Olivia Wenscombe
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Olivia Wenscombe (Character)
from The Prestige (2006)

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The Prestige (2006)
Olivia Wenscombe: The Great Danton is a blind fool!

Olivia Wenscombe: I *have* fallen in love with him, Robert.
Robert Angier: Then I know how hard this has been for you.

Olivia Wenscombe: You married her. You had a child with her.
Alfred Borden: Yes. Part of me did. But the other part... the other part didn't. The part that found you, the part that's sitting here right now.
Olivia Wenscombe: You could be in some other cafe saying the same thing about me right now. It's inhuman to be so cold.

Olivia Wenscombe: He says that it's even between you.
Robert Angier: Even? My wife for a few of his fingers?

Olivia Wenscombe: It won't bring your wife back.
Robert Angier: I don't care about my wife. I care about his secret.

[Olivia visits Alfred Borden in his workshop. Bernard Fallon is there too]
Olivia Wenscombe: I'm here to give your show what's still missing.
Alfred Borden: Yeah? What might that be?
Olivia Wenscombe: Me.
[Borden laughs]
Alfred Borden: I was just saying that; weren't I, Bernard? Woman's touch.

Olivia Wenscombe: [referring to Angier] He wants me to come work for you and steal your secrets.
Alfred Borden: What does he need my secrets for? His trick is top-notch. He vanishes, and then he reappears instantly on the other side of the stage - mute, overweight, and unless I'm mistaken, very drunk. It's astonishing, how does he do it?

Olivia Wenscombe: Why would he trust me?
Robert Angier: Because you're going to tell him the truth.

[Discussing Borden's show]
Robert Angier: He had a new trick today.
Olivia Wenscombe: Was it good?
Robert Angier: It was the most amazing magic trick I've ever seen.

[Discussing Borden's trick]
Robert Angier: How does he do it?
Cutter: He uses a double.
Robert Angier: No, no, no, no. It's too simple. This is a complex illusion.
Cutter: You only say that because you don't know the method. It's a double that comes out of the other end, I promise you.
Robert Angier: I've seen the show three times now, Mr. Cutter, and the prestige is the same man coming out of the second box.
Cutter: No, it's not.
Olivia Wenscombe: It's the same man. He wears gloves to hide his fingers, but if you look closely you can tell.