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Helen Kimble (Character)
from The Fugitive (1993)

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"The Fugitive: The Girl from Little Egypt (#1.14)" (1963)
Helen Kimble: Where to tonight?
Dr. Richard Kimble: There's this little seafood house Carter was talking about...
[Helen suddenly shoots him a look of icy rage]
Dr. Richard Kimble: It has good food, uh...
Helen Kimble: [grabbing a glass of wine] When did you see Ross Carter?
Dr. Richard Kimble: Oh, Helen, let's not spoil tonight, huh?
Helen Kimble: [holding up her glass in mock salute] The great Ross Carter, of the Clinic For Planned Parenthood.
Dr. Richard Kimble: We merely discussed the possibility...
Helen Kimble: Forget it, Richard! For the last time I won't live a lie!
Dr. Richard Kimble: I'm not so far away you have to scream.
Helen Kimble: I'll scream all I want!
Dr. Richard Kimble: Helen, why do keep thinking of adoption as a lie?
Helen Kimble: Because it is! I wouldn't be its mother!
Dr. Richard Kimble: Every year, thousands of people...
Helen Kimble: I don't care if a million people lie to themselves! If I can't have a child, I WON'T have one!
Dr. Richard Kimble: You won't. Your tragedy. Look, he was my son, too, doesn't that mean anything to you?
Helen Kimble: It means I'm going to have another drink.
[Richard stops Helen from pouring another glass of wine; in the process her glass shatters on the floor]
Helen Kimble: We have lots of glasses, Richard.
[Richard puts down his own glass and walks out the front door, gets into his car, and drives off - a fateful act on this night, the night of September 19, 1961]

The Fugitive (1993)
Dr. Richard Kimble: Alright you guys, knock it off, there's nothing to see here and you come with me.
Helen Kimble: Excuse me
[to Richard]
Helen Kimble: thank you, I was just down to my last joke.