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Quotes for
Bosko (Character)
from Heat (1995)

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Heat (1995)
Bosko: I figure this guy went for that hold out piece, ankle holster right from here. Bang, bang, bang-bang-bang.

Vincent Hanna: [Examing the armored car robbery's crime scene] Find the ambulance?
Detective Casals: They dumped it four blocks from here they torched it guns, clothes everything.
Bosko: [Referring to news reporters] They were airborne they taped the last few seconds of the black and whites to a demolition derby
[Vincent points to the tow truck]
Bosko: It was stolen out of Fresno two weeks ago a yellow pick up truck out of Witter the day before yesterday we got three motorists all they saw was men with masks, console TV man he was closer.
Vincent Hanna: did he ID anybody?
Bosko: he was hiding he heard most of it.
Vincent Hanna: [Looking at the dead armor car guards] What about them?
Bosko: According to TV man this guy started mouthing off some body called the guard "slick", this guy here has got what it appears to be a double tapped entry wound to the sternum entry wounds to the head means close range probably executed and it was a million six in bearer bonds ignored the loose cash.
Vincent Hanna: Because they had no time because they were on the clock which means they knew our response time to a two eleven had our hair mobilized it enter escape in under three minutes its a good spot here they got good escape routes two freeways within a quarter of a mile.
Detective Casals: traffic video camera?
Vincent Hanna: Probably disabled check it anyway
[Referring to the explosives used on the armor car door]
Vincent Hanna: The shape charge indicates they are technically proficient, proficient enough to go in on the prowl
[to Drucker]
Vincent Hanna: Lets start looking at recent highline burglaries that are mystified
[to Casals]
Vincent Hanna: Run "slick as" an alias through the FBI even the phone book do it anyway
[to Drucker]
Vincent Hanna: Who's moving the bearer bonds? Check the usual fences you and I will check Cusamano and Torina.
[to Schwartz]
Vincent Hanna: I want you to take Goldstein and Al Farrell.
[to Bosko]
Vincent Hanna: Hang in forensics from the bomb squad I want the explosive if we're lucky its exotic and we can trace the sale