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Will Scarlet (Character)
from The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)

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Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)
[after causing Robin to fall in the river]
Will Scarlett: There was a rich man from Nottingham/ who tried to cross a river/ What a dope/ he tripped on a rope/ Now look at him shiver. Beg for mercy, rich man.
Robin Hood: I beg of no man, as you can see I have nothing, not even my sword.
Little John: Any man who travels with two servants and says he has no money, is either a fool or a liar.
Will Scarlett: Yeah, he's a liar.

Robin Hood: You were to use this information to get close to me and then kill me, isn't that right, Will? What are your intentions?
Will Scarlett: Well, that depends on you Locksley. I've never trusted you, that's no secret. What I wanna know is, is are you gonna finish what you started? I want to know if he's gonna turn and run like the spoiled little rich boy I always took him for.
Robin Hood: Did I wrong you in another life, Will Scarlett? Where does this intolerable hatred for me come from?
Will Scarlett: From knowing that... that our father loved you more than me.
Robin Hood: Our father?
Will Scarlett: We are brothers, Robin of Locksley. I am the son of the woman who replaced your dead mother for a time.
Robin Hood: It's a lie!
Will Scarlett: It was your anger that drove them apart! It's not a lie! You ruined my life! I have more reason to hate you than anyone. Yet I found myself daring to believe in you. And what I want to know brother, is will you stay with us and finish what you started?

Will Scarlett: It was your anger that drove them apart! It's not a lie! You ruined my life! I have more reason to hate you than anyone. But I found myself daring to believe you. What I want to know brother, is will you stay with us and finish what you've started?
Robin Hood: I have a brother? I have a brother!
[hugs and holds Will]
Robin Hood: So I'll stand with you, side by side. Until the end.
Bull: Until the end!
Little John: We are all bloody in!
Friar Tuck: Damn buggers!
Robin Hood: We finish this.

Will Scarlett: No. I'll do that. You cover us with your bow.
Robin Hood: No Will. It's too dangerous.
Will Scarlett: So is your aim.

Will Scarlett: [after launching Robin and Azeem over the wall] Fuck me, he cleared it!

Sheriff of Nottingham: Now I have heard that Robin Hood may still be alive. Either tell me where he may be hiding, or you wll all hanged and we will catch him anyway and do the same thing to him.
Will Scarlett: I'd love to kill him for you.
Wulf: Will, no!
Sheriff of Nottingham: So he is alive, then?
Will Scarlett: I'm not really sure.
Sheriff of Nottingham: Then why would I need you?
Will Scarlett: Because, my lord, if he is alive, I can get close to him. I'm one of his men. He would never suspect me.
Wulf: He knows you always hated him, traitor!
Sheriff of Nottingham, Will Scarlett: Shut up!
Will Scarlett: He's a trusting fool. He'll believe me. And if he doesn't, he'll kill me. Then you've lost nothing.
Sheriff of Nottingham: If you fail, I will personally remove your lying tongue.
Will Scarlett: And if I succeed, I get my freedom and the bounty on his head.
Sheriff of Nottingham: The lash, I think! Sorry about that. It'll make it more convincing.

Robin Hood: My father was no devil worshiper. And I'll have words with any man who says otherwise. But he's right. I was a rich man's son. When I killed the sheriff's men, I became an outlaw like you.
Will Scarlett: You are nothing like us.
Little John: That is Will Scarlet. Take no notice of him, he's full of piss and wind. Come on lads, drink up. Don't talk about so much bloody rubbish. This here is the best that we simple men can expect. Here we're safe. We are kings!

Robin Hood (1991)
Will Scarlett: Give me back my country.

Maid Marian: [watching Sir Miles Folcanet ride away from them] My future husband is sulking.
Will Scarlett: [watching Robin Hood ride up to them] Oh, I don't know, he looks quite happy to me.

Robin Hood: You should have killed him!
Will Scarlett: You should have kept your mouth shut!

