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Maid Marian (Character)
from The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)

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Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993)
Sheriff of Rottingham: King illegal forest to pig wild kill in it a is!
Robin Hood, Maid Marian: What?
Sheriff of Rottingham: I mean, don't you know it's illegal to kill a wild pig in the king's forest?
Robin Hood: Is it not also illegal to sit on the king's throne and usurp his power in his absence?
[crowd gasps]
Prince John: Careful Robin, you go too far.

Robin Hood: [carrying Marian to the bed] Oh my darling, at last.
Maid Marian: [sliding his hand to the key to unlock her chastity belt] Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!
Broomhilde: [rushes into the room] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Robin Hood: [groans]
Broomhilde: You are not married yet! Before you do it, you must go through it! Or else I blew it.

Maid Marian: I've come to warn you, Prince John and Rottingham have hired men to kill you at the fair tomorrow. You musn't go.
Robin Hood: Well, that's easy. I won't.
Maid Marian: Oh, I'm so happy! They were going to try to lure you there by having an archery contest.
Robin Hood: An archery contest?
Maid Marian: Their archer is unbeatable.
Robin Hood: Really?
Maid Marian: Robin, promise you won't go.
Robin Hood: All right, I promise you won't go.
Maid Marian: Thank you.
[stops for a second, confused]
Ahchoo: But wait a minute, Robin, didn't you just...
Robin Hood: Cool it...
Ahchoo: Chilled.

Robin Hood: Oh, my darling, I'm ready for that kiss now.
Maid Marian: But first, I must warn you. It could only be a kiss. For I am a virgin and could never... go all the way.
Robin Hood: But...
Maid Marian: Unless I were married. Or if a man pledged his endless love to me.
Robin Hood: Yes...
Maid Marian: Or if I knew that he desperately cared for me. Or if he were really cute!

Maid Marian: Wait!
Sheriff of Rottingham: What for?
Maid Marian: If you promise not to kill Robin, I shall do the most disgusting thing that I can think of.
Prince John: Oooohhh.
Sheriff of Rottingham: Oh? And what's that?
Maid Marian: I shall marry you.
Sheriff of Rottingham: What? You'll be mine? You'll give yourself to me every night? And sometimes, right after lunch?
Maid Marian: Yes, but only my body. You can never have my heart, my mind, or my soul!
Sheriff of Rottingham: Oh, oh yes! I respect that.

Robin Hood: [trying to unlock the chastity belt] Um, darling?
Maid Marian: [in sultry voice] What?
Robin Hood: You're not going to believe this...
Maid Marian: What?
Robin Hood: It won't open!
Maid Marian: WHAT?
Robin Hood: Wait, I have an idea! Call a locksmith!

Maid Marian: Oh, darling, don't despair! For it is written on a scroll: "One day, he, who is destined for me, shall be endowed with a magical key, that will bring an end to my... virginity."
Robin Hood: Oh, Marian, if only 'twere me.
Maid Marian: Oh, if 'twere you, 'twould be... twerrific.

[Rottingham slices off Robin's necklace, sending his key flying. The key falls into the lock of Marian's chastity belt]
Robin Hood: It is the key to the greatest treasure in all the land!
Maid Marian: This means you've always been my one true love because it's just the right size!
Sheriff of Rottingham: It's not the size that counts... It's how you use it!

Maid Marian: Oh Broomhilde, look! A happy little bluebird! Hello!
[the bird lands on her finger]
Maid Marian: This means I must make a wish. I wish against wish, I hope against hope, that the heavens bring me a kind and wonderful gentleman who possesses the key to my...
[looks at her chastity belt, then looks at Broomhilde]
Maid Marian: heart.
[bird flies away]
Maid Marian: Goodbye, my little friend.
Broomhilde: Ooh, that happy little bluebird has left a happy little do-do on your hand!

Maid Marian: Broomhilde, there's a foul plot afoot.
Broomhilde: It's not my feet, I just washed them.

Rabbi Tuckman: [performing the marriage] Robin, do you?
Robin Hood: I do.
Rabbi Tuckman: Marian, do you?
Maid Marian: I do.
Rabbi Tuckman: I now pronounce you man and...
King Richard: I object!
Rabbi Tuckman: Who asked?

[Robin is being made to watch Marian's wedding from the gallows]
Abbot: Do you, Sheriff of Rottingham, take Marian of Bahgel to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, till death do you part?
Sheriff of Rottingham: YES I DO! Get on with it!
Abbot: And do you, Marian, vow to do all the stuff I just said?
Sheriff of Rottingham: [to Marian] Say I do, or Robin dies!
Maid Marian: I... I do...
[Ahchoo shoots through Robin's noose]
Maid Marian: NOT!

Robin Hood (1991)
Maid Marian: So what are you going to do to me? Tie me up?
Robin Hood: Could be a lashing.
Maid Marian: How many strokes?
Robin Hood: As many as are necessary.
Maid Marian: And then it's finished?
Robin Hood: That depends. Have you ever been lashed before?
Maid Marian: I've never had someone make me beg them to stop.
Robin Hood: Then you've never had a proper lashing.

Maid Marian: I will not marry to symbolize a peace, or to ratify a treaty. But... this man I will have... because he makes the May tree blossom and the bees buzz in my breast. I will take this man because he brings springtime to my heart.

Baron Roger Daguerre: You are the most beautiful bride England has ever seen.
Maid Marian: I am the most pitiful bride England has ever seen.

Maid Marian: [watching Sir Miles Folcanet ride away from them] My future husband is sulking.
Will Scarlett: [watching Robin Hood ride up to them] Oh, I don't know, he looks quite happy to me.

Maid Marian: [Approaches the Baron playing backgammon with Robert Hode aka Robin Hood] Who's winning, uncle?
Baron Roger Daguerre: Robert, of course.

Maid Marian: [Staring at Sir Miles] I do not want you.

Maid Marian: I believe Sir Robert never loses. So he tells me.

Robin Hood: You're free to go. Or stay if you think you've something to offer?
Maid Marian: What could I offer to the man who has everything?
Robin Hood: [Frowns] Don't play games with me.
Maid Marian: You're so handsome when you're angry.

