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Lawrence Dobson (Character)
from "Firefly" (2002)

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"Firefly: Serenity (#1.11)" (2002)
Simon: So, does it happen a lot? Government commandeering your ship, telling you where to go?
Mal: That's what governments are for - get in a man's way.
Lawrence Dobson: Well, it's good, if the supplies are needed.
Jayne: We're just happy to be doin' good works.

Lawrence Dobson: [holding him at gunpoint] Drop that firearm, Captain Reynolds.
Mal: [tosses the gun and holds his arms up chuckles] This is not my best day ever.
Lawrence Dobson: Simon Tam, you are ordered by law to stand down.
[Simon raises his hands in defeat]
Mal: What? The doctor. Oh. Hey, is there- is there a reward?

Lawrence Dobson: You have any idea how much trouble you're in?
Jayne: Gee, I never been in trouble with the Law before.
Lawrence Dobson: No, not like this you haven't. You think this is just a smuggling rap? The package that boy is carrying...
Jayne: It's a girl. She's cute, too. Except I don't think she's all there, you know? 'Course, not all of her has to be.
Lawrence Dobson: That girl is a precious commodity. They'll come after her. Long after you bury me they'll be coming.
Jayne: Oh,
Jayne: I'm not gonna
[slaps Dobson's thigh with the knife]
Jayne: kill you, Dobson. What's your first name?
Lawrence Dobson: [unsettled; sighs] Lawrence.
Jayne: Lawrence... Ah. I'm just gonna cut on ya till you tell me how much they know.
Lawrence Dobson: [rapid fire] They know everything. Every name, every record - they know how many... nose hairs you've got.
Jayne: [studies his face for a second] Aw, see?
[gets up; disappointed]
Jayne: They don't know a damn thing. It's all over your face. I ain't even... I was gonna get me a ear, too. Aren't you an officer of the law? Well don't they teach you how to withstand interrogation? Can't even tell a damn lie.
Lawrence Dobson: Okay. I can see you're not an idiot.
Jayne: Wish I could say the same, Lawrence, but this is disappointing as hell.
Lawrence Dobson: Let me speak a language you will understand - money. This girl is worth a lot of money. I mean a lot. You kill me, there's nothing. But you help me out... you'll have enough to buy your own ship. A better one than this piece of crap.
Jayne: [quietly] Does helping you out mean turning on the Captain?
Lawrence Dobson: Yes, it does.