Will Scarlett: [Little John has just knocked Robin into rapids] He can't swim!

Robin Hood: [after being cast out of the castle, Robin and Will are sitting by a fireplace in the woods. Heavy rain and thunder] Let me guess... the horses have gone home?
Will Scarlett: Yes, the horses have gone home.
Robin Hood: Congratulations.
Will Scarlett: Thank you.
Robin Hood: I'm starved.
Will Scarlett: Me too.
Robin Hood: It's raining.
Will Scarlett: [agreeing] It's raining.
Will Scarlett: If only I hadn't encouraged you to stand up for the miller.
Robin Hood: If only I hadn't listened.
Robin Hood, Will Scarlett: [looking at each other, then in unison] Bloody Normans!

"Robin Hood: A Good Day to Die (#2.12)" (2007)
Robin Hood: [trying to lift their spirits as they're trapped] Once a few determined Spartans held a pass against a vast Persian army.
Much: Really?
Robin Hood: Strategy.
Will Scarlett: And they lived?
Robin Hood: No. But... they did well.
Will Scarlett: [dissapointed] Oh.
Much: I hate that story too.

Robin Hood: Lads... I've got a proposal. If they don't come to us, we go to them.
Little John: When?
Robin Hood: First light.
Will Scarlett: There's too many!
Djaq: We'll die.
Much: Suicide!
Little John: [after Robin nods] ... a good day to die!
Much: Will you shut up? He always says that! I don't even know what it means!
Robin Hood: We'll all most certainly die. But at least we'll die fighting.
Will Scarlett: Yeah. I'm in.
Djaq: Me too.
Little John: Yes.
Much: ...and me.
Robin Hood: [Nods] Good. Good.

Djaq: John?
Little John: No.
Will Scarlett: John, come on.
Djaq: Who do you love?
Little John: You. All of you. Even him.
[gestures to Much]
Little John: I love you all, all right? And Alice. I shouldn't have let her go. And my boy, little Little John. I should have made them stay.
Robin Hood: John, you didn't have a choice.
Little John: Let me speak. Leaving Alice, running to the forest, was wrong. Wrong. That's why I'm a huge, ugly, stupid, useless coward.
Will Scarlett: John!
Little John: That's why I'm always saying it, Much. "Today is a good day to die," because for me, it is. I deserve to die. I left the people that loved me, the two people that should have depended on me, my own child! God... what was I thinking?
Robin Hood: John, I'll not let you talk like this.
Little John: I'm going now. I won't wait until tomorrow.
Robin Hood: JOHN!
Little John: Let's move this cart. Move this thing! I need to die. I want to die! Let me die! Let me die!
Will Scarlett: [Hugging Little John] John!
Little John: [Sobbing] Let me die. I want to die!
Much: Is this normal, this Kalmina thing? Because it's weird.

Much: Well! Here's to freedom.
Will Scarlett: ...here's to the poor! Here's to the good people we leave behind.
Little John: We are Robin Hood!
[all echo]
Robin Hood: ...thank you, my friends.

Will Scarlett: What do you think, John? A good day?
Little John: Yes. A good day!

"Robin Hood: Seven Poor Knights from Acre (#1.3)" (1984)
Robin of Loxley: Think of it: spies in every village, messengers. And not only the villages. There's already people in Nottingham. I mean, that baker and his wife. The potter we helped... There's places to hide, right under the Sheriff's nose.
Will Scarlet: You'll get too big for your boots, you will.
Robin of Loxley: Then I'll get bigger boots.

Little John: Who are they?
Lady Marion: Templars.
Friar Tuck: Poor Knights of the Temple of Solomon.
Will Scarlet: Poor? I'd hate to see the good ones.

Robin of Loxley: He's more useful to us alive.
Will Scarlet: What do you mean?
Robin of Loxley: Well, the people hate Gisburne and everything he stands for.
Will Scarlet: Yeah, I know that.
Robin of Loxley: The more he stirs it up, the more they'll turn to us.

