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Quotes for
Donald Breedan (Character)
from Heat (1995)

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Heat (1995)
Donald Breedan: Haven't got my break yet, man.
Solenko, Restaurant Manager: Cisco and Pancho didn't show. Haul out the garbage, mop up the back, take your break later.
Donald Breedan: [mutters under his breath] Piece of shit.
Donald Breedan: Pick up!

Lillian Breedan: I met the manager. Is that the boss?
Donald Breedan: I did time for what that motherfucker does every day!
Lillian Breedan: Baby - can you just handle it till we find you something new? Can you do that?
Donald Breedan: Ain't a hard time been invented that I cannot handle... What you hangin' with me for, Lily?
Lillian Breedan: Because I'm proud of you.
Donald Breedan: [snickers] You're proud of me? What the hell're you proud of me for?
Lillian Breedan: Come on home.

Breedan: Ain't a hard time been invented that I cannot handle.

[Neil asks Donald to fill in for Trejo]
Donald Breedan: Yeah man. Fuck it. You on.

Neil McCauley: I'm looking for a driver that can handle scanners and a radio right now today, you remember the drill?
Donald Breedan: Yeah man sure
Neil McCauley: You cool?
Donald Breedan: You know I'm cool
Neil McCauley: One answer right now, yes or no?
Donald Breedan: Yeah fuck it, you're on
Neil McCauley: Out back in five

Donald Breedan: My parole officer told me to come by here because he had a job for me
Solenko, Restaurant Manager: I was told your familiar with this type of operation
Donald Breedan: Yeah I'm a great grill man
Solenko, Restaurant Manager: Good, good for you, you'll mop out the toilets empty the dish washers bust tables and empty the garbage too, if you give me a hard time I'll report you loaded, drunk, stealing and violate you back so fast your head will spin, twenty five percent of your tips kicks back to me rules of the game, you change in the back