Robin Hood: What's your name?
Maid Marian: [In disguise] Martin. Martin Pride.
Robin Hood: Pride. I like it.

Robin Hood: Who are you?
Maid Marian: [Disguised as Martin Pride] What a time to ask philosophical questions.

Maid Marian: You can scrub me, you can dip me in perfume. It's too late, Miles. What you want has already been given to another man, with the greatest pleasure!

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)
Marian: Men speak conveniently of love when it serves their purpose.

Marian: You came for me... You're alive...
Robin Hood: I would die for you.

Marian: There is a price on your head.
Robin Hood: How much?
Marian: One hundred gold pieces.
Robin Hood: Is that all? I shall have to annoy the good Sheriff more. Soon it will be a thousand.
Marian: For a thousand, I would turn you in myself.

Marian: Robin, do something for me.
Robin of Locksley: What?
Marian: Take a bath.

Marian: How is it, that a once-arrogant young nobleman has found contentment, living rough with the salt of the earth?
Robin Hood: I've seen knights in armor panic at the first hint of battle. And I've seen the lowliest, unarmed squire pull a spear from his own body, to defend a dying horse. Nobility is not a birthright. It's defined by one's actions.

Robin Hood: You're King Richard's cousin. You can give word to him of Nottingham's plans. He would believe you.
Marian: If the sheriff found out, I could lose all that I have.
Robin Hood: But will you do it for your king?
Marian: No. I'll do it for you.
[She kisses him and gets on the boat. They look at each other intensely as the boat leaves]
Duncan: He fancies you, my Lady. I may be blind, but there are some things I still see.

Guy of Gisborne: Harboring felons, are you, milady?
Marian: They're thieves, you imbecile. They're stealing my horses.
Guy of Gisborne: Lucky they didn't steal your virtue as well.

Marian: It's interesting to hear you say that.
Robin Hood: I didn't. My father did.
Marian: Did the holy quest erase your hatred of him?
Robin Hood: I don't know. All I know is that our last words in this world were spoken in anger. I was lost after my mother died. My father too, and for a short time he found comfort in the arms of another woman, a peasant woman. I thought he was betraying my mother's memory.
Marian: So he gave her up?
Robin Hood: For the love of a twelve-year-old boy who would never forgive him.

Robin Hood: Marian, I've returned to my home to find it destroyed, and my father murdered! And the only clues to why are in the ramblings of an old blind man.
Marian: But all I remember of you is a spoiled bully who used to burn my hair as a child.
Robin Hood: Please allow that years of war and imprisonment may change a man.
Marian: Robin, whatever happened between you and your father, you mustn't believe... what they accused him of.
Robin Hood: I don't.

Sheriff of Nottingham: Marian, our union would allow these children to grow up as my allies. You understand... I cannot allow them to grow up as my enemies.
Marian: I have no choice.
Sheriff of Nottingham: That's true.

Friar Tuck: By the power vested in me, of God's holy church, I say let any man who has reason why these two should not be joined, let him speak now or forever hold his peace.
Friar Tuck: Then, I now pronounce you...
King Richard: Hold, I speak!
[Everyone turns around to see knights coming]
Marian: Richard!
[Everyone, except Marian and a confused Azeem, bows]
King Richard: I will not allow this wedding to proceed...
Robin Hood: [gets up] My lord...
King Richard: ...unless I'm allowed to give the bride away! You look radiant, cousin.
Marian: Oh, Richard.
[they exchange kisses on the cheeks]
Robin Hood: I'm deeply honored, your majesty.
King Richard: It is I who is honored, Lord Locksley. Thanks to you, I still have a throne. Friar, proceed!
Friar Tuck: Husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.
Robin Hood: I know that.
[They kiss, and everyone cheers. The camera shifts to the Friar, who breaks the fourth wall and looks at the camera]
Friar Tuck: Now, get out of it! We're wasting good celebration time!

Robin Hood (2010)
Robin Longstride: [asking about her late husband] A good knight?
Marion Loxley: It was short but sweet.
Robin Longstride: No, I meant: he was a good knight?

Robin Longstride: Girl!
Marion Loxley: *Girl!*

Marion Loxley: I trust you had an historic evening.

Marion Loxley: Are you coming?
Robin Longstride: If you ask me nicely.
Marion Loxley: [sarcastically] My dear husband, won't you kindly share my bedroom chambers?
[She drops into a half-hearted curtsy]

[last lines]
Marion Loxley: Greenwood became the outlaw's friend, orphan boys welcome, there was no tax, no tides, no rich, no poor, fair trades at the table, many wrongs to be righted in the country of King John, watch over us Walter.

Marion Loxley: I thought you'd left.
Robin Longstride: The fields are planted.
Marion Loxley: How did you find the seed?
Robin Longstride: If you have to ask, it's not a gift.
Marion Loxley: Thank you.

Robin Longstride: If the idea is deception, shouldn't you address me by my husband or dear?
Marion Loxley: Would you join me in my chambers?
Robin Longstride: Ask me nicely.

Robin Longstride: Girl
Marion Loxley: Girl? Either you've grown blind or come looking for charity.

Marion Loxley: Once before I said goodbye to a man going to war. He never came back.
Robin Longstride: Ask me nicely.
[She smiles, steps forward. They kiss]
Robin Longstride: [fervently] I love you, Marion.

Robin and Marian (1976)
[Robin Hood comes back from the Crusades]
Maid Marian: You never wrote.
Robin Hood: I don't know how.

Maid Marian: I love you. More than all you know. I love you more than children. More than fields I've planted with my hands. I love you more than morning prayers or peace or food to eat. I love you more than sunlight, more than flesh or joy, or one more day. I love you... more than God.

Maid Marian: Let's take a look at you.
Robin Hood: [opens his shirt] Just a few bumps and bruises.
Maid Marian: [Reacting to his scars] Oh!
[She touches them gently]
Maid Marian: So many... You had the sweetest body when you left. Hard, and not a mark. And you were mine. When you left I thought I'd die. I even tried. I walked into the woods and laid down by a stream and cut myself. Some damn fool forrester came by, took me to the abbey. So they say. No more scars, Robin. It's too much to lose you twice.
Robin Hood: I've never kissed a member of the clergy before. Would it be a sin?

