John: What are you doing?
Kate: We have to get word to the King's troops at Loughborough.
Little John: No, Kate. Robin...
Kate: ...wants to protect me. But someone has to get help.
Little John: You saw what happened to Allan.
Kate: It's so we don't all end up like Allan that I'm doing this. Pull the rope up after me. And tell Robin I'll be back with an army.

Tuck: Robin! Robin. If we use this much byzantine fire, we'll destroy everything - the castle, the sheriff's arm.
Kate: And with it, his power. Everything he has, gone forever. That's what we want, isn't it?
Tuck: Kate! We'll kill every man, woman, and child in here.
Archer: ROBIN! The tunnel! Isabella's just cleared it.
Little John: ROBIN! They're coming!
Robin Hood: ...hold them out. Tuck, you're in charge.

Little John: This isn't fair.
Robin Hood: Oh, come on, John. "Today's a good day to die!"

Guy of Gisborne: What's happened?
Robin Hood: It's Kate. Kate's taken it upon herself to go to Loughborough for the troops.
Little John: She knows what she's doing. You taught her well.
Robin Hood: The Sheriff is playing with us! He knows he's got the advantage. We HAVE to hold this castle until the troops arrive.
Much: Can we? I mean, how long under bombardment from Byzantine fire?
Archer: ...He's got plenty of it.
Robin Hood: How do you know?
Archer: I sold it to him.
Much: For a profit? You sold it to the man who killed my friend!
Robin Hood: Well, now your trade has caught up with you! And you're going to be bombarded by your own weapons!
Archer: I've done you a favor by sticking around here. I saved your ungrateful lives!
Guy of Gisborne: Our lives wouldn't have needed saving if you hadn't trapped the tunnel in the first place.
Much: We lock him up. We can't trust him.
Robin Hood: Well, what's the matter? A guilty conscience? And what about all those people that are going to die because of your greed?
Archer: Well, what about all those who have died because they listened to Robin Hood? A few untrained, under-equipped peasants against that war machine. So you think about that you got them into, before you ever try and judge me.

"Robin Hood: Something Worth Fighting For: Part 1 (#3.12)" (2009)
Robin Hood: We take the castle. We claim it under King Richard. We put Isabella under house arrest, we release the supplies, we release the men. And we hold that castle till King Richard returns.
Much: We can't take a castle!
Guy of Gisborne: We can if we go down the tunnel. When the old Sheriff returned from his failed mission in the holy lands, he became paranoid about repercussions. So he built himself an escape route. A tunnel. The diggers were silenced, I made sure of that. So no one else knows about the tunnel, especially not Isabella. It starts here, in a derelict churchyard outside the west gate, and it leads directly into the heart of the castle. I say we go down the tunnel, we seize Isabella, and we force her to dismiss her guards. If we take Isabella, we take the castle.
Robin Hood: If we time the break-in to coincide with the supply train leaving, most of the guards will be busy with the convoy anyway.
Kate: Count me out. I don't trust him!
Little John: How do we know this isn't a trap?
Guy of Gisborne: Because we want the same thing.
Kate: Since when have you cared about our people?
Guy of Gisborne: I don't. I just want Isabella. She betrayed me to Prince John and I intend to make her pay.
Kate: Now THAT sounds more like the Gisborne we all know and loathe!
Robin Hood: That's enough! We go through the tunnel! And that's my final word. Gisborne is one of us now. Our fate is his.

Little John: TRAITOR!
[Choking Allan]
Little John: What did you tell them, Judas?
Tuck: It's all over Nottingham. Allan's been pardoned by the Sheriff for services rendered.
Allan A Dale: WHAT?
Robin Hood: John, let him go.
Allan A Dale: Let me speak!
Little John: Oh, yeah, you're good at that, aren't you? Speaking, lying...
Robin Hood: John! John, come on! Let him go.
Tuck: Come on.
Little John: [as he's pulled off Allan] Liar!
Robin Hood: [to Allan] All right?
Allan A Dale: I have done anything! I swear, I haven't betrayed you! Much!
[Much stares stony faced]
Allan A Dale: ... You believe me, Guy. Tuck? Robin. So you think I'm a coward? Is that it, yeah? What, that I've... sold you out to save myself somehow, yeah?
Much: You've done that before.
Allan A Dale: I know. And EVERY DAY I wish I could take that back, you know that! None of you? None of you believe me?... I'll be off, then.
Much: No. You tell her about the tunnel?
Allan A Dale: I told you, I haven't said...
Robin Hood: Tie him up!
Allan A Dale: What? No, no, no, no.
Robin Hood: I can't take the risk.
Allan A Dale: Robin.
Robin Hood: Once we have secured the castle we will come back and we will sort this out.
Allan A Dale: John, don't do this.
Robin Hood: ...get it done.

