The Man in Black
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Biography for
The Man in Black (Character)
from The Princess Bride (1987)

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Westley began as a farm boy on Buttercup's farm. He and Buttercup fell in love and he left to find his fortune across the sea so he could marry Buttercup. He was killed on the high seas by the Dread Pirate Roberts. This crushes Buttercup. She gets engagaed to Prince Humperdinck of Floren and subsequently gets kidnapped by a Sicilian and his team who were hired to start a war with Giulder. The kidnappers are apprehended by a man in black who soon best the swordsman and giant who work for the Italian. He then defeats the head honcho and rescues Buttercup. Soon it is revealed the the man in black is Westley. He is tortured by the prince and then "killed" too. But he is revived by a miracle man and saves Buttercup from being killed on her wedding night by her would be husband or commiting suicide.

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