Shepherd Derrial Book
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Shepherd Derrial Book (Character)
from "Firefly" (2002)

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"Firefly: Serenity (#1.11)" (2002)
Inara: So, would you like to lecture me on the wickedness of my ways?
Book: I brought you some supper. But, if you'd *prefer* a lecture, I've a few very catchy ones prepped. Sin and hellfire. One has lepers.
Inara: [half smiles] I think I'll pass.
[accepting his tray]
Inara: But thank you for this.

Book: Captain, do you mind if I say grace?
Mal: Only if you say it out loud.

Kaylee: You're gonna come with us.
Book: Excuse me?
Kaylee: You like ships. You don't seem to be lookin' at the destinations. What you care about is the ships, and mine's the nicest.
Book: She don't look like much.
Kaylee: Oh, she'll fool ya.

Kaylee: How come you don't care where you're going?
Book: 'Cause how you get there is the worthier part.

Book: I'm called Book.
[shakes Kaylee's hand]
Book: Been out of the world for a spell... like to walk it a while. Maybe bring the word to them as need it told.
Kaylee: Well, I'm Kaylee. And this here's Serenity; and she's the smoothest rid from here to Boros for anyone can pay. Can you - pay, or...
Book: Well, I have a little cash. And uh...
[pulls out & opens a box filled with, what we find out is, strawberries]
Kaylee: Ooh, *grandpa*.
Book: [sighs] I never married.

Book: The boy's not going anywhere, lawman. As I understand it, it's pretty cold outside.

Book: I've been out of the abbey two days. I've beaten a lawman senseless. Fallen in with criminals. I watched the captain shoot the man I swore to protect. And I'm not even sure if I think he was wrong.
Inara: [softly] Shepherd...
Book: I believe I just... I think I'm on the wrong ship.
Inara: Maybe. Or maybe you're exactly where you ought to be.

Inara: [talking about Captain Mal Reynolds] Why are you so fascinated by him?
Book: Because he's something of a mystery. Why are you?
Inara: [pauses] Because so few men are.

Book: [the crew and passengers eat dinner in the galley] Captain, do you mind if I say grace?
Mal: Only if you say it out loud.

Serenity (2005)
Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: Ah, hell, Shepherd, I ain't looking for help from on high. That's a long wait for a train don't come.
Shepherd Book: Why when I talk about belief, why do you always assume I'm talking about God?

Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: It should have been me that got hit.
Shepherd Book: The thought... had crossed my mind.

Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: I look to be bored by many more sermons before you slip. Just don't move.
Shepherd Book: Can't order me around, boy. I'm not one of your crew.
Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: Yes, you are.

Shepherd Book: I don't care what you believe in, just believe in it.

Shepherd Book: When I talk about belief, why do you always assume I'm talking about God?

Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: It's of interest to me how much you seem to know about that world.
Shepherd Book: I wasn't born a shepherd, Mal.
Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: You have to tell me about that sometime.
Shepherd Book: [pause] No, I don't.

Shepherd Book: [dying] I killed the ship that killed us. Not very Christian.
Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: You did what was right.
Shepherd Book: Coming from you that means - almost nothing.

Shepherd Book: It's not your way, Mal.
Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: I have a way? Is that better than a plan?

"Firefly: War Stories (#1.9)" (2002)
Book: A government is a body of people, usually, notably ungoverned.

Book: Oh, my.
Kaylee: Oh, gosh, I - I-I knew she took female clients, I just... They look so glamourous together.
Jayne: [beat] I'll be in my bunk.

Zoë: Preacher, don't the Bible have some pretty specific things to say about killin'?
Book: Quite specific. It is, however, somewhat fuzzier on the subject of kneecaps.

Simon: I never - never shot anyone before.
Book: I was there, son. I'm fair sure you haven't shot anyone yet.

Book: I'd forgotten, you're moonlighting as a criminal mastermind now. Got your next heist planned?
Simon: No... but I'm thinking about growing a big black mustache. I'm a traditionalist.

