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Leo Crow (Character)
from Minority Report (2002)

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Minority Report (2002)
Leo Crow: You're not going to kill me.
John Anderton: Goodbye, Crow.

John Anderton: [as he was about to murder Crow just as the Pre-Cogs have seen, he holds Crow at gunpoint] You have the right to remain slient. Anything you do and say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have a right to an attorney. If you can't afford an attorney, we will appoint one. Do you understand these rights?
Leo Crow: You're not gonna kill me?
John Anderton: Do you understand these... rights?
Leo Crow: Listen, if you don't go through with this my family gets nothing, okay? You're supposed to kill me. Just like he said he would.
John Anderton: [Looking puzzled] He? Who's he?
Leo Crow: I don't know. He called in my cell, and he said I would be released and if I went along and my family will be taken care of.
John Anderton: If you did what? If you did what?
Leo Crow: If I acted like I killed your kid. If you don't kill me my family gets nothing.
John Anderton: Leo, tell me. Who was it that sets this up?
Leo Crow: I don't know.
[Anderton walks towards Crow slowly]
Leo Crow: Come on!
John Anderton: Tell me, who was it that set this up?
Leo Crow: I haven't seen his face. If I tell you who it is, my family gets nothing
[Grabs Anderton's armed hand]
Leo Crow: Kill me, kill me, kill me.
John Anderton: [Along with Crow] Let go, let go. Leo, let go of the gun, Leo let go of the gun. It's okay, it's okay, let go of the gun
[Crow slowley lets go of Anderton's armed hand]
John Anderton: You're not gonna kill me?
John Anderton: Good bye, Crow.
[Begins to walk away]
Leo Crow: Anderton, wait!
[Grabs Anderton's armed hand and causes Anderton to pull the trigger and the murder takes place]