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Sister Veronica (Character)
from "The Fugitive" (1963)

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"The Fugitive: Angels Travel on Lonely Roads: Part 1 (#1.22)" (1964)
Sister Veronica: Nick... Walker, you said?
Dr. Richard Kimble: That's right, Sister.
Sister Veronica: Well, Mr. Walker, you are a splendid mechanic. This car has not run so well since I left the convent.
Dr. Richard Kimble: This car isn't running, Sister. It's looking for a quiet place to die.

Dr. Richard Kimble: I don't suppose you made financial provisions for the trip?
Sister Veronica: Of course.
[looks in her purse]
Sister Veronica: $22.35.
Dr. Richard Kimble: Good.
Sister Veronica: That's what I had when I started out. Present balance: $1.45.
Dr. Richard Kimble: A dollar four... that isn't even going to get us to the top of the next hill!

"The Fugitive: Angels Travel on Lonely Roads: Part 2 (#1.23)" (1964)
[Kimble is being threatened by two motorcycle punks when Sister Veronica appears]
Sister Veronica: A nice little highway rumble, is that it, boys? Well, that is the language, isn't it? A rumble? Roll the squares? The expressions never change, only the faces. Two great big boys bullying their way through life. And with all the noise, as far as life is concerned, you haven't even made a ripple. All you really are is afraid. Yes, afraid of life and its people. You're so afraid that when you swallow, a person can hear the click in your throat. You two and your kind are just a great big boil on the side of humanity that needs a lance. And if you spent two weeks in my school, I'd be the one to give it to you! Now you get on those overgrown bicycles and get yourselves out of here!
[intimidated, Clete and Lossie mount their motorcycles and ride away]
Sister Veronica: [to Kimble] Mr. Walker, I'm sorry you had to witness that display. One of my greatest weaknesses has always been a sinful temper.
Dr. Richard Kimble: You're a fraud, Sister. You said you were going to Sacramento to renounce your vows because you couldn't communicate with people, you couldn't get through to them. Well, those two sure got the message.