Book: Did you ever read the works of Shan Yu?
Simon: Shan Yu the psychotic dictator?
Book: Yep. Fancied himself quite the warrior poet. Wrote volumes on war, torture, the limits of human endurance.
Simon: That's nice.

"Firefly: Bushwhacked (#1.2)" (2002)
Book: Shouldn't we report this?
Mal: To who? Alliance? Right. They're gonna run right out here lickety-split, make sure these taxpayers are okay.

Book: How we treat our dead is part of what makes us different...than those did the slaughtering.

Book: Whatever horror he witnessed, whatever acts of barberism it was done by men, nothing more.
Jayne: Reaver's ain't men.
Book: Of course they are. Too long removed from civilization perhaps, but men. And, I believe there's a power greater than men. A power that heals.
Mal: Reavers might take issue with that philosophy...if they *had* a philosophy...and they weren't too busy gnawing on your insides. Jayne's right. Reavers ain't men. Or they forgot how to be. Come to just nothin'. They got out to the edge of the galaxy, to that place of nothin', and that's what they became.

Jayne: If there's folks on board in need of help, why ain't they beaming no distress call?
Zoë Washburne: It's true, there's no beacon.
Mal: Which means it's likely no one's looking to find her.
Book: All the more reason for us to do the right thing.
Jayne: How about you just say a prayer when we slide on by.

Commander Harken: [During Book's interrogation] Pirates. Pirates with their own chaplain. There's an oddity.
Book: Not the only oddity this end of space, Commander. Way of things not always so plain as on the central planets. Rules can be a mite fuzzier.

Jayne: How about you just say a prayer when we slide on by?
Book: Shall I remind you of the story of the Good Samaritan?
Mal: I'd rather you didn't, but we'll check it out - see if there are survivors. If not, then, well no one's going to mind if we take a look around, see if there's not something of value they might have left behind.
Jayne: Yeah, no, uh, someone could be hurt.

"Firefly: The Train Job (#1.1)" (2002)
Mal: Well, what about you, Shepherd? How come you're flying about with us brigands? I mean, shouldn't you be off bringing religiosity to the fuzzy-wuzzies or some such?
Book: Oh, I got heathens aplenty right here.
Mal: If I'm your mission, Shepherd, best give it up. You're welcome on my boat. God ain't.

Book: How's the girl?
Mal: Still a little whimsical in the brainpan. Seems calm enough though.
Mal: [River knocks over a tray of medical instruments; both look her way at the sound of instruments clattering] Mm-hmm.
Book: That young man's very brave.
Mal: Yeah.
Mal: He's my hero.
Book: Gave up everything to free his sister from that place. Go from being a doctor on the central planets to hiding on the fringes of the system... Not many who would do that.

Book: So... how do you think it's going?
Inara: The caper? Mal knows what he's doing.
Book: How long have you known him?
Inara: I've been on the ship eight months now. I'm not certain I'll ever actually know the captain.

Book: I wish I could help.
[Inara turns to face him & he realizes what he said]
Book: I mean... I don't wanna help- Not *help* help, but- Not with the thieving, but-
[Inara smiles, tries not to laugh]
Book: I do feel awfully useless.
Inara: You could always pray they make it back safely.
Book: I don't think the captain would much like me praying for him.
Inara: Don't tell him. I never do.

"Firefly: Jaynestown (#1.4)" (2002)
Book: What are we up to, sweetheart?
River Tam: Fixing your Bible.
Book: I, um...
Book: What?
River Tam: Bible's broken. Contradictions, false logistics - doesn't make sense.
[she's marked up the bible, crossed out passages and torn out pages]
Book: No, no. You-you-you can't...
River Tam: So we'll integrate non-progressional evolution theory with God's creation of Eden. Eleven inherent metaphoric parallels already there. Eleven. Important number. Prime number. One goes into the house of eleven eleven times, but always comes out one. Noah's ark is a problem.
Book: Really?
River Tam: We'll have to call it early quantum state phenomenon. Only way to fit 5000 species of mammal on the same boat.
[rips out page]

Book: River, you don't fix the Bible.
River: It's broken. It doesn't make sense.
Book: It's not about making sense. It's about believing in something, and letting that belief be real enough to change your life. It's about faith. You don't fix faith, River. It fixes you.