Tuck: Those of you who can fight must help us intercept the supply train. Those are your crops inside the castle, your livestock. Your brothers! Damn it, men, it's time to stand up and fight! Take back what's rightfully yours!
Little John: Brother Tuck...
Tuck: They've been trodden on, John, and they're taking it! If they would only stand together, they can defeat the Sheriff.
Little John: Defeating the Sheriff is our job, Tuck! Even if it is the last thing we ever do.

Tuck: Nearly time.
Little John: It's quiet, isn't it? Calm. Like when you're hunting. The moment you spot your prey, your stag, there's a... stillness. Just for a moment. You wonder whether you can go through with it, whether you can slaughter this beast with so much...
Tuck: Dignity?
Little John: Yeah. Dignity.

Little John: They're brave, but they can't fight, Tuck. Look at them, it'll be a massacre.
Tuck: They're not going to fight, John.
Little John: What?
Tuck: Gentlemen. These gates will open soon. Now, it is our task to stop the supply train in it tracks, and that is exactly what we're going to do. As an army, as a militia, we would be crushed. The Sheriff's men would hack us down like weeds. But it's harder to cut the spirit with a blade. When these gates open, when the supply train pulls out, we are going to sit down. Just sit. In silence. My friends, we are going to turn the other cheek.
Little John: They will be - WE will be crushed.
Tuck: Dignity, John, dignity! Even when everything has been taken from us, we still have that. And the Sheriff's men will be faced with a choice - stand aside or carry out a massacre.
Little John: These are the Sheriff's men. I think we know what choice they're going to make.
Tuck: They may be soldiers, John, but they are still men. Just men. And faced with the power of truth, a man can change. If we all stand together, we can have that power. We can be unstoppable.

"Robin Hood: The Cross of St. Ciricus (#3.6)" (1986)
Little John: Tuck, get the food ready!
Friar Tuck: Is it always me...
Little John: You want me to cook it?
Friar Tuck: No, once was enough.

Little John: Don't worry, I'm Little John! And this evil-looking devil:
Nasir: Nasir Malik Kamal Inal Ibrahin Shams ad Duala Watthab ibn Mahmud.
Lady Margaret of Gisburne: Is that a name or a family tree?

Little John: What's wrong?
Robert of Huntingdon: Nothing!
Little John: You're as prickly as a hedgehog.

Abbot Martin: What brings the Hooded Man out of Sherwood to Croxden?
Robert of Huntingdon: A present for the abbey.
Little John: And a pilgrim.
Abbot Martin: Both are welcome.
Robert of Huntingdon: Eight bags of silver.
Abbot Martin: Stolen?
Robert of Huntingdon: By the Sheriff.
Little John: From the poor.
Robert of Huntingdon: And now you can give it back to them.
Abbot Martin: The Hooded Man's justice.

Little John: How can a kind and gentle woman like that be Gisburne's mother?

"Robin Hood: Do You Love Me? (#3.6)" (2009)
Much: Prince John and his soldiers have made camp down there.
Robin Hood: What? How many men has he got?
Much: Thousands!
Little John: No!
Much: Hundreds!
Kate: Much.
Much: I didn't stop and actually count them! I can't actually count!

