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Quotes for
Nate (Character)
from Heat (1995)

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Heat (1995)
Nate: What happened out there?
Neil McCauley: Don't ask...

Nate: So, so long, brother. You take it easy. You're home free.

Nate: [to Neil looking at personnel files of Vincent] Vice sergeant, graduate school, marine corps, lieutenant in robbery homicide, major crimes unit. He's taken down some heavy crews. He's a fucking maniac! He was working narcotics before that, and has been three marriages times, what'd you think that means? He like staying at home? Be it as it may, he's one of these guys out there prowling around all night, dedicated.

Nate: [Over the phone] Are you on a cellular or a hard line?
Neil McCauley: Cellular, It's a new one
Nate: Your guy lives in Hillside Terrace in Encino, 10725
Neil McCauley: 10725
Neil McCauley: What about Chris?
Nate: He's at my place
Neil McCauley: Next, Waingro
Nate: You got the time?
Neil McCauley: I'll make time, I'll need a new "out" laid out

Nate: [Hands Neil an envelope with new ID's] the plane is at the charter terminal, LAX hanger seventeen
Neil McCauley: Where's Chris?
Nate: His gone, his going on back for Charlene
Neil McCauley: Did you bring him here?
Nate: Yeah I did
Neil McCauley: What happened?
Nate: He just took off, it's a free country brother.