Deputy Marshal Cosmo Renfro
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Deputy Marshal Cosmo Renfro (Character)
from U.S. Marshals (1998)

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The Fugitive (1993)
Cosmo Renfro: When I die, I wanna come back just like you.
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: Oh, you mean happy and handsome?

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: All right, I want to start right there. We're going start with phone taps. I want to start with his lawyer first.
Cosmo Renfro: Whoa, whoa, whoa. You're never gonna get that.
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: You call Judge Reuben and tell him I want a whole bunch of phone taps...
Cosmo Renfro: Why are you yelling at me? Why?
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: And I'll call him later and tell him on who...
Cosmo Renfro: Why are you always yelling at me?
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: IF, I'm in a good mood.
Cosmo Renfro: Why don't you yell at her some time?

Gerard's secretary: Sam, there's a guy on the phone claiming to be Richard Kimble.
[cast cackling in background that "another" Kimble is on the phone]
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: This is Gerard.
Dr. Richard Kimble: Do you remember what I told you in the tunnel?
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: [gesturing to his men to start tracing the call] Um yeah... It was noisy... I think you said something like you didn't kill your wife.
Dr. Richard Kimble: Remember what you told me?
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: I remember you pointing my gun at me.
[Gerard's team gestures him not to antagonize Kimble and make the conversation stretch]
Dr. Richard Kimble: You said, "I don't care."
Tracing Technician: [whispering] He's on the south side.
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: [to his team] Yeah...
[then noticing Kimbles remake]
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: Yeah... that's right Richard... I don't care. I'm not trying to solve a puzzle here...
Dr. Richard Kimble: Well, I am trying to solve a puzzle.
Cosmo Renfro: Five seconds to location.
Dr. Richard Kimble: And I just found a big piece!
[slams down phone on desk so trace can continue]

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: Doctor Nichols, you really want to help him? You really want to be his friend? Then you'll help us bring him in, unharmed.
Dr. Charles Nichols: Why? So he can go back to prison? Tsk, tsk, tsk. If you want help, gentlemen, you've come to the wrong man. Richard is innocent and you'll never find him. He's too smart.
Marshal Biggs: [sarcastically] Oh well... we're pretty smart guys.
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: Yeah, what about us?
Cosmo Renfro: Last time I looked.
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: Yeah, we're smart. We are. I mean, how smart could he be, really? Is he as smart as you are?
Dr. Charles Nichols: [thinks and considers his answer, smiles] Smarter.

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: [Poole stumbles] Poole, you gotta get some new boots.
Cosmo Renfro: I told you not to wear the heels.
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: And I want you to wear two coats.
Poole: Sure, next train wreck.
Marshal Biggs: Why are we always mothering her?
Cosmo Renfro: 'Cause she loves us.

Marshal Henry: I may be crazy but that train sounds like an el.
Cosmo Renfro: St Louis doesn't have an elevated train.
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: How do you know it's an elevated train?
Marshal Stevens: I think he's right, I lived under an el for 20 years.
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: Then you can explain the difference in the sound of an elevated train as opposed to a train that's running along the ground. You must have ears like a eagle, play that back, I wanna hear the sound of an elevated train.

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: [listening to wiretap of Kimble talking with his lawyer] Yeah, right there. What's he saying? Sounds like, 'Next... Stop'... Do that again!
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: [listening to tape replay] 'Next... stop... '
Poole: ...Merchandise Mart.
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: Son of a bitch, our boy came home.
Cosmo Renfro: That bell! That bell is the bell on the Wells street bridge, it's six blocks away.

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: Your cousin still got his truck?
Cosmo Renfro: Uh huh.
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: Call him. Tell him we need it.

Cosmo Renfro: [after Kimble has just lept off the dam to escape] What happened? Where'd he go?
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: The guy did a Peter Pan right off of this dam, right here.
Cosmo Renfro: What?
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: Yeah. BOOM.
Cosmo Renfro: [stunned] Holy shit... Can we go home now...?
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: [flustered] No...

One-armed Man at hospital: You guys have a problem?
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: No.
Cosmo Renfro: Uh, no, no problem at all.

Cosmo Renfro: [stepping in the tunnel sewage] Aw, shit! I just bought these shoes.
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: Shut up, Cosmo.

Police Dispatcher: [on Cosmo's police radio] Attention all units. Transit police report officer down at Balbo Station. Kimble is suspect! Repeat; Officer Down!
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: What'd he do, shoot a cop?
Cosmo Renfro: Chicago PD will eat him alive!

Poole: [taking fax] Background just came in from Chicago.
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: About time! What do we got?
Cosmo Renfro: Uh, "Richard David Kimble, vascular surgeon... " what the hell is that?
Poole: Somebody that makes more money than you.

U.S. Marshals (1998)
[after Gerard puts John Royce in handcuffs]
John Royce: Is this guy crazy?
Cosmo Renfro: No, but he's a carrier.

Cosmo Renfro: The Great Sam Gerard.
Sam Gerard: Yes, I am.
Cosmo Renfro: And you always have to win.
Sam Gerard: Yes, I do.

Cosmo Renfro: [responding to Michael's statement on the news] 27 stitches my ass.

Sam Gerard: Cosmo, where are you?
Cosmo Renfro: [shouting over the New York traffic] I'm in traffic! I'm in New York City! Where the hell do you think I am? We're on our way!

Cosmo Renfro: Sam.
Sam Gerard: Cosmo.
Cosmo Renfro: We're still at the Chinese Consulate. No sign of Chen since he went in.
Sam Gerard: Get the N.Y.P.D. on him. I want you and Royce here at Queens Hills Cemetery.
Cosmo Renfro: Where the hell is Queens Hills Cemetery?
Sam Gerard: Ask a cop.

Deputy Marshal Savannah Cooper: [Royce uses Renfro's sunglasses to pick the lock on the handcuffs] I've never seen that before.
Sam Gerard: I have.
Cosmo Renfro: Yeah, well, the guy just broke my fucking glasses!

Deputy Marshal Savannah Cooper: [after seeing Royce uses Cosmo's sunglasses to get himself out of Gerard's handcuffs] That's pretty slick.
Cosmo Renfro: Yeah. Pretty slick, the guy just broke my fuckin' glasses.

John Royce: [seeing Cosmo about to light up a cigar] Would you mind not lighting that?
Cosmo Renfro: [continuing to light up his Cigar] Yes.

Cosmo Renfro: You still owe me for that jogging suit.
Sam Gerard: Of course. What you're going to need to do is make out a requisition form, in quadruplicate. You're going to need a white copy, yellow copy, pink copy...