Friar Tuck: The're monks. They take an oath of poverty.
Little John: Fighting monks?
Will Scarlet: And I thought you were the only one.

Reynald de Villaret: [indicating Gisburne] Who's the clown?
[Gisburne dismounts and draws his sword; the other Templars immediately draw theirs]
Little John: What's going on?
Will Scarlet: I don't know. But my money's on the Templars.

Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993)
Little John: Let me introduce you to my best friend: Will Scarlet.
Scarlet: Scarlet's my middle name. My full name is Will Scarlet O'Hara.
Scarlet: We're from Georgia.

Scarlet: Blinkin! Fix your boobs; you look like a bleedin' Picasso!

Rabbi Tuckman: I am Rabbi Tuckman, purveyor of sacramental wine and moyel extraordinaire.
Merry Men: 'ello Rabbi!
Rabbi Tuckman: Hello boys!
Robin Hood: A moyel... I don't believe I've ever heard of that profession.
Rabbi Tuckman: A moyel is a very important guy. He makes circumcisions.
Scarlet: What, pray tell, sir, is a circumcision?
Rabbi Tuckman: It's the latest craze. The ladies love it!
Little John: I'll take one!
Ahchoo: Hey, put me down for two!
Robin Hood: I'm game. How's it done?
Rabbi Tuckman: It's a snap.
[demonstrates with a carrot and a miniature guillotine]
Rabbi Tuckman: I take my machine here, I take your little thing, I put it through this hole, and then...
[releases the blade, cutting the end off the carrot]
Rabbi Tuckman: I nip the tip! Whose first?
Merry Men: [groan]
Little John: I changed me mind!
Ahchoo: I forgot, I already got one.
Blinkin: [puts his hand in the air] Question...
[Ahchoo pulls his arm down silencing him]
Rabbi Tuckman: I gotta start working with a younger crowd.

Scarlet: I hope she's still wearing her iron underwear.

"Robin Hood: The Children of Israel (#2.2)" (1984)
Little John: Why can't you admit we were wrong?
Will Scarlet: Because we were UNLUCKY!

Will Scarlet: You're Jews.
Joshua de Talmont: We are, and what are you?
Will Scarlet: Lucky, I reckon.

Will Scarlet: I've been wrong before. I'm not saying you're right all the time, 'cause you're not, but... you brought us all together, and there's only one leader.

"Robin Hood: The Swords of Wayland (#2.5)" (1984)
Peter Verdelet: For the last time, the lady will spare your life if you serve the lord Lucifer.
Little John: Heh! And become one of your Hounds?
Will Scarlet: Tell her she can go to hell!
Peter Verdelet: She expects to.

Robin of Loxley: I want one alive.
Will Scarlet: I wish you had told me that sooner.

Peter Verdelet: This is an outrage!
Will Scarlet: If you like.

"Robin Hood: Sisterhood (#2.1)" (2007)
[last lines]
Much: We are Robin Hood.
Allan A Dale: What?
Much: Just say it.
Much, Allan A Dale, Robin Hood, Little John, Will Scarlett, Djaq: [toasting] We are Robin Hood.

Little John: ...and so, it's goodnight from me...
Will Scarlett: ...and goodnight from him!

Little John, Robin Hood, Much, Allan A Dale, Will Scarlett, Djaq: We... are Robin Hood!

"Robin Hood: The Cross of St. Ciricus (#3.6)" (1986)
Will Scarlet: You shoot like a girl I used to know.

Will Scarlet: [afraid they've caught leprosy] I got it for sure! I'll kill myself!
Much: We might be lucky...
Will Scarlet: Lucky? You might be. You might be lucky. Not me, not with my luck! I got it! I know I've got it!

Will Scarlet: I'm a leper!
Robert of Huntingdon: I thought you were a man. Look at Much; he's worth ten of you. You don't even know if you've got it, and you're half crazy with fear!