Allan A Dale: [referencing Prince John and his men ] What are they doing in the forest?
Robin Hood: Well, it's obvious, isn't it?
Allan A Dale: Yeah, all right...
Robin Hood: When they break camp, they use the north road to get to Nottingham.
Little John: Why is he coming?
Tuck: He's visiting all the nobles throughout England to grease their palms.
Robin Hood: He's trying to buy their loyalty before King Richard returns, isn't he?
Allan A Dale: What, he thinks it can be bought?
Tuck: He knows it can. He's buying the nobles and their men to seize the throne, so that King Richard returns to King John's England.
Robin Hood: Every noble he buys will bring us closer to a civil war, and a war between Prince John and King Richard... it'll tear this country apart.
Little John: If he's going to buy them, he'll be carrying gold.
Tuck: More then a little.
Robin Hood: Well, we stop him stealing the crown by stealing his gold.
Allan A Dale: [everyone laughs] This is mad!
Little John: Yes, it is. Utterly mad!

Much: The King's evil!
Much: Prince, Tuck. Prince is evil.
Tuck: Oh, no no no no no no no. Price John is searching for a victim of scrofula.
Robin Hood: So he repeat that same feat. Prove his divine right to the throne, yeah?
Tuck: We can give him a victim - I can make a potion which brings out red blisters on the neck which looks exactly like scrofula!
Robin Hood: So the nobles all assemble in the great hall. In comes Prince John with his victim. He touches him...
Tuck: ...fails.
Robin Hood: Then we humiliate him!
Little John: Which distracts the nobles while we steal the gold.
Much: That might work.

Robin Hood: [to angry gang] She said she can help us.
Isabella: Look, I can get you into the castle.
Tuck: You want us to trust her with our lives?
Little John: Gisborne's sister?
Robin Hood: Yes. I trust her with mine.
Allan A Dale: All right, so she gets us in the castle. Then what?
Much: Then we get captured and I presume, killed.

Little John: We're already too late, the gold is in the castle.
Robin Hood: Then we'll steal it back.
Much: It's dangerous!
Robin Hood: It's too dangerous not too!

Robin and Marian (1976)
Robin Hood: [Robin and Will are about to be executed] How can you eat?
Little John: [shrugs] I'm hungry.

Little John: [aiming an arrow at Sir Ranulf's face] Next time you ride into Sherwood, keep your visor down!

Little John: Where do we go? Which way?
Robin Hood: North.
Little John: Why north?
Robin Hood: England's there. Let's go home, John.

Little John: [to Robin] If I'd not met you, think what I'd have missed.

"Robin Hood: The Enemy of My Enemy (#3.11)" (2009)
Robin Hood: NO!
Kate: He killed my brother!
Robin Hood: He's one of us.
Little John: ...what?
Robin Hood: I SAID: he's one of us.

Tuck: Robin working with Gisborne could help us. It'll show the power of Robin Hood, and the nobility of our cause. That he can change his enemy into his friend.
Little John: Show who? The people of Locksley hate him, the people of Nottingham hate him.
Kate: Everybody hates him.
Little John: Robin doesn't even seem to care about the crimes Gisborne's committed.
Tuck: He's bringing us Gisborne, and he's bringing us his brother to fight alongside. We are striving not just to protect Nottingham, but England. Not to settle old scores, John.
Little John: It's not about settling scores, Tuck, it's about justice!
Tuck: If Robin feels he can work with Gisborne...
Little John: ...then Robin is wrong! We fight to protect people from animals like Gisborne. Kate's brother was murdered by Gisborne, and he hasn't been punished!
Kate: Hey, I'm prepared to trust Robin!
Little John: What? If he can bring Gisborne into our forest and call him "one of us..."
[shakes head and walks away]

Allan A Dale: John! Come on. Hey. John! What are you doing? Been looking everywhere for you. John!
Little John: ...I don't want company.
[walks away]
Allan A Dale: Hey, come back!
Little John: I've had enough! Robin betrayed us... bringing Gisborne. Leave me be. Leave... me... be.
Allan A Dale: I am!
Little John: Then why are you walking beside me?
Allan A Dale: Maybe we're going to the same place, eh?
Little John: Maybe we are. You still don't need to walk beside me. There are many roads to the same place, Allan.
Allan A Dale: Yes, there are. We all believe the same things, John.
Little John: No, I don't know that I do.
Allan A Dale: Well, I know we do. Hey, I know we need you around, all right, to remind us who it is we're fighting for here. All right? We're lost without you.
Little John: No. GO AWAY!