Maid Marian: I don't know how I look to you, but I'm not your Marian. I can't imagine living in the world again, or even for a minute wanting to. Come morning, I'm going to the Sheriff.
Robin Hood: What's the sense? Who would it serve?
Maid Marian: There's always God. You went crusading, didn't you?
Robin Hood: There are some things worth dying for.
Maid Marian: They had souls, too, the heathen that you killed. If I should die in prison-and I'd rather not, but if it comes-it's for a reason. I'll have stood for something, and I won't have taken another life to do it. What will you do now? Fight the Sheriff? More corpses? Aren't you sick of it?
Robin Hood: On the twelfth of July, 1191, the mighty fortress that was Acre fell to Richard, his one great victory in the Holy Land. He was sick in bed and never struck a blow. On the eighth of August, John and I stood outside watching while every Muslim left alive was marched out in chains. King Richard spared the rich for ransoms, took the strong for slaves, then he took the children-*all* the children-and had them chopped apart. Then he had their mothers killed. When they were all dead, three thousand bodies on the plain, he had them all opened up so their guts could be explored for gold and precious stones. Our churchmen on the scene-and there were many-took it for a triumph! One bishop put on his mitre and led us all in prayer. And you ask me if I'm sick of it.
Maid Marian: Why didn't you come home then?
Robin Hood: Bec... he was my King.

Robin Hood: [seeing Marian in a nun's habit] Marian, what are you doing in that costume?
Maid Marian: Living in it.

Maid Marian: Robin, I'd be 20 for you if I could.

Maid Marian: Robin, were there many women on your Great Crusade?
Robin Hood: Lots.
Maid Marian: Don't tell me.
Robin Hood: As you wish.
Maid Marian: How many?
Robin Hood: Well...
[after a long pause]
Robin Hood: ... But they all looked like you.

Robin Hood: Jesus, Marian! Why?
Maid Marian: I love you. More than all you know. I love you more than children. More than fields I've planted with my hands. I love you more than morning prayers or peace or food to eat. I love you more than sunlight, more than flesh or joy or one more day. I love you more than God.

Robin Hood (1973)
Clucky: Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Marian: Or forgetful.

Prince John: I sentence you to sudden, instant, and even immediate death!
Marian: Oh, no. Please. Please, sire. I beg of you to spare his life. Please have mercy.
Prince John: My dear, emotional lady, why should I?
Marian: Because I love him, Your Highness.
Prince John: Love him? And does this prisoner return your love?
Robin Hood: Marian, my darling, I love you more than life itself.
Prince John: [Sincerely] Young love, your pleads have not fallen upon a heart of stone.
[Tone changes to fierce and determined]
Prince John: But traitors to the crown must die!
Robin Hood: [cutting him off] Traitor to the crown? That crown belongs to King Richard. Long live King Richard!
Crowd: Long live King Richard!
Prince John: [gives the crowd a dirty look]
[Throwing a childish tantrum]
Prince John: Enough! I am King! King! King! Off with his head!

Tagalong: Gee, you're beautiful.
Sis: Are you going to marry Robin Hood?
Tagalong: Mama says that you and Robin Hood are sweethearts.
Marian: Well you see, that was several years ago before I left for London.
Toby: Did he ever kiss you?
Marian: Well no, but he carved our initials on this tree. I remember it so well.
Skippy: Are you gonna have any kids? My mom's got a lot of kids.
Marian: Oh, he's probably forgotten all about me.
Skippy: Oh, not Robin Hood! I bet he'll storm the castle one day, fight the guards, rescue ya, and drag you off to Sherwood Forest!
Clucky: Now, just a minute there, young man! You forgot all about Prince John!
Skippy: That old Prince John don't scare me none!
Toby: I'm scared of Prince John. He's cranky.

Robin Hood: [after just swinging her to safety, he takes her hand] Marian, my love, will you marry me?
Marian: Oh, darling, I thought you'd never ask me!
[moves behind Robin Hood so he can continue to fight the Sheriff's men]
Marian: [giggles] But you could have chosen a more romantic setting!
Robin Hood: For our honeymoon: London! Normandy!
Marian: Yes!
Robin Hood: Sunny Spain?
Marian: [laughs] Why not?

Robin Hood: We'll have six children!
Marian: [charmed] Six? Oh, a dozen at least!
Marian: [Nutsy shoots an arrow at Robin, who dodges, and the ricochet just misses Nutsy. Marian, not content to let that go, smacks Nutsy in the face with a blackberry pie] Take that!
[Marian and Robin laugh]

Sis: I told Skippy he was shooting it too high.
Marian: Well, I'm sure glad he did. Now I get to meet all of you.

Marian: Oh, Clucky, surely he must know how much I really love him.
Clucky: But of course, my dear. Believe me, someday soon, your Uncle King Richard will have an outlaw for an in-law!

Marian: Oh, Robin, you're so brave and impetuous!

"Robin Hood: Will You Tolerate This? (#1.1)" (2006)
Marian: [Robin has just arrived at Knighton hall in secret] Well? Don't just stand there. If the sheriff's men see...
Robin Hood: What? You might give them the pleasure of your company?
Marian: Grow up.

Marian: [after Robin has spurted a corny pick-up line at her] Five years and you're still pedalling the same old drivel. Does it ever work?
Robin Hood: You'd be surprised.
Marian: Amazed.

Marian: Well don't just stand there, if the Sheriff's men see...
Robin Hood: What? You might give them the pleasure of your company?
Marian: Grow Up

Marian: [pointing an arrow to Robin's head] You heard my father. Leave.
Robin Hood: Marian!... It's me, Robin.
Marian: Congratulations. Leave!

Robin Hood: It is surprising that you are not married.
Marian: It is. And yet when one considers that marriage requires a man-perhaps not.

Marian: [to Robin] Are you really as naive as you seem? You think you can pick fights with these people and get away with it? You think you can slight them in public? You're a fool.

Marian: Grow up!

