Animal Mother
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Animal Mother (Character)
from Full Metal Jacket (1987)

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Full Metal Jacket (1987)
Animal Mother: You a photographer?
Private Joker: I'm a combat correspondent.
Animal Mother: Well, you seen much combat?
Private Joker: [sarcastic] I've seen a little on TV.
Animal Mother: You're a real comedian.
Private Joker: Well, they call me the Joker.
Animal Mother: Well I got a joke for you. I'm gonna tear you a new asshole.
Private Joker: [doing John Wayne impression] Well, pilgrim, only after you eat the peanuts out of my shit!
Animal Mother: You talk the talk. Do you walk the walk?

Animal Mother: Freedom?
Animal Mother: You'd better flush out your head, new guy. This isn't about freedom; this is a slaughter. If I'm gonna get my balls blown off for a word, my word is "poontang".

Animal Mother: Well, if you ask me, uh, we're shooting the wrong gooks.

T.H.E. Rock: You're going home now.
Crazy Earl: Semper fi.
Donlon: We're mean marines, sir.
Private Eightball: Go easy, bros.
Animal Mother: Better you than me.

Private Joker: Is that you, John Wayne? Is this me?
Private Cowboy: Hey, start the cameras. This is "Vietnam - the Movie."
Private Eightball: Yeah, Joker can be John Wayne. I'll be a horse.
Donlon: T.H.E. Rock can be a rock.
T.H.E. Rock: I'll be Ann-Margret.
Doc Jay: Animal Mother can be a rabid buffalo.
Crazy Earl: I'll be General Custer.
Private Rafterman: Well, who'll be the Indians?
Animal Mother: Hey, we'll let the gooks play the Indians.

[being interviewed]
Animal Mother: What do I think about the U.S. involvement in the war? I think we should win it.

Animal Mother: Fucking son of a bitch! YOU MOTHERFUCKER! WHOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Animal Mother: I'm going first.
Private Eightball: Now, back off, white bread! Don't get between a dog and his meat.
Animal Mother: All fucking niggers must fucking hang!
[responds to protests]
Animal Mother: Hey, hey, I won't be long! I'll skip the foreplay.

Animal Mother: Hey, Jungle bunny. Thank God for the sickle cell, huh?
Private Eightball: Yeah, Mother.