"Robin Hood: Herne's Son: Part 2 (#3.2)" (1986)
Will Scarlet: We're not sharp anymore! Not like we were. I mean, look at us... look at me! Do you really think you'd have beaten me if I hadn't been drunk?

Will Scarlet: We used to be fast. Fast as wolves. No one could take us. We could go anywhere, do anything. We've lost it.
Robert of Huntingdon: No, Scarlet. Nothing's forgotten. Nothing is ever forgotten.
Will Scarlet: What did you say?
Robert of Huntingdon: You heard me.
Will Scarlet: No, it wasn't you I heard.

Little John: What happened to Tuck?
Will Scarlet: I dunno. He could've lit every bonfire in England by now!
Friar Tuck: [trying to light a fire] The flames of hell would be easier to light!

"Robin Hood: The Betrayal (#3.8)" (1986)
Roger de Carnac: There is no need to find you. You're here. Come like pigs to the slaughterhouse.
Robert of Huntingdon: No, you're the pigs.
Will Scarlet: That's an insult - to pigs.

Will Scarlet: Ah, you can't beat a nice bit o'pig.
Little John: I don't know, I think I prefer beef.
Friar Tuck: I like a nice slice of mutton. Well, you get sick of venison.

Robert of Huntingdon: [confronting a fake Robin Hood] That's far enough... Robin Hood!
[the imposter takes off his hood, revealing himself to be Roger De Carnac]
Robert of Huntingdon: Doesn't look anything like me.
Will Scarlet: Older... and uglier!
[the fake Will Scarlet takes off his hood]
Little John: He's better looking than you, Will.

"Robin Hood: Alan a Dale (#1.4)" (1984)
Alan a Dale: My fate awaits me in Nottingham. The world has become an empty place, and life is merely the echo of mocking laughter.
Little John: I'm not surprised!
Robin of Loxley: Why do you want to kill the Sheriff?
Alan a Dale: Have you seen an innocent flower mercilessly crushed in a mailed fist?
Will Scarlet: He's right round the Maypole!
Alan a Dale: To save the lady of my heart, I would ride through fire!
Little John: What? On that horse?
Alan a Dale: He means to marry her!
Little John: Marry?
Will Scarlet: What? The Sheriff?
Lady Marion: He'll never marry!
Friar Tuck: He hates women!
Alan a Dale: It's Mildred... Oh, Mildred!

Friar Tuck: [Tuck hands Alan a Bible] Here, mumble over that.
Will Scarlet: Can he read?
Friar Tuck: He doesn't have to. Half the priests can't.

Robin of Loxley: Love conquers all things.
Will Scarlet: Yes, for the time being...

"Robin Hood: Cromm Cruac (#3.7)" (1986)
Elena Scathlock: Will you dance with me?
Will Scarlet: [shocked] Elena?
Nasir: [to John and Robert] Elena?
Little John: It's the name of his wife. His DEAD wife.

Robert of Huntingdon: It was a forester's trap.
Little John: For animals, or for us?
Will Scarlet: To them, there's no difference.

"Robin Hood: Walkabout (#2.10)" (2007)
Will Scarlett: [to Allan] You're with Gisborne now. There's no coming back from there.

Djaq: I knew a man once who got up, milked all his goats, and then went right back to bed, all in his sleep.
Will Scarlett: What?
Much: What?
Djaq: But it's true! His wife saw it.
Will Scarlett: And didn't she wake him up?
Djaq: Are you mad? She went out and bought six more goats.

"Robin Hood: The Prophecy (#2.1)" (1984)
Will Scarlet: Which is your favorite ear?

Little John: Don't worry, we'll take care of you.
Will Scarlet: Like he was gold.
Friar Tuck: He will be. If they pay the ransom.

"Robin Hood: The Inheritance (#3.4)" (1986)
Nasir: I found this.
[holds up an arrow]
Will Scarlet: Oh, that's wonderful, that is. An arrow! I got enough arrows of me own!
Nasir: [sighs] It's a sign.