"Robin Hood: The Return of the King (#1.12)" (2006)
Marian: [to Robin, as Djaq rushes out of the cave to get herbs] So. "Never lie to a dying man."
Robin Hood: You are not going to die. And I have never lied to you.
Marian: Oh come on. We have never once spoken the truth to each other.
Robin Hood: Now is not the time to argue.
Marian: Do not *tell* me when it is the time to argue!
[Robin chuckles]
Marian: What?
Robin Hood: Well, I do not think there could be *much* wrong with you.
Marian: I am serious! We have never once spoken the truth to each other! For instance, I call you a fool when I mean you are a hero. I criticize your actions and then mimic them myself as the Nightwatchman. I chastise Robin Hood...
Robin Hood: Shh, shh.
Marian: I will not be *shushed*- these might be my last words!
Robin Hood: No, they will not be- they *cannot* be!... Because we should be together! I should never have left you. I should never have gone to war- it was a mistake! You were right. We wanted glory. But believe me, the battlefield is the *last* place you will find it.
Marian: You'd always regret it if you haven't gone.
Robin Hood: But not as much as I regret going. Not as much as I regret losing you. Marian, I should not have gone.
Marian: [fighting tears] Robin...
Djaq: [running back in with the herbs] I love you, you love me, we all love each other. Drink the wine.

Djaq: [Looking at Marian's infected wound] My father treated the wounded in the battlefield. He said, "Never lie to a wounded man."
Marian: Or was it "Never lie to a dying man?"
Djaq: [pause] He said that too.

Marian: I'm a nuisance.
Robin Hood: [smiling] Yes, you are.
Marian: [smiling weakly] You're supposed to say no.

Robin Hood: I will expose him as the liar and the traitor that he is- then you will not have to marry him!
Marian: Robin, please do not make this more difficult than it already is!
Robin Hood: But you do not love him!
Marian: [trying to make an excuse] He has qualities!

Djaq: I will cut you open. If I can find the damage, I will sew it up.
Marian: And what are my chances?
Djaq: If I do not do this- none. If I do- very little.

Marian: I'm a nuisance.
Robin Hood: Yes, you are.
Marian: You're supposed to say no.
Robin Hood: And you should be at home doing your embroidery.

"Robin Hood: Get Carter! (#2.8)" (2007)
Marian: Don't you EVER tie me up!
Robin Hood: Well, you didn't listen to your orders.
Marian: People were dying!
Robin Hood: Marian, you can't be seen with us!
Marian: Why not? Robin, I AM with you!
Robin Hood: Because if the Sheriff were to see you, or Gisbourne, you could never go back to the castle!
Marian: I don't WANT to go back!
Marian: Well, I'm glad. But you're not ready to make that decision.

Marian: Are you going to apologize to me? You could have gotten me killed!
Robin Hood: I think you could have gotten yourself killed without my help, charging in like that!
Marian: Robin, I've been fighting these idiots for years as the night watchmen, remember?
Robin Hood: I know. On your own. This is a team, Marian. You went crashing in, Marian, and we all had to follow. And in battle, that's a cardinal sin. We work together.
Marian: mean they do as you tell them.
Robin Hood: Yeah. Yeah, they do. And until you learn to do the same, you can stay here at the camp.
Marian: ...what?
Robin Hood: I mean it, Marian. You need to calm down.

Robin Hood: Just go and cook something.
Marian: Why, because I am a woman?
Robin Hood: No, because I AM HUNGRY!

Robin Hood: Well... you disobeyed me.
Marian: I saved your life!
Robin Hood: ...and you kissed Gisbourne.
Marian: And you tied me up!
Robin Hood: And YOU could have gotten us all killed!
Marian: I'm sorry. I'm not used to taking orders, but I can learn. I want to be part of your gang.
Robin Hood: ...and I am not used to you being in the forest, but I can learn.
Marian: Truce?
Robin Hood: Yeah. Truce.

Robin Hood: Clun first. Not you, Marian, you're staying here.
Marian: Why?
Robin Hood: Because I think you need some time alone.
Marian: Why?
Robin Hood: Because this isn't the Marian I know and love.
Marian: Well, I'm sorry if you're disappointed, but this is who I am now.
Robin Hood: Really? Well, I hope not.

"Robin Hood: Show Me the Money (#2.7)" (2007)
Allan A Dale: [pleading] Please... I don't want to die...
Robin Hood: Well, that's the only way you will escape ME!
Marian: Robin... spare him.
Robin Hood: I can't.
Marian: Please. Do it for me.
Robin Hood: Marian, I'm doing this for you. To protect you!
Marian: Robin, ROBIN PLEASE! If you love me, you will let him go.
Robin Hood: I DO love you. That's why I can't let him live.
Robin Hood: ... because one day, he'll do something to take you away from me.
Allan A Dale: I wouldn't!
Marian: Please... don't taint us with his blood.

Marian: You owe me your life. Don't you EVER betray me!

Marian: Took you long enough. To tell me.
Robin Hood: Tell you what?
Marian: You know.

Marian: One day, you will pay, Robin of Locksley...

Marian: What's the man doing? Is he mad?
Robin Hood: Yes. *laughs* He's in love.

The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men (1952)
Maid Marian: And you, good rogue, have my gracious leave to pine and fret till my return.
Robin Hood: Oh, why should I?
Maid Marian: To please a lady.
Robin Hood: I could please myself to take up the cross and follow my king to the Holy Land.
Maid Marian: 'Twould come to the same thing in the end. Chop a few heads enough you'd come back a knight. As a knight you'd go jousting a tournament, to please a lady, and have your own head chopped off.
Robin Hood: It would be worth it.
Maid Marian: Is she so passing fair?
Robin Hood: Aye
Maid Marian: Describe her to me, Robin.
Robin Hood: Well... she's....
Tyb: Marian! Come now!
Robin Hood: You're father's waiting.
Maid Marian: I know, I know. Tell me quickly.
Robin Hood: Well, she's tall and stately with bonnie blue eyes and golden hair. And above all she's sweetly tempered.
[Marian kicks Robin in the shin]
Robin Hood: Ooooh. Owe.
Maid Marian: Farewell, old clodhopper!

Maid Marian: [dressed as a page boy being held back by Little John] Let me go, you monster! Let me go!
Robin Hood: Hey, John. Give me that lad.
Maid Marian: [Marian is tossed to Robin] Let me down, you... you white faced...
Robin Hood: Well, you're a pretty lad and sweetly tempered. Like a lady I used to know.
Maid Marian: And I used to know a gentleman called Robin Fitzooth who would scorn to be a common thief.