Allan A Dale: What are you doing? I was gonna finish him off!
Little John: Yeah, I saw. What are you doing? Risking your life, no weapons?
Allan A Dale: Saving you!
Little John: You're a fool.
Allan A Dale: Maybe. But I had no choice. Hey, I'm your family, right?
Little John: Yeah. You are.

Robin Hood (2010)
Little John: [During Battle] Archer stay alive, I'll see you tonight.
Robin Longstride: Don't forget your money this time little man, I'll be pleased to take it off of you.

Friar Tuck: So why do they call you 'Little John'?
Little John: What are you tryin' to get at? I'm proportionate!

Little John: [after spotting a tall woman at a party] She's about my size. I'm going to make her smile.
[then yelling to the girl]
Little John: I'm going to make you smile!

Little John: Sing something about a woman... a large woman.

"Robin Hood: The King Is Dead, Long Live the King... (#3.8)" (2009)
Much: He was a great King and a good man.
Robin Hood: Don't, Much.
Much: I'm sorry. Robin.
Robin Hood: He's not dead! He can't be.
Little John: Robin, the guard...
Robin Hood: John, I'd know if he was dead. I'd feel it.
Little John: I know.

Little John: The stable boy says the horses are all accounted for.
Tuck: Robin couldn't have made it.
Kate: You should have kept moving, Much.
Much: He had a knife in your side!
Allan A Dale: She can take care of herself.
Much: Oh, right. So that's why you stepped in, in the tavern, right.
Allan A Dale: I stepped in 'cause I was worried about her.
Much: You stepped in because you were showing off.
Allan A Dale: What?
Much: I did what I did because I care.
Allan A Dale: *I* care!
Much: You care about yourself.
Allan A Dale: Is that right?
Much: Yes!
Little John: STOP IT!
Tuck: Come on! Robin could be dead and you're squabbling like a couple of school boys!
[Both stop, ashamed]
Tuck: Put them out of their misery, will you?
[to Kate]
Kate: He's right. You know, I'm sick of you two trying to protect me. We've got to keep our minds on the mission.
Much: Right.
Tuck: If Robin didn't make it, then Sheridan has the crown. If Sheridan has the crown, Prince John can carry on with his coronation. We can't let that happen.
Kate: ...what about Robin?

Much: Well?
Tuck: We got the crown.
Little John: Hey-hey!
Tuck: ...but they followed us. With dogs.
Robin Hood: I have to get a horse from Nettlestone and get this crown to London.
Little John: London?
Robin Hood: The King may still have supporters there. I'll be back.
Tuck: We'll take care of the guards.
Kate: Good luck!

Tuck: These are the abbey doors. We need to go in here, here, and here and storm the alter. First one to the crown makes it out, the rest of us deal with the consequences. He might have the crown, but he's not King until that crown makes it onto his head.
Much: [exhales] Good. But doesn't "storm" imply that there's more then five of us?
Robin Hood: How about six?
Kate: Robin!
Little John: Please tell us you've got a better plan then this one.
Robin Hood: I have, actually. We're going to need shields, just like those ones the Prince wanted for his guards. It's going to be blinding, Allan.

"Robin Hood: The Swords of Wayland (#2.5)" (1984)
Peter Verdelet: For the last time, the lady will spare your life if you serve the lord Lucifer.
Little John: Heh! And become one of your Hounds?
Will Scarlet: Tell her she can go to hell!
Peter Verdelet: She expects to.

Little John: You'll pay for his death! By heaven, you'll pay!
Morgwyn of Ravenscar: No. Not by heaven.

Little John: Now you listen to me, friend, you can surround yourself with salt, soot, or sausages for all I care, but we've come too far to turn back now, eh? Men or demons, they're going to be dealt with!

"Robin Hood: Sisterhood (#2.1)" (2007)
[last lines]
Much: We are Robin Hood.
Allan A Dale: What?
Much: Just say it.
Much, Allan A Dale, Robin Hood, Little John, Will Scarlett, Djaq: [toasting] We are Robin Hood.

