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Capt. Ralph Lee (Character)
from "The Fugitive" (1963)

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"The Fugitive: The Judgment: Part I (#4.29)" (1967)
Nat Harris: Frankly Captain, it's not the year's hottest story, and we ran it once.
Capt. Ralph Lee: I'll run it twice, Nat. I owe you a bigger one.
Nat Harris: How come the LAPD is so anxious to publicize this capture of a one-armed transient who broke up a crummy bar? Come on, how come?
Capt. Ralph Lee: Because we're just a bunch of egomaniacs.
[Nat pauses]
Nat Harris: All right. You'll tell me some time.
[Captain Lee returns to his office, where waiting for him is Lieutenant Philip Gerard]
Lt. Philip Gerard: Will he do it?
Capt. Ralph Lee: I think so. He owes me some favors.
Lt. Philip Gerard: Of course the wire services won't give this the kind of national play the first story got.
Capt. Ralph Lee: All right, let's give it some juice. Call a press conference, reveal how you saw the routine arrest report on Fred Johnson, your dramatic flight out of Stafford.
[Gerard shakes his head]
Capt. Ralph Lee: Phil, I'm kidding. Where's your sense of humor?
Lt. Philip Gerard: [softly] I don't know. I've lost a lot of things these last four years. Starting with a prisoner the state told me to guard.

[Inside Captain Lee's office, Gerard confronts seedy bail bondsman Art Howe, unaware that Jean Carlisle, who has Richard Kimble in her apartment, is surreptitiously in the office overhearing the fateful conversation]
Lt. Philip Gerard: Who sent you here?
Arthur 'Art' Howe: Oh ho, come, come, Lieutenant. I'm only a bail bondsman, not an attorney, but I know that's privileged information. Now I put up the correct bail as you can see in the receipt. I believe that's all you need to know.
Capt. Ralph Lee: [in disbelief] You paid three thousand in cash?
Arthur 'Art' Howe: Thirty one-hundred dollar bills. Now you are to release one Fred Johnson in the interest of justice, not to mention with my cab waiting downstars, so I'd appreciate it if you'd produce the gentleman.
[Upon hearing Howe mention Fred Johnson and his release, Jean, still unnoticed by anyone else, sneaks out of the office to alert Kimble]
Capt. Ralph Lee: Phil, there's nothing I can do, they've posted the bail, I've got to let Johnson go.
Arthur 'Art' Howe: Ha, exactly.

Lt. Philip Gerard: Did you kill Helen Kimble?
Fred Johnson: I wanna see a lawyer.
Lt. Philip Gerard: Why did you lie?
Fred Johnson: I don't have to answer any more questions.
Lt. Philip Gerard: [grabs Johnson by the shirt, then savagely] Did you kill Helen Kimble?
Capt. Ralph Lee: [restraining Gerard] Phil!