Maid Marian: So it's goodbye again.
Robin Hood: It will always be goodbye till King Richard returns.
Maid Marian: I fear so. Do you remember the day we said goodbye at Huntington?
Robin Hood: I do.
Maid Marian: And you were wishing to join the crusade and go to the Holy Land.
Robin Hood: Yes.
Maid Marian: It's well for England that you didn't.
Robin Hood: I wonder.
Maid Marian: You're serving your king better here, Robin Fitzooth.
Robin Hood: Thank you, my lady.

Maid Marian: Just what do you think you are doing?
Robin Hood: Getting up.
Maid Marian: You are not. Come now, a sup of barley broth.
Robin Hood: I'm sick to death of barley broth. And once more I've been bullied long enough by you and that turniped faced friar.
Friar Tuck: Hmph!
Maid Marian: Now you drink this!
Robin Hood: You drink it!
Friar Tuck: [sits on Robin Hood so he can't move] Pour it down his throat.

"Robin Hood: We Are Robin Hood (#2.13)" (2007)
Marian: I hope we have forever in heaven because we didn't have enough time on earth.

Marian: All this time I've been fighting for England, do you think I am going to let you kill England?

Robin Hood: I, Robin, take you, Marian, to be my lawful wedded wife, to have and to hold, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer...
Marian: In sickness.
Robin Hood: In sickness or in health, to love and to cherish, til death do us part.
Marian: I, Marion, take you, Robin of Loxley, master of the bow, champion of the poor, and lord of my heart. I promise to love and to cherish you, for better or for worse, from this day forward, as long as we both shall live.
Marian: Much, don't cry.
Carter: He's not crying, he's laughing on the wrong side of his face.
Robin Hood: Carter!

Marian: I would rather die than be with you Guy of Gisborne.
Guy of Gisborne: No...
Marian: I'm going to marry Robin Hood. I love Robin Hood.

The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)
Lady Marian Fitzswalter: Why, you speak treason!
Robin Hood: Fluently.

[last lines]
King Richard: What about you Robin?
Robin Hood: My sword is yours, sire, now and always.
King Richard: Is there nothing England's king can grant the outlaw who showed him his duty to his country?
Robin Hood: Yes, your majesty: a pardon for the men of Sherwood.
King Richard: Granted with all my heart!
[the men cheer]
King Richard: But, uh, is there nothing for yourself?
Robin Hood: [looking at Marian] There's but one thing else, sire.
King Richard: [to Marian] And, uh, do you too wish...?
Lady Marian Fitzswalter: More than anything in the world, sire.
King Richard: Kneel, Robin Hood.
[Robin does so, and King Richard taps his shoulders with his sword]
King Richard: Arise Robin, Baron of Locksley, Earl of Sherwood and Nottingham, and lord of all the lands and manors appertaining thereto. My first command to you, my lord Earl, is to take in marriage the hand of the Lady Marian... What say you to that, Baron of Locksley?
Robin Hood: May I obey all your commands with equal pleasure, sire!

Lady Marian Fitzswalter: Robin!
Robin Hood: Yes?
Lady Marian Fitzswalter: Please.
Robin Hood: Then you do love me, don't you? Don't you?
Lady Marian Fitzswalter: You know I do.
Robin Hood: Well, that's different. (Robin re-enters the window and they share an embrace and kiss.)
Lady Marian Fitzswalter: You know you're very impudent.
Robin Hood: Me?
Lady Marian Fitzswalter: You are. And when my real guardian King Richard finds out about your being in love with me...
Robin Hood: I know, he'll make me court jester.
Lady Marian Fitzswalter: He won't. He'll stick your funny head on London's Gate.
Robin Hood: A very fine decoration it will be, my bold Norman beauty.
Lady Marian Fitzswalter: I'm not bold.
Robin Hood: But you're a Norman... And you are a beauty. You are the most beautiful...
Lady Marian Fitzswalter: And you're leaving here at once. Please darling! Every minute you're here, you're in danger.
Robin Hood: I know...

Lady Marian Fitzswalter: Tell me: when you are in love, is it hard to think of anybody but one person?
Bess: Yes, indeed, m'lady, and sometimes it's a bit of trouble sleeping.
Lady Marian Fitzswalter: I know! But it's a nice kind of not sleeping!
Bess: Yes. And it affects your appetite, too. Not that I've noticed it's done that to you, 'cept when he was in the dungeon waiting to be hanged.
Lady Marian Fitzswalter: And does it make you want to be with him all the time?
Bess: Yes. And when he's with you, your legs are as weak as water. Now, tell me, m'lady: when he looks at you, do you feel a kind of pricky feeling, like goosey pimples running all up and down your spine?
Lady Marian Fitzswalter: [blushes]
Bess: Then there's not a doubt of it!
Lady Marian Fitzswalter: A doubt of what?
Robin Hood: [eavesdropping from the window] That you're in love!

"Maid Marian and Her Merry Men: Keeping Mum (#3.3)" (1993)
Robin: I'm Chief Dentist Robin, and I've got about seven dentisting certificates on my wall, you know? This is Dentist Barrington, Dentist Little Ron...
Rabies: And I'm Rabies, aren't I?
Robin: Of course you are! And you're a dentist too, aren't you?
Rabies: No.
Robin: No. How silly of me. He's the hygienist!
Marian's Mum: What, with those teeth?
Little Ron: No, he uses his hands.
Marian: [breezes in, carrying a large stack of files] Morning, dentists!
Robin: Hey, it's Maid Marian, our dental receptionist!

Marian: ...and this is the Arndale Centre. You have a look round the shops, and I'll go and pay the vegetable man.
Marian's Mum: Nice, isn't it?
Marian: Oh, we've got everything, mum.
[They walk past a line of peasants holding trays]
Marian: Sainsbury's, Mothercare...
Marian's Mum: [Takes a boot out of one of the trays] Boots?
Marian: No! McDonalds.

Marian: How embarrassing to be put to death when you've got your mother staying.