Little John: ...and so, it's goodnight from me...
Will Scarlett: ...and goodnight from him!

Little John, Robin Hood, Much, Allan A Dale, Will Scarlett, Djaq: We... are Robin Hood!

"Robin Hood: Cromm Cruac (#3.7)" (1986)
Elena Scathlock: Will you dance with me?
Will Scarlet: [shocked] Elena?
Nasir: [to John and Robert] Elena?
Little John: It's the name of his wife. His DEAD wife.

Robert of Huntingdon: It was a forester's trap.
Little John: For animals, or for us?
Will Scarlet: To them, there's no difference.

Robert of Huntingdon: [Little John bites an apple but spits it out] Sour?
Little John: No, too sweet... like everything here.

"Robin Hood: A Clue: No (#1.13)" (2006)
Little John: Her, we liked.
Robin Hood: Her, we loved. Her, I loved. I loved her, and I never told her.
Much: Well, she knew.

Much: John, I think we're going to die.
Little John: A good day...
Much: What?
Little John: A good day... to die.
Much: What?
Little John: [Shrugs] It's a saying.
Much: Take aim.
Much: I *hate* sayings.

Little John: Her, we liked.

"Robin Hood: The King's Fool (#1.5)" (1984)
Little John: I loved you, Robin. You were the Hooded Man, Herne's Son, the people's hope. Now... now you're the king's fool.

Little John: What does he care about England? How long has he ever spent here? A few months and he's off again, isn't he? Once he's drained the country of money...
Robin of Loxley: You were a serf; he gave you your freedom!
Little John: Oh, yes - to die for him in Normandy!
Robin of Loxley: Well, we could have died in Sherwood.
Little John: Then I'll choose Sherwood!

Little John: I wrestled with the King of England!
Much: Did you know he was the king, Robin? Where's his crown? Has he lost it?
Robin of Loxley: No, Much.
Much: Should've worn it, then, shouldn't he? Then we'd have known who he was.

"Robin Hood: Herne's Son: Part 2 (#3.2)" (1986)
Robert of Huntingdon: You believed in Robin, didn't you?
Little John: Yes, I did.
Robert of Huntingdon: Why?
Little John: Because a fire burned bright in him, and for a while, it warmed us all. Now he's gone and the fire went with him.

Robert of Huntingdon: Little John. Little Brain more like.
Little John: You'll pay for that!

Little John: What happened to Tuck?
Will Scarlet: I dunno. He could've lit every bonfire in England by now!
Friar Tuck: [trying to light a fire] The flames of hell would be easier to light!

"Robin Hood: Seven Poor Knights from Acre (#1.3)" (1984)
Little John: Who are they?
Lady Marion: Templars.
Friar Tuck: Poor Knights of the Temple of Solomon.
Will Scarlet: Poor? I'd hate to see the good ones.

Friar Tuck: The're monks. They take an oath of poverty.
Little John: Fighting monks?
Will Scarlet: And I thought you were the only one.

Reynald de Villaret: [indicating Gisburne] Who's the clown?
[Gisburne dismounts and draws his sword; the other Templars immediately draw theirs]
Little John: What's going on?
Will Scarlet: I don't know. But my money's on the Templars.

The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)
Little John: You'll sweat the lard out of that fat carcass of yours before this day is over, my pudgy friend.
Friar Tuck: And I hope some Norman sword whittles you down to size.

Little John: It'll take all the deer in Sherwood Forest to fill that belly!
Friar Tuck: And twice that to fill your empty head!

Robin Hood: Give way, little man.
Little John: Only to a better man than meself.
Robin Hood: He stands before you.

"Robin Hood: Herne's Son: Part 1 (#3.1)" (1986)
Little John: Well-shot! He's eaten his last lamb. Worth a bit too. The lord'll give us six pennies for his head.
Much: Six pennies for a wolf's head?
Little John: Aye, a wolf's head. Ours were worth more.

Little John: Lichfield!
Friar Tuck: Eh?
Little John: Lichfield. That's where his brother lives! I knew it began with L.
Friar Tuck: And it'll end in 'ell if I know Scarlet.

