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Robert Angier (Character)
from The Prestige (2006)

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The Prestige (2006)
Robert Angier: I never thought I'd find an answer at the bottom of a pint glass.
Cutter: Hasn't stopped you looking, has it?

Alfred Borden: You went half way around the world, you spent a fortune, you did terrible things - really terrible things, Robert, and all for nothing.
Robert Angier: For nothing?
Alfred Borden: Yeah
Robert Angier: You never understood why we did this. The audience knows the truth: the world is simple. It's miserable, solid all the way through. But if you could fool them, even for a second, then you can make them wonder, and then you... then you got to see something really special. You really don't know? It was... it was the look on their faces...

Robert Angier: [to Borden] You always were the better magician. We both know that. Whatever your secret was, you have to agree, mine is better.

Julia McCullough: I thought up a name for you: The Great Danton. Do you like it? It's sophisticated.
Robert Angier: [scoffs] It's French.

Robert Angier: Many of you may be familiar with this technique, but for those of you who aren't, do not be alarmed. What you're about to see is considered safe.

Alfred Borden: [realizes Fallon's buried after trading him back] Alive?
Robert Angier: How fast can you dig?

Robert Angier: I haven't had a chance yet to compliment you on your beautiful theatre.
Merrit: It'll be a lot more beautiful when it's full, Mr Angier.

Robert Angier: So what's going to be the climax of our show?
Merrit: Show? You don't have a show.

Cutter: You settled on a name yet?
Robert Angier: Yes, I have. The Great Danton.
Cutter: Bit old-fashioned isn't it?
Robert Angier: No. It's sophisticated.

Olivia Wenscombe: I *have* fallen in love with him, Robert.
Robert Angier: Then I know how hard this has been for you.

Hotel Manager: I thought they might work for the government.
Robert Angier: No?
Hotel Manager: Worse. They work for Thomas Edison.

Robert Angier: But here, at the turn, I must leave you Borden. Yes, you, Borden, sitting there in your cell, awaiting your death. For my murder.

[after finding Gerald Root, Angier's new double]
Cutter: He's perfect. He needs some work, but when I get through with him, he could be your brother.
Robert Angier: I don't need him to be my brother, I need him to be *me*!

Olivia Wenscombe: He says that it's even between you.
Robert Angier: Even? My wife for a few of his fingers?

Nikola Tesla: Mr. Angier, have you considered the cost of such a machine?
Robert Angier: Price is not an object.
Nikola Tesla: Perhaps not, but have you considered the *cost*?
Robert Angier: I'm not sure I follow.
Nikola Tesla: Go home. Forget this thing. I can recognize an obsession, no good will come of it.
Robert Angier: Why, haven't good come of your obsessions?
Nikola Tesla: Well, at first. But I followed them too long. I'm their slave... and one day they'll choose to destroy me.
Robert Angier: If you understand an obsession, then you know you won't change my mind.

Robert Angier: He lives his act.

Robert Angier: What knot did you tie?
Alfred Borden: I don't know.
Robert Angier: You don't know?
[Alfred walks off]
Robert Angier: You don't *know*?

Robert Angier: [has Alfred at gunpoint] What knot did you tie?
Alfred Borden: I don't know.
Robert Angier: [shoots him]

Robert Angier: The man stole my life. I steal his trick.

Robert Angier: He's a dreadful magician.
Cutter: No, he's a wonderful magician. He's a dreadful showman.

Robert Angier: No one cares about the man in the box, the man who disappears.

Robert Angier: Man's reach exceeds his imagination!

Robert Angier: Where are the wires?
Alley: Exactly.

Robert Angier: Which hat is mine?
Nikola Tesla: They are all your hat, Mr. Angier.

Robert Angier: I thought you said I'd have to get my hands dirty.
Cutter: Maybe someday you will; I just needed to know that you could.

Robert Angier: It was the greatest magic trick I've ever seen.

Robert Angier: Would I be the man in the box or the prestige?

Cutter: Take a minute to consider your achievement. I once told you about a sailor who drowned.
Robert Angier: Yes, he said it was like going home.
Cutter: I lied. He said it was agony.

Alfred Borden: He's progressive, he's predictable, he's boring. I mean, Milton's got success, whatever that means, and now he's scared, he won't take any risks at all. I mean, he's squandering the goodwill of the audience with these tired, second-rate tricks...
Robert Angier: They're all favorites, please...
Alfred Borden: Favorites? Come on, give me something fresh, he wont even try a bloody bullet catch!
Cutter: A bullet catch is suicide, all it takes is some smart-ass volunteer to put a button in the barrel...
Alfred Borden: Fine, use a plant!
Robert Angier: You can't use plants for every trick!
Julia McCullough: There'll be no seats left for the punters!
Alfred Borden: Fine, no bullet catch, whatever, but the point is... a real magician tries to invent something new, that other magicians are gonna scratch their heads over, you know?
Cutter: Right, then you sell it to him for a small fortune?
Alfred Borden: All right...
Cutter: I suppose you have such a trick?
Alfred Borden: Actually, I do.