[River is hiding after seeing Shepherd Book without his hair tied back]
River: You see, the snow on the roof is too heavy, you see, the ceiling will cave in. His brains are in terrible danger.
Book: River, please, why don't you come on out?
River: No! Can't. Too much hair.

"Firefly: Out of Gas (#1.5)" (2002)
[River finds Book reading the Bible]
River: Don't be afraid. That's what it says. "Don't be afraid."
Shepherd Book: Yes.
River: But you are afraid.
Shepherd Book: Yes.
River: You're afraid we're going to run out of air. That we'll die gasping. But we won't. That's not going to happen.
[Book looks at her hopefully]
River: We'll freeze to death first.

Zoë Washburne: [Upon seeing Mal wake up in the infirmary] Welcome back, sir.
Mal: I go some place?
Shepherd Book: Very nearly.
Inara: We thought we lost you.
Mal: Oh, I've been right here.

Mal: [jerking himself awake] You all gonna be here when I wake up?
Shepherd Book: We'll be here.
Mal: Good. That's good.

"Firefly: Objects in Space (#1.10)" (2002)
Jayne Cobb: So like, never?
Book: Well, no.
Jayne Cobb: Not ever never?
Book: Some orders allow Shepherds to marry, but I follow a narrower path.
Jayne Cobb: But, I mean, you still got the urge. They don't... cut it off, or nothin'?
Book: Mm, no, I'm more or less intact. I just... direct my energy elsewhere.
Jayne Cobb: You mean like masturbatin'?
Book: I hope you're not thinking of taking orders yourself.
Jayne Cobb: Oh, yeah, that'll be the day.

Jayne Cobb: It ain't impossible! Saint Jayne, it's got a ring to it.
Book: I'm just trying to remember how many miracles you've performed.
Jayne Cobb: I once hit a guy in the neck from 500 yards with a bent scope. Don't that count upstairs?
Book: Oh, it'll be taken into consideration.
Jayne Cobb: You made that sound kinda ominous.

Book: I just feel such a fool.
Jayne: Yeah. All them years of priest trainin', get taken out by one bounty hunter.

"Firefly: Our Mrs. Reynolds (#1.3)" (2002)
Book: [to Mal] If you take sexual advantage of her, you're going to burn in a very special level of hell. A level they reserve for child molesters and people who talk at the theater.

Mal: What was she after?
Book: Besides molesting innocent captains?

"Firefly: Safe (#1.7)" (2002)
Book: That's... that's quite a lot of blood, isn't it?
Mal: Just means you ain't dead.
Book: 'Fraid I might be needin' a preacher.
Mal: That's good. You lie there and be ironical.

Book: Folks like a man of God.
Mal: No, they don't. Men of God make everyone feel guilty and judged.

"Firefly: Heart of Gold (#1.12)" (2003)
Jayne: Don't much see the benefit in gettin' involved in stranger's troubles without a up-front price negotiated.
Shepherd Book: These people need assistance. The benefit wouldn't necessarily be for you.
Jayne: That's what I'm sayin'.
Zoë: No one's gonna force you to go, Jayne. As has been stated, this job is strickly speculative.
Jayne: Good. Don't know these folks, don't much care to.
Mal: They're whores.
Jayne: I'm in.

Emma: Shepherd...
Shepherd Book: No, thank you!
Emma: We were hoping we might have a prayer meeting?
Lucy: We ain't had one in months, 'cept what Emma here reads out on Sunday.
Emma: Last Shepherd to come by was springtime, and he only read the one passage, and he took it out in trade off both of us.

"Firefly: Shindig (#1.6)" (2002)
Shepherd Book: [after River tears the labels off several food packages] We'll have a few mystery meals.