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Dr. Charles Nichols (Character)
from The Fugitive (1993)

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The Fugitive (1993)
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: Doctor Nichols, you really want to help him? You really want to be his friend? Then you'll help us bring him in, unharmed.
Dr. Charles Nichols: Why? So he can go back to prison? Tsk, tsk, tsk. If you want help, gentlemen, you've come to the wrong man. Richard is innocent and you'll never find him. He's too smart.
Marshal Biggs: [sarcastically] Oh well... we're pretty smart guys.
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: Yeah, what about us?
Cosmo Renfro: Last time I looked.
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: Yeah, we're smart. We are. I mean, how smart could he be, really? Is he as smart as you are?
Dr. Charles Nichols: [thinks and considers his answer, smiles] Smarter.

Dr. Charles Nichols: You never give up, Richard, do you? You never give up!
Dr. Richard Kimble: [hitting him] Why Helen?

Dr. Charles Nichols: [Kimble is confronting Nichols during the banquet] Richard, I'm sorry, but I'm in the middle of this speech!
Dr. Richard Kimble: You almost got away with it, didn't you? I know all about it. I can prove it.
Dr. Charles Nichols: Ladies and gentlemen, my friend Richard Kimble doesn't feel... well, obviously. So, if you will just go on with your dessert and coffee, I'll be right back. Richard, would you mind to step aside, and we'll just... talk. Okay, so I'll be back in just a second...
[motions for Kimble to follow him outside]
Dr. Richard Kimble: [as they are walking out of the banquet hall] You changed the samples, didn't you, huh? You switched the samples... after Lenz died! After Lenz died, you were the only one who had the access. You switched the samples, and the pathology reports.
[shoves Nichols]
Dr. Richard Kimble: Did you kill Lenz, too? Huh? Did you?
Dr. Richard Kimble: [turns to banquet crowd] He falsified his research. So that RDU-90 could be approved and Devlin McGregor could give you... Provasic!