Little John: We're wasting a lot of time.
Friar Tuck: We're lost.
Will Scarlet: How can you lose a castle?

The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)
Will Scarlett: I'm tired.
Robin Hood: What? After a nice refreshing sleep in the green wood?
Will Scarlett: I pulled seven acorns out of my ribs.
Robin Hood: Lovely, fresh air...
Will Scarlett: My teeth ache with chattering.
Robin Hood: Nightingales singing...
Will Scarlett: An owl hooting in my ear.
Robin Hood: Hooting? He was singing you to sleep!

Will Scarlett: Robin, I've just got word of-
[sees Friar Tuck and breaks off]
Robin Hood: It's all right, he's one of us.
Will Scarlett: One of us? He looks like three of us!

Robin and Marian (1976)
Robin Hood: They've turned us into heroes, Johnny. Will, you didn't make it up.
Will Scarlett: These songs, I don't know where they come from, but you hear them everywhere. We go from town to town and ...
Robin Hood: What do you do for a living?
Friar Tuck: While I take confessions, he takes the horses.
Will Scarlett: And everywhere we go, they want to hear about the things you did.
Robin Hood: We didn't do them.

"Robin Hood: The Sheriff of Nottingham (#3.5)" (1986)
Friar Tuck: His name is Philip Mark.
Little John: Yes?
Friar Tuck: [continuing] and he used to be Head Forester of Lincolnshire.
Robert of Huntingdon: I know that name.
Friar Tuck: Oh, he has other names. Up there they called him the Butcher. The Butcher of Lincolnshire.
Will Scarlet: So? I like meat too!

"Robin Hood: The Time of the Wolf: Part 2 (#3.13)" (1986)
Will Scarlet: What do you think. Nasir?
Nasir: Must escape.
Will Scarlet: At least you don't mince your words. Straight to the point. How?

"Robin Hood: A Thing or Two About Loyalty (#1.9)" (2006)
Will Scarlett: It's good to have you back, Much.
Much: Good to have you back, *My Lord* Much.
Allan A Dale: That is going to get really annoying.
Much: That's going to get really annoying, *My Lord*.
[Robin holds his head and groans]
Much: It is really annoying, but I'm sorry; I like it.

"Once Upon a Time: The Snow Queen (#4.7)" (2014)
Will Scarlet: If you find someone you love enough to ruin your entire life for... It's always worth it

"Robin Hood: For England...! (#2.6)" (2007)
Little John: What about me?
Will Scarlett: Ah...
[looks for something]
Will Scarlett: 'These' are for you.
Little John: Bells... What do they do?
Will Scarlett: Oh. They're... They're just bells.

"Robin Hood: Dead Man Walking (#1.11)" (2006)
Will Scarlett: [Disguised as a prisoner] So are you gonna leave me locked up here all night?
Robin Hood: [Disguised as a guard] ... Yes.
Will Scarlett: You're meant to say "no!" "We're here to free you," stuff like that!

"Robin Hood: Lord of the Trees (#2.3)" (1984)
Will Scarlet: What about Gisburne and his mates? We can't exactly let 'em go.
Robin Hood: Well, we can't exactly kill them either.
Will Scarlet: Why?
Robin Hood: They're prisoners, Will.
Will Scarlet: Then I'll do it!
Robin Hood: You can't kill prisoners.
Will Scarlet: Look, when I was a soldier, we killed everyone we captured. Now, you've spared Gisburne twice. Ain't exactly shown himself grateful, has he?
Robin Hood: If we killed Gisburne in cold blood, then we'd be no better than he is.
Will Scarlet: Well, what makes you think we are? What about the men-at-arms we've killed? How do you feel about them?

"Robin Hood: Peace? Off! (#1.10)" (2006)
Will Scarlett: That's not worship... That's target practice.

