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United States Marshal Catherine Walsh (Character)
from U.S. Marshals (1998)

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U.S. Marshals (1998)
Catherine Walsh: Never one to be afraid of the obvious. I admire that in a man, Sam.
Sam Gerard: Have I done something?
Catherine Walsh: Yeah. You hit your prisoner while he was in handcuffs; that's against the rules. If he had any brains, he'd sue us.
Sam Gerard: He bit one of my kids; he got smacked on the head! So what?
Catherine Walsh: So what?
Sam Gerard: Yeah. So what?
Catherine Walsh: 27 stitches is "so what."
Sam Gerard: He needed a smack on the head. That's what he got.

Catherine Walsh: [seeing Lamb standing up] Don't get up Mr. Lamb. You make a better target sitting down.
Bertram Lamb, Security Service Director: I'm guessing that our visit does not deliver our fugitive.
Catherine Walsh: Not with all of the horseshit you've been handing us.
Bertram Lamb, Security Service Director: Excuse me?
Catherine Walsh: For starters, the fingerprints you have planted at the scene.
[shows a picture of a hand of a mysterious figure holding a briefcase]
Catherine Walsh: You want the illustrated version?
[hands Lamb the picture]
Bertram Lamb, Security Service Director: [after looking at the picture] Can you excuse us gentlemen?
[the men that were in Lamb's meeting leave]
Special Agent Frank Barrows: Where did you get these photographs?
Catherine Walsh: Off of U.N. surveillance tapes.
Special Agent Frank Barrows: That is highly classified material.
Bertram Lamb, Security Service Director: Do you know anything about this agent Barrows?
Special Agent Frank Barrows: I'll look into it.
Sam Gerard: I'll tell you what you should look into, is how you got those fingerprints in the first place, but let me save you the trouble because you had them on file because our boy worked for you just like the two dead guys. Is that right or wrong?
Catherine Walsh: [sternly] We want some answers Mr. Lamb. Or I'm on the next plane to Washington.