"Robin Hood: Let the Games Commence (#3.5)" (2009)
Walt: You saved my life!
Little John: What? I saved you from a sore head.
Walt: No. I was nearly dead!
[Little John chuckles]
Walt: Now I have to save your life in return!
Little John: No. No, there's no need.
Walt: No. I have to!
Little John: ...all right.
[shakes hands]

Little John: I thought you were bein' attacked!
Bertha: No. I was training my men. Although watching you and Gizmo, maybe I'm out of a job.
Little John: I'm sorry, I didn't...
Bertha: Don't worry. You've got Titus training hard. Bertha of Bath.
[Little John stares]
Bertha: Of Bertha's Circus Maximus? Famous from Huddersfield to Holton Priest?
[Little John shakes head]
Bertha: Where you been?
Little John: Here, mainly.

"Robin Hood: The Prophecy (#2.1)" (1984)
Little John: [about Arthur the rat] I woke up this morning and found him using my beard for bedding. Why can't he use your beard?

Little John: Don't worry, we'll take care of you.
Will Scarlet: Like he was gold.
Friar Tuck: He will be. If they pay the ransom.

Rabbit Hood (1949)
Little John: Don't you worry, never fear. Robin Hood will soon be here.
[Little John blew a fanfare on bugle and stood at attention]
Bugs Bunny: Yeah, Mr. Wise Guy. Now you're gonna get it. Robin Hood'll fix you, brother.
[after a long pause, Little John looks to the distance, shrugs his shoulders in dis-belief and then leaves]
Bugs Bunny: Eh, where was we?

[last lines]
Little John: Don't you worry, never fear, Ro...
Bugs Bunny: Yeah, I know, Robin Hood will soon be here. He robs from the rich and he gives to the poor. Yo-ho-ho, he goes skipping, tra-la-la, through Sherwood Forest, helping the needy and the oppressed. Ah, you've been saying that through the whole picture! Well, where is he?
Little John: Oh, you should not talk mean like that, because there he is!
Robin Hood: [Appears in live-action footage three to five second cameo] Welcome to Sherwood.
Bugs Bunny: [Bugs stares in astonishment for a moment] Nah, that's silly. It couldn't be him.

"The Adventures of Robin Hood: A Guest for the Gallows (#1.6)" (1955)
Robin Hood: There's an old motto King Richard used to quote - "Let your wits be sharper than your enemy's sword."
Little John: You alone, Robin? That's too great a risk.
Robin Hood: We're never alone as long as we have friends among the people.

Little John: How do we know you will keep your promise?
Sheriff of Nottingham: My word as a Norman gentleman!
Little John: Nothing but that?

"Wishbone: Paw Prints of Thieves (#1.24)" (1995)
Wishbone: [as Robin Hood] When did they start decorating carriages with fat men?
Little John: Must be a new fashion.

Wishbone: [as Robin Hood] Don't try to follow me, men!
Little John: [to men] Follow him!

"Robin Hood: The Inheritance (#3.4)" (1986)
Little John: Well, well, Brother Tuck...with company! I send you out to bag us some lunch, and this is what you bring back. I must say, your aim is improving!
Friar Tuck: This is Isadora. I found her.

Little John: We're wasting a lot of time.
Friar Tuck: We're lost.
Will Scarlet: How can you lose a castle?

"Robin Hood: The Betrayal (#3.8)" (1986)
Will Scarlet: Ah, you can't beat a nice bit o'pig.
Little John: I don't know, I think I prefer beef.
Friar Tuck: I like a nice slice of mutton. Well, you get sick of venison.

Robert of Huntingdon: [confronting a fake Robin Hood] That's far enough... Robin Hood!
[the imposter takes off his hood, revealing himself to be Roger De Carnac]
Robert of Huntingdon: Doesn't look anything like me.
Will Scarlet: Older... and uglier!
[the fake Will Scarlet takes off his hood]
Little John: He's better looking than you, Will.

"Robin Hood: The Enchantment (#2.4)" (1985)
Little John: By St. Thomas!

Little John: Robin once said the whole world was a battlefield, not just Sherwood. A never-ending war between the powers of good and evil.

