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Detective Caldwell (Character)
from U.S. Marshals (1998)

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U.S. Marshals (1998)
[Roberts is being interrogated by the police]
Detective Caldwell: Mr. Warren, we seem to have a small discrepancy here.
[passes a file across the sheet; the photo is obviously not Roberts]
Mark J. Sheridan: Oh, let me help you with that: uh, that's not me.
Detective Caldwell: Yeah, we caught that. Uh, you're aware that it's illegal to carry a handgun in Chicago?
Mark J. Sheridan: [laughs] Come on. You ever tried towing a car on the Dan Ryan at three o'clock in the morning without a handgun?
Detective Caldwell: What about East 42nd and First Avenue in New York City?
Mark J. Sheridan: What about it?
Detective Caldwell: Ever been there?
Mark J. Sheridan: No.
Detective Caldwell: Never?
Mark J. Sheridan: Never!
[the detective takes off his glasses]
Detective Caldwell: Hmm. Then you wouldn't know anything about the double homicide that took place there last December?
Mark J. Sheridan: Obviously not.
Detective Caldwell: That's interesting. 'Cause the prints we took off of you flag this.
[shows Sheridan another sheet]
Detective Caldwell: Federal arrest warrant, for Mark Roberts. Prints from the crime scene match yours.
Mark J. Sheridan: This is bullshit.