The Operative
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Biography for
The Operative (Character)
from Serenity (2005)

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He does not officially exist. He has no name or rank.

He does have an IDENT that impresses anyone and will scare most into calling him SIR! He has blind belief in the Alliance and their goal to make a better world. All of them, better worlds. A world without sin.

He is a monster, who freely admits that fact. He will murder children if he has to, to complete his task as directed by the Alliance, which is to keep their secrets safe. He has total autonomy and can commandeer any ship, any fleet, any planet, any group under Alliance control without question. He can go anywhere, see anything, nothing is restricted from this man!

His task in this instance is to find River and Simon Tam and return her to the Alliance or kill her and, more than likely, to kill anyone who has had contact with her.

His favorite weapon is a sword. He's also extremely skilled at oriental Martial Arts. Regularly wears full body armor. He cannot be easily pushed into anger. He is well educated, polite, respectful, articulate, somewhat soft spoken and very driven. His favorite trick is an electrical shocking device to a nerve cluster in the lower back that incapacitates the victim, who he then runs through with a sword. For those who offer no resistance he just runs them through with the sword. He likes to tell his victims what their sins are before he kills them.

With has a winning smile, a friendly attitude and puppy dog eyes. He's a villain you don't want to really hate and almost want to cheer for! That makes him a unique character one can almost call an anti-villain.

He's not being mean, he's just doing his job and if that entails killing you, well, that's life!

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