"Robin Hood: Total Eclipse (#3.1)" (2009)
Sheriff of Nottingham: Hello boys. Everything you need to make your stay comfortable?
Allan A Dale: We seem to have missed out on the welcoming beaker of mead.
Sheriff of Nottingham: Now to keep you up to speed with my schedule
Little John: [Growls]
Sheriff of Nottingham: [Tuts, growls back and laughs]

Allan A Dale: Come on, Robin!
Little John: ROBIN! Do NOT do this!
Robin Hood: Give me that staff!
[takes staff]
Little John: ...what?
[Robin knocks him out with staff]
Much: HEY! Hey, ROBIN!
Allan A Dale: You can't do this alone.
Robin Hood: And what are you going to do, Allan, eh? What are you going to do? Rat me out?
Allan A Dale: That's a bit harsh.
Robin Hood: Once a traitor, always a traitor!
Much: That's not fair.
Robin Hood: You shut up! You leech! You're pathetic.
Allan A Dale: You're tired, Robin. We've been traveling for months.
Robin Hood: And I've had time to think! And I've made up my mind. I don't need you anymore - any of you.
Much: You don't mean that. This is not you! None of this!
Much: ...don't say that.
Robin Hood: He died in the holy land, all right? With Marian. Now all I have left is vengeance.
Much: Then let us come with you.
Robin Hood: [knocks Much out, warningly holds out sword to others] Stop holding me back, I mean it! Get back, now! Don't follow me. It's between me and Gisborne now - Gisborne dies today.

"The Legend of Robin Hood: Part 6 (#1.6)" (1975)
Little John: [to Marion after Robin's death] Where this arrow falls, there he'll lie.

"Rocket Robin Hood: The Time Machine (#1.2)" (1967)
[Both Rocket Robin Hood and Little John are handcuffed and chained to an overhead beam in the Sheriff's time machine]
Sheriff of N.O.T.T: Have you any idea, any idea of what you are trapped in?
Little John: I think it's a ladies hair dryer.
Rocket Robin Hood: Perhaps a machine for making escape keys?

"Robin Hood: The Children of Israel (#2.2)" (1984)
Little John: Why can't you admit we were wrong?
Will Scarlet: Because we were UNLUCKY!

"Robin Hood: Cause and Effect (#3.2)" (2009)
Much: they tried to fight their way out, and that's when her brother was killed. And then all hell broke loose, and then Gisborne found out that Robin was with them, and now the Sheriff has Robin in the castle, heavily guarded.
Little John: Right. We go to Nottingham.
Kate: What about the village men? They're shipping them out to Ireland today!
Tuck: Robin is our priority.
Kate: Losing an entire generation of men will kill all the villages for miles around. You put one man before stopping that?
Tuck: Kate... villages are dying across England. The only thing that people have is a spark of hope called Robin Hood. He's more important then any one man: he's an idea. Something the people can believe in.
Kate: ...I gave up Robin Hood to Gisborne.
Allan A Dale: You what?
Much: You didn't say that!
Kate: I'd do it again, to save my little brother. He wasn't important enough. He was just a village man who wanted to raise a family and live an honest life. Well, I believed in HIM. Now he's dead. And you think that the idea of Robin Hood is more important then his life. You make me sick.

"Robin Hood: The Sheriff of Nottingham (#3.5)" (1986)
Friar Tuck: His name is Philip Mark.
Little John: Yes?
Friar Tuck: [continuing] and he used to be Head Forester of Lincolnshire.
Robert of Huntingdon: I know that name.
Friar Tuck: Oh, he has other names. Up there they called him the Butcher. The Butcher of Lincolnshire.
Will Scarlet: So? I like meat too!

"Robin Hood: Sheriff Got Your Tongue? (#1.2)" (2006)
Little John: We go to Nottingham.

"Once Upon a Time: New York City Serenade (#3.12)" (2014)
Little John: [motioning to Regina] If you're really Snow White, then why are you with her?
Regina Mills: *Her*? Show some respect! Or at least some restraint at the buffet.

"Robin Hood: Walkabout (#2.10)" (2007)
Little John: I *helped* you!
Little John, Ceris: [sarcastically] Yeah, thanks for that. Where's the loot?