Cutter: I saw you, drop the knot again...?
Julia McCullough: I think I turned my wrist...
Cutter: Some nights you just don't get it, do you? I mean, if that knot slips and Julia's on the hoist, she'll break her leg!
Alfred Borden: It's a wrong knot.
[pause, Cutter stares at him]
Alfred Borden: Like I said, the Langfeld Double will hold tighter!
Cutter: The Langfeld Double isn't a wet knot! It's too dangerous - if the rope swells up, she won't be able to slip it!
Julia McCullough: I can slip a Langfeld underwater.
Alfred Borden: [looks at Julia] She can slip it, we can practice...
Robert Angier: Hey, Borden, he said no!
Alfred Borden: [scoffs] Oh well, you know knots better than me, do you?
Cutter: Listen! No more mistakes!

Robert Angier: My passion is equal to the task.

Olivia Wenscombe: It won't bring your wife back.
Robert Angier: I don't care about my wife. I care about his secret.

Robert Angier: [about Borden] Where is he from?
Cutter: Where are *you* from?

Olivia Wenscombe: Why would he trust me?
Robert Angier: Because you're going to tell him the truth.

[Discussing Borden's show]
Robert Angier: He had a new trick today.
Olivia Wenscombe: Was it good?
Robert Angier: It was the most amazing magic trick I've ever seen.

[Discussing Borden's trick]
Robert Angier: How does he do it?
Cutter: He uses a double.
Robert Angier: No, no, no, no. It's too simple. This is a complex illusion.
Cutter: You only say that because you don't know the method. It's a double that comes out of the other end, I promise you.
Robert Angier: I've seen the show three times now, Mr. Cutter, and the prestige is the same man coming out of the second box.
Cutter: No, it's not.
Olivia Wenscombe: It's the same man. He wears gloves to hide his fingers, but if you look closely you can tell.

[Angier gives a speech to the audience about The Real Transported Man magic trick]
Robert Angier: In my travels, I have seen the future... And it is a strange future indeed. The world, ladies and gentleman, is on the brink of new, terrifying possibilities.
[Angier taps the stage floor and the curtain rises behind him]
Robert Angier: What you are about to witness is not magic. It is purely science. I would like to invite you to come up on stage now so that you can examine the machine for yourselves.
[audience members go up on stage and examine the machine, finally, Angier calmly takes off his jacket, makes his way into the machine alone, in a matter of seconds he vanishes as the audience members murmur amongst each other]
Robert Angier: [on the top balcony Angier appears in the spotlight with his arms up] Man's reach exceeds his imagination!
[the audience continuously roars and applauds his magic trick]

[Borden shoots Angier in the waist, picking up the red rubber ball, when the two reveal their prestige to one another]
Robert Angier: A brother... a twin. You were Fallon... the whole time?
Alfred Borden: No. We were both Fallon. And we were both Borden.
Robert Angier: [panting] Were you - were you the one who went into the box or the one who came back out?
Alfred Borden: We took turns. The trick is where we would swap.
[we see the flashback of both twins performing The Transported Man]
Robert Angier: [breathing heavily] Cutter knew. Cutter knew. But I told him it was too simple, too easy.
Alfred Borden: No... simple, maybe, but not easy. There's nothing easy about two men sharing one life.
[we see the flashback showing one of the twins cutting the other twins' fingers off]
Robert Angier: Wh-What about Olivia? And your wife?
Alfred Borden: We each loved one of them.
[we see the flashback of both lovers]
Alfred Borden: I loved Sarah. He loved Olivia. We each had half a full life, really, which was enough for us. Just... but not for them. You see, sacrifice, Robert - that's the price of a good trick. But you wouldn't know anything about that, would you?
Robert Angier: [labored breathing] I've - I've made sacrifices.
Robert Angier: Yes.
Alfred Borden: It takes nothing to steal another man's work.
Robert Angier: It takes everything.
[we see the flashback of Angier killing the clone of himself while doing The Real Transported Man trick]
Robert Angier: It took courage... it took courage to climb into that machine every night... not knowing... if I'd be the man in the box... or the prestige. Do you want - want to see. What it cost me? Y-you didn't see where you are, did you? Look. Look
Alfred Borden: Look here... you went halfway around the world. You spent a fortune. You did terrible things... really terrible things, Robert. And all for nothing.
Robert Angier: For nothing?
Alfred Borden: Yeah.
Robert Angier: You never understood... why we did this? The audience knows the truth - the world is simple... and miserable... solid all the way through. But if you could fool them, even for a second, then you can make them wonder. And then you... then you got to see something very special. You really don't know? It was... it was the look on their faces.
[Angier wheezes and exhales, collapsing dead, and Borden walks out of the theatre alone]