"Robin Hood: The Time of the Wolf: Part 2 (#3.13)" (1986)
Lady Marion: Oh, I should have left with Little John. Gone with him to join Robin and the others at the stream near Grimstone.
Prioress: And what use could you be to them? You're wounded, Marion; you have a fever.
Lady Marion: It isn't a matter of reason, I love him!

Prioress: Try to listen to me, Marion. I know that in this moment, nothing I can say can give you comfort. But I also know that, in time, even the deepest wounds are healed. It's true. You must believe me.
Lady Marion: How can you understand?
Prioress: You think you're the only one who has suffered like this?

Lady Marion: Let me live in your heart, but let me go.
Robert of Huntingdon: You'll always live in my heart. I'll remember how... how it was spring in Sherwood. I took you in my arms...
Lady Marion: Nothing's forgotten.
Robert of Huntingdon: No. Nothing is ever forgotten

"Robin Hood: Who Shot the Sheriff? (#1.3)" (2006)
Joe Lacey: You still love him.
Marian: [quickly] No.
Marian: Who?
Joe Lacey: [smiles; pause] Tell him. Not that you ever see him, but tell him.

Robin Hood: [about Marian being the Night Watchman] Does your father know you're doing this?
Marian: [pause] He... thinks I enjoy embroidery.
[Robin laughs]

Marian: [Robin has just reopened the mill and is surrounded by a joyful crowd] He has to have the glory, doesn't he?
Much: Glory? Nah...
Much: I think he just wants to be loved.
[Marian smiles]

"Robin Hood: Brothers in Arms (#1.7)" (2006)
Marian: You were looking at me.
Robin Hood: That's just the way my eyes were pointing.

[Robin goes in for a kiss, but is stopped playfully by Marian]
Marian: That won't help you make your decision.
Robin Hood: It might!
Marian: It won't.

Guy of Gisborne: You know the worst crime a man can commit?
Marian: Murder.
Guy of Gisborne: Betrayal.

"Maid Marian and Her Merry Men: Bouncy Sheriff (#4.2)" (1994)
Robin: You know what we could do with? An au pair!
Marian: Robin!
Barrington: You can have a bite of this apple if you want.
Robin: No, seriously! A nice little Malaysian girl or something.
Marian: Are you deliberately trying to wind me up?
Robin: I mean, it'd be helping the third world, you know. We wouldn't rip her off. She'd just do the washing and cooking and cleaning and ironing and washing-up and dusting and maybe blow-dry my hair when she's got a minute, and in return you'd give her English lessons. It wouldn't cost us a penny!

'Rotten' Rose Scargill: I'm sales representative for a major house renovation corporation.
Marian: Gosh! For one minute I thought you were one of those creeps who hang around outsiude supermarkets trying to sell second-rate conservatories and draughty double glazing!
'Rotten' Rose Scargill: Well, at least I'm employed. I'm not a housewife like *some* people.
Marian: What do you mean? I'm a freedom fighter, and you know it.
'Rotten' Rose Scargill: A *freedom fighter*. Of course! I'd forgotten. That's why you have to do the shopping, isn't it? So your men have got the freedom to fight.
Marian: Rose!
'Rotten' Rose Scargill: By the way, those are nasty bags you've got under your eyes, love. Why don't you put your shopping in them?

"Robin Hood: Sheriff Got Your Tongue? (#1.2)" (2006)
Marian: You are an utter fool!
Robin Hood: You said that already.
Marian: Oh, you listened? I also told you confronting the Sheriff wouldn't work. You didn't listen to that!
Robin Hood: I did not have much choice.
Marian: Oh, everything's a choice. Everything we do. Grow up.
Robin Hood: I prevented unjust hangings. I protected people from my village
Marian: That will make your death romantic.
Robin Hood: It would make it honorable!
Marian: Honorable? And what about the people you were so honorably protecting? Who will protect them when you're dead? Oh! What is it with men and glory? Glory above sense and above reason?
Robin Hood: It is principle.
Marian: Principle is making a difference and you can't do that if you're dead. You could have stayed here in the first place instead of following your King to the Holy Land if you'd cared so much about your precious people. But you didn't. You chose war. You chose glory.
Robin Hood: What is this about?
Marian: It is about you saying that you care about the people of Locksley when the truth is you ran off to battle thousands of miles away.

Marian: This is what we do: stand by the door, I'll scream, in he comes, you strike him and run. I've paid the man by the east gate. You will not be seen if you leave now before daywatch. Take these.
Robin Hood: I cannot go unseen!
Marian: You cannot go seen!
Robin Hood: I cannot let the sheriff win!
Marian: Have you not heard a single word I've said?
Robin Hood: Trust me! I have a plan... well, half a plan...
[Marian shakes her head at him]
Robin Hood: I love it when you look at me like this.

"Robin Hood: Sisterhood (#2.1)" (2007)
Marian: And that's all I'm taking off until *you* go away.
Robin Hood: [chuckles] You spoilsport, Marian.

Robin Hood: Did you hear it?
Marian: What?
Robin Hood: That kiss spoke volumes.
Marian: Did it? What did it say?
Robin Hood: It said Marian wants to come and join your gang.
Marian: Really? That's not what I heard.

"Maid Marian and Her Merry Men: Driving Ambition (#3.2)" (1993)
Marian: Robin? What's the difference between you and a total jerk?
Robin: Erm... I don't know.
Marian: Neither do I!

Marian: Barrington, would you mind not bursting into song every time I talk to you. This is the Worksop High Road, not Sesame Street.

"The Adventures of Robin Hood: A Husband for Marian (#1.11)" (1955)
Uncle George Fitzwalter: He goes on with instructions to me about the wedding, where to hold it, who to invite - nothing that concerns you.
Maid Marian: Doesn't it? Well, this may surprise you, Uncle, but everything about my wedding concerns me!

Maid Marian: Uncle, why can't I choose my own husband?
Uncle George Fitzwalter: What an ungrateful thing to say... and un-Christian and un-English and I'm ashamed of you.