"Robin Hood: Lardner's Ring (#2.9)" (2007)
Will Scarlett: You make me sick, you know that? Betraying your old friends. I hope you're enjoying that, Allan. I couldn't live with myself.
Sheriff of Nottingham: You won't have to for much longer.

"Robin Hood: The King's Fool (#1.5)" (1984)
Will Scarlet: I trust very few people, and I'm looking at all of 'em. I'd die for each one of you. But there's no way I'm going to Nottingham.

"The Legend of Robin Hood: Part 2 (#1.2)" (1975)
Robin Hood: What did you find out, Will?
Will Scarlett: His Grace's horse bears your mark.
Robin Hood: And the ass?
[Will nods towards the Abbot]
Robin Hood: You may have that, my lord.
Abbot of Grantham: [scandalized] You'd have me ride on an ass?
Robin Hood: What could be more biblical?

Robin Hood (2010)
Robin Longstride: Lady Marion Loxley, My wife.
Will Scarlet: Well played! A bit, a bit rash, well played nevertheless.

"Robin Hood: The Power of Albion (#3.3)" (1986)
Will Scarlet: We'll wait 'til nightfall.
Edward of Wickham: No, Will, it's got to be done now. Bad luck to bury him after dark.
Will Scarlet: Bad luck? Who for? Him or you?
Edward of Wickham: Him, of course.
Will Scarlet: Well, I think he's had his bad luck.
Edward of Wickham: Depends where he's going, doesn't it?

"Robin Hood: The Witch of Elsdon (#1.2)" (1984)
Will Scarlet: Why were they chasing you?
Jennet of Elsdon: They were taking me to be hanged.
Will Scarlet: What for?
Jennet of Elsdon: Do they need a reason?

"Robin Hood: Robin Hood and the Sorcerer (#1.1)" (1984)
Will Scarlet: What's your name?
Robin of Loxley: Robin. Robin of Loxley.
Will Scarlet: Loxley? There's no such place.
Robin of Loxley: That's what they tell us. Nothing's forgotten.
Will Scarlet: No, nothing's forgotten, nothing. My wife's folks, they came from Loxley. And they died there. And I wish to God she'd died with them!
Robin of Loxley: Why? Why do you say that?
Will Scarlet: Cold November night. Soldiers, drunk... mercenaries. They took her from me, and when they'd finished with her, they trampled her to death with their horses. And then they laughed. Laughed! My name was Will Scathlock. It's Scarlet now.

"Robin Hood: The Time of the Wolf: Part 1 (#3.12)" (1986)
Will Scarlet: Grimstone Abbey, eh?
Robert of Huntingdon: Geoffrey de Mandeville seized it in King Stephen's time. He turned it into a fortress.
Friar Tuck: Gulnar's chosen well.
Will Scarlet: Yeah, if he's there.
Friar Tuck: Oh, he's there.
Will Scarlet: Yeah? Can you see him?
Friar Tuck: I don't need to. My ears tell me.
Will Scarlet: I can't hear nothing.
Friar Tuck: That's what's wrong. Look, monks go to pray at three and at five. The bell hasn't rung.
Will Scarlet: Well, you learn something new every day, don't you?

"Robin Hood: Tattoo? What Tattoo? (#1.8)" (2006)
Allan A Dale: [Discussing why they should save Djaq] But the thing is... I like...
Will Scarlett: I think I love her.

"Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: Heart of the Matter (#1.11)" (2014)
Will Scarlet: Have you forgotten all the good times we had? Making wine from wildflowers. naming the stars to fall asleep at night.
Anastasia: You named them all "Anastasia".
Will Scarlet: It's the most beautiful name I know.

"Rocket Robin Hood" (1966)
Will Scarlet: I'd like to get my hands on the man who invented the wheel.
Rocket Robin Hood: Why do you say that, Will?
Will Scarlet: Because if it wasn't for him, we never would have gotten into this mess in the first place.
[Robin and Will laugh]