"Robin Hood: The Return of the King (#1.12)" (2006)
Much: [as he is applying pressure to Marian's wound, as well as holding his finger in the wound] I'm not doing anything; I'm just pressing, right?
Djaq: Yes. There's not much else we can do. The other physician has the instruments.
Much: [pause] Should I be able to feel a heartbeat?
Djaq: Yes.
[Much looks at her, distraught]
Djaq: [Djaq rushes to Marian, checks her then pounds her chest with her fist]
Much: [Stopping her] What are you doing, what are you doing? You'll hurt her!
Djaq: Trust me, Much! Where she is, she cannot feel a thing!
Much: [Djaq begins repeatedly pounding Marian's chest] Come on, come on, Marian.
Much: [Feeling Marian's pulse in the wound] YES! YES!
Much: [Throwing his arms in the air] ALLAH BE PRAISED!
Little John: [Raising his arms likewise] ALLAH BE PRAISED!
Much: Well, how did you do that?
Djaq: Put your finger back in! Now!
[Much puts his finger back in the wound]

"Robin Hood: For England...! (#2.6)" (2007)
Little John: What about me?
Will Scarlett: Ah...
[looks for something]
Will Scarlett: 'These' are for you.
Little John: Bells... What do they do?
Will Scarlett: Oh. They're... They're just bells.

"Robin Hood: Dead Man Walking (#1.11)" (2006)
Robin Hood: [as John is watching his son and wife ride away on a cart headed for a new life] I thought...
[pulls John's necklace out of his pocket]
Robin Hood: you might like this back.
Little John: There's only one. Where's the other?
Little Little John: [Holding up the necklace and shouting] I shall *never* forget! *My father* is a comrade of *Robin Hooooooood*!
Little John: [to himself as the cart passes out of sight] Goodbye, my son.
[to Robin and the others]
Little John: *Him,* I am proud to know. *You*... I'm *stuck* with.

"Robin Hood: Lord of the Trees (#2.3)" (1984)
Little John: Robin, why have they stopped?
Robin Hood: Maybe Gisburne's learning to think...?
Little John: Oh, that makes him dangerous.

"Robin Hood: Peace? Off! (#1.10)" (2006)
Robin Hood: The biggest man in Sherwood, jumping at shadows?
Little John: Not shadows... THE DEVIL!

"Robin Hood: Childhood (#2.3)" (2007)
Little John: [to Daniel] What?
Daniel: Nothing. It's just, I thought you'de be... taller
Little John: I am quite tall.
Daniel: But you know, like a giant.
Djaq: Men tend to lie about their size.

"Robin Hood: We Are Robin Hood (#2.13)" (2007)
Little John: We are Robin Hood!
Much: We are Robin Hood!
Allan A Dale: We are Robin Hood!

"Robin Hood: The Witch of Elsdon (#1.2)" (1984)
Friar Tuck: It brings tears to your eyes...
Little John: It will do if you don't get off me foot!

"Robin Hood: Robin Hood and the Sorcerer (#1.1)" (1984)
Little John: [under a spell] Beware the Hooded Man. Herne's son will seek the arrow. The master demands a sacrifice: a girl pure and innocent. It is near.

"Robin Hood: Alan a Dale (#1.4)" (1984)
Alan a Dale: My fate awaits me in Nottingham. The world has become an empty place, and life is merely the echo of mocking laughter.
Little John: I'm not surprised!
Robin of Loxley: Why do you want to kill the Sheriff?
Alan a Dale: Have you seen an innocent flower mercilessly crushed in a mailed fist?
Will Scarlet: He's right round the Maypole!
Alan a Dale: To save the lady of my heart, I would ride through fire!
Little John: What? On that horse?
Alan a Dale: He means to marry her!
Little John: Marry?
Will Scarlet: What? The Sheriff?
Lady Marion: He'll never marry!
Friar Tuck: He hates women!
Alan a Dale: It's Mildred... Oh, Mildred!

"Robin Hood: Tattoo? What Tattoo? (#1.8)" (2006)
Little John: Killing, we do not do!