"Robin Hood: Dead Man Walking (#1.11)" (2006)
Guy of Gisborne: Marian, um, for some time now...
Marian: I thought I would rest before dinner.
Guy of Gisborne: Hear me out, please.
[Marian smiles at the disguised Robin Hood]
Guy of Gisborne: Is there something the matter?
Marian: No, I'm a little out of sorts, that is all.
Guy of Gisborne: Since we came to our understanding, you have been constantly in my thoughts. Without you, I no longer feel quite whole.
Marian: Please, Sir Guy, I would rather not talk about this now.
Guy of Gisborne: Don't send me away.
[She takes his offered hand, and he pulls her up]
Guy of Gisborne: We should be spending more time together, so that we can understand each other better. I want to know you.
Marian: I'm sorry, I cannot.
Guy of Gisborne: Marion.
[He puts an arm around her back]
Guy of Gisborne: Be with me.
Marian: [Pushing him away and going back to her desk] Please, Guy, not now.
Guy of Gisborne: Perhaps you'll at least think over what I've said.
[He leaves]
Guy of Gisborne: [as soon as he's gone, Marian gets up and runs to the door, thinking that Robin is in the hallway. When she looks, he isn't. Disappointed, she closes the door and begins walking back to the desk]
Robin Hood: [Coming out from behind a tapestry] Please don't send *me* away.
[Marian smiles and turns around]
Robin Hood: We *should* be spending more time together.

Marian: [to Guy and the Sheriff] It is not punishment, it is *barbaric*!

"Maid Marian and Her Merry Men: Maid Marian and Much the Mini-Mart Manager's Son (#4.0)" (1993)
'Rotten' Rose Scargill: Well, that's just about cleaned everybody out. Quite a nice day's work, I think. I get Guy's purse, and Much buys a job lot of second-hand weapons from the Albanian Ministry of Defence and makes five hundred gold pieces from the King...
Marian: What?
'Rotten' Rose Scargill: ...nine gold pieces, sixty-three hubcaps and a Boots token from the Merry Men, and two pounds of carrots and a marrow from the people of Worksop.
Marian: The dirty, double-crossing, slimy...
'Rotten' Rose Scargill: Yep! And we get a fortnight's holiday for two at a rather posh holiday camp near Pwllheli, don't we Much?
Gladys: He's gone, Rose.
'Rotten' Rose Scargill: What do you mean?
Gladys: He says to say thank you for Guy's purse, and he'll see you around sometime.
'Rotten' Rose Scargill: What? Much! You promised! You said you loved me more than...
[it sinks in]
'Rotten' Rose Scargill: Oh knickers! We'll never get him now!

Barrington: [to Marian] You do know we want you to go on being our leader, don't you?
Rabies: Yeah! Robin wanted me to be a bouncer, but I can't bounce.
Little Ron: Anyway, your gang's more fun, with all the killing and maiming and stuff!
Robin: Hang on! She made us look stupid, and I hate looking stupid. And you lost us all our money!
'Rotten' Rose Scargill: And she snogged that double-crossing Much in public!
Marian: At least I didn't snog him in private like *some* people. Anyway, it wasn't a proper snog. I was thinking of something else.
Robin: Oh, I always do that when I'm snogging.

"Robin Hood: Peace? Off! (#1.10)" (2006)
Marian: [Being led outside by Gisborne blindfolded] I do not like surprises.
Guy of Gisborne: Well, you'll like this one.
[He removes her blindfold]
Marian: [Gasps at the sight of the horse] Oh, he's beautiful!

Marian: [to Robin] You've been eating too many mushrooms in that forest.

"Robin Hood: The Witch of Elsdon (#1.2)" (1984)
Robin Hood: Why are you behaving like this? This is ridiculous!
Marion: Oh, I'm ridiculous now, am I?
Robin Hood: Now, I didn't say that.
Marion: What am I to you, Robin?
Robin Hood: Everything.
Marion: Everything. You're right: wife, cook, and nurse.

Marion: We're outlaws, all of us. Bound together by the powers of light and darkness.

"Maid Marian and Her Merry Men: Rotten Rose: Part 1 (#2.5)" (1990)
Guy of Gisborne: [telling about his Christmas presents] And my own personal Walkman!
Marian: [pretending to be interested] Really!
Guy of Gisborne: Well, he runs if you shout at him. And- I have a yo-yo!
Marian: Have you?
Guy of Gisborne: Yo! Ha, ha, ha! Do you get it? I said I've got a yo-yo, you said, "Have you?" and I said, "Yo"!
Marian: [fake laugh] Yes! Hysterical! Shall we find somewhere to sit down?

Marian: [Marian and Nettle watch from a distance as the hysterical young women of Worksop flock around Robin] Young girls! It's pathetic, isn't it?
Cowpat: [to Robin] Would you mind signing my arm, please? I've never met a real star before!
Robin: Oh well, I suppose so, okay, yeah!
Cowpat: Oh, I'll never wash again!
'Rotten' Rose Scargill: You never wash anyway.
Robin: Who shall I put it to?
Cowpat: Cowpat, please!
Robin: Cowpat. It's a pretty name. "To Cowpat, with love and best wishes from-"
'Rotten' Rose Scargill: Can I touch your hair, please?
Robin: Well...
'Rotten' Rose Scargill: Can I, can I, can I?
Marian: Look at him! His head's so swollen it'll split in two in a minute, and his brains'll drop out.
Robin: [Calls over] Hey! Marian! Apparently Smash Hits readers have voted me the outlaw they'd most like to snog!

"Robin Hood: Robin Hood and the Sorcerer (#1.1)" (1984)
Marion: Where will you go?
Robin Hood: Sherwood.
Marion: They'll hunt you.
Robin Hood: Yes, but they won't catch me.
Marion: How can you be so sure?
Robin Hood: Because I know the forest, and they don't.
Marion: Even at night?
Robin Hood: Yes, even at night.
Robin Hood: You're like a May morning.

Robin Hood: Stay here in Sherwood.
Marion: In Sherwood? And be your May queen? But what will I be when winter comes?

"Robin Hood: Parent Hood (#1.4)" (2006)
Marian: [Robin is sending food over walls attached to arrows] That is a waste of arrows!
Robin Hood: No!
Marian: You could simply throw the food.
Robin Hood: We could. But where would be the fun in that?

Marian: [as she's sewing up a wound on Robin's arm] Your "charms," such as they are, ceased working on *me* at *least* five years ago.
Robin Hood: [smiling] A challenge?
Marian: A statement.
[she purposely tugs on the the thread a bit too hard]
Robin Hood: OW!
Marian: [not caring, flat-toned] That hurt?
Robin Hood: YES!
Marian: Good.

"Maid Marian and Her Merry Men: The Great Mud Harvest (#3.6)" (1993)
Marian: Robin, the whole of Sherwood's starving! Thousands of peasants are skinnier than anorexic stick insects, and all you can think about is the fact that you haven't had your elevenses! How does that make you feel?
Robin: Well, my tummy's a bit rumbly...

"Maid Marian and Her Merry Men: Rotten Rose: Part 2 (#2.6)" (1990)
Marian: One day we'll win. One day England will be free. School dinners won't make us throw up. Swimming pools won't stink of chlorine, and girls will be able to play football at school. And who do you think will get all these things done, Robin?
Robin: Er, the Football Association?
Marian: Us, Robin! And people like us. In people's hearts there'll always be a Robin Hood. There'll always be a Barrington, Little Ron and a Rabies!
Robin: I suppose so. And, you forgot something.
Marian: What?
Robin: There'll always be a Maid Marian!
Marian: Thank you, Robin.
Robin: [aside] Mind you, no-one will remember her, will they?

"Robin Hood: Ducking and Diving (#2.5)" (2007)
Robin Hood, Marian: Everything's a choice. Everything we do.

The Adventures of Robin Hood (1985) (TV)
Maid Marion: Please! Please do something before I faint!
Robin Hood: This is no time to remember you're a lady.

"Maid Marian and Her Merry Men: The Big Baby (#3.1)" (1993)
Marian: Anyone fancy a finger?

"Robin Hood: A Clue: No (#1.13)" (2006)
Robin Hood: Do you take this man and this horse, as your route out of here?
Marian: I do!

"Robin Hood: A Thing or Two About Loyalty (#1.9)" (2006)
Guy of Gisborne: Where is your betrothal ring?
Marian: I felt dishonest wearing it. I'm afraid we have misunderstood each other lately. I assumed you would be true to your word. You perhaps thought I would not mind if you let me down.
Guy of Gisborne: I sincerely did not intend that.
Marian: I don't care. I thought you were a better man. Now I realise I must content myself with disappointment.
Guy of Gisborne: I had to make a choice. You know that I am all that stands between you and the Sheriff, and I would not see you harmed. I have to protect you. Will you wear the ring again?
[long pause]
Marian: Of course. But we will never find ourselves in this situation again. Everything is back in its box.

"Robin Hood: The Pretender (#3.10)" (1986)
Lady Marion: But if he wasn't Arthur of Brittany, who was he?
Robert of Huntingdon: Just a pretender.

"Maid Marian and Her Merry Men: Voyage to the Bottom of the Forest (#4.7)" (1994)
Rabies: Strewth, I don't reckon much to this parallel universe! Everyone's behaviour has altered so fundamentally, they're no longer able to function in an appropriate fashion.
Marian: Oh Rabies, you're much too brainy for an empty-headed chatterbox like me!

"Robin Hood: A Good Day to Die (#2.12)" (2007)
Marian: Look, if you go along with treason, you're committing treason.
Allan A Dale: Rubbish! If you go along with farting, dunnit mean you committed farting, does it?

"Maid Marian and Her Merry Men: Little Brown Noses (#2.3)" (1990)
Little Ron: Well, don't just stand there, let's do something!
Marian: I see. And how do we get into the castle?
Barrington: Easy! We divert a stream so that it runs along by the castle walls, right, and gradually it'll wear them away.

"Robin Hood: Booby and the Beast (#2.2)" (2007)
Robin Hood: *Scoffs* "England needs me."
Marian: Yes! England needs me. England needs us.
Robin Hood: ...and I need you.

"Robin Hood: Herne's Son: Part 2 (#3.2)" (1986)
Marion: Do you think they'll accept you?
Robert of Huntingdon: Would you?

"Robin Hood: The Power of Albion (#3.3)" (1986)
Marion: It's just a name. Robin or Robert, what does it matter?
Robert of Huntingdon: It matters to you.

The Zany Adventures of Robin Hood (1984) (TV)
Lady Marian: Please, not in front of the peasants.

"Robin Hood: The Betrayal (#3.8)" (1986)
Robert of Huntingdon: I like your dress. It goes with your eyes.
Lady Marion: That's what the King said.
Robert of Huntingdon: [snorting] Did he?
Lady Marion: Are you jealous?
Robert of Huntingdon: Jealous? No...
[long pause]
Robert of Huntingdon: Yes!

"When Things Were Rotten: Those Wedding Bell Blues (#1.4)" (1975)
[first lines]
Robin Hood: Marian... Marian will you be reasonable?
Maid Marian: I don't want to be reasonable. I want to be married!

"Maid Marian and Her Merry Men: A Game Called John (#1.3)" (1989)
Marian: I know how to make pancakes. I'd have got my pancake proficiency badge if my Brownie pack hadn't been closed down for armed robbery.

"Robin Hood: The Time of the Wolf: Part 1 (#3.12)" (1986)
Lady Marion: What will happen to us?
Robert of Huntingdon: Who knows? We may even live to see old age.
Lady Marion: Or die tomorrow.
Robert of Huntingdon: Yes. Or die tomorrow.
Lady Marion: I've never been afraid of death. Only of losing you. Promise me we'll never be parted.
Robert of Huntingdon: I promise.

"Robin Hood: Seven Poor Knights from Acre (#1.3)" (1984)
Little John: Who are they?
Lady Marion: Templars.
Friar Tuck: Poor Knights of the Temple of Solomon.
Will Scarlet: Poor? I'd hate to see the good ones.

"Robin Hood: Tattoo? What Tattoo? (#1.8)" (2006)
Marian: You leave me little choice.
Guy of Gisborne: I thought you'd already made your choice.

"Robin Hood: Something Worth Fighting For: Part 2 (#3.13)" (2009)
Robin Hood: Marian.
Marian: I have waited for you.
Robin Hood: I knew I would find you again.
Marian: It's time. The greatest adventure is yet to come.
Robin Hood: My wife.
Marian: Now and forever, my love.