Chief John Anderton
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Chief John Anderton (Character)
from Minority Report (2002)

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Minority Report (2002)
John Anderton: Mr. Marks, by mandate of the District of Columbia Precrime Division, I'm placing you under arrest for the future murder of Sarah Marks and Donald Dubin that was to take place today, April 22 at 0800 hours and four minutes.

John Anderton: [about Witwer's father] What does he think about your chosen line of work?
Danny Witwer: I don't know. He was shot and killed when I was 15 on the steps of our church in Dublin. I know what it's like to lose someone close, John. 'Course, nothing is like the loss of a child. I don't have any children of my own, so I can only imagine what that must've been like. To lose your son - in such a public place like that. At least now you and I have the chance to make sure that kind of thing doesn't happen to anyone...
John Anderton: Why don't you cut the cute act, Danny boy, and tell me exactly what it is you're looking for?
Danny Witwer: Flaws.
John Anderton: There hasn't been a murder in 6 years. There's nothing wrong with the system, it is perfect.
Danny Witwer: [simultaneously] - perfect. I agree. But if there's a flaw, it's human. It always is.

Agatha: Think about all the lives that little girl has saved.
Lamar Burgess: Think about all the lives that little girl has saved, think about all the lives she will save, that little girl could have saved Sean.
John Anderton: [yells] Don't you *ever* say his name!
Arthur: You used the memory of my dead son to set me up.
John Anderton: [yells] You used the memory of my dead son to set me up! That was the one thing you knew would drive me to murder.
Dashiell: What are you going to do now, Lamar?
John Anderton: [yells] What're you going to do now, Lamar?
Arthur: How are you...
John Anderton: ...going to shut me up?
Dashiell: I'm sorry, John.

John Anderton: No doubt the precogs have already seen this.
Lamar Burgess: No doubt.
John Anderton: You see the dilemma don't you. If you don't kill me, precogs were wrong and precrime is over. If you do kill me, you go away, but it proves the system works. The precogs were right. So, what are you going to do now? What's it worth? Just one more murder? You'll rot in hell with a halo, but people will still believe in precrime. All you have to do is kill me like they said you would. Except you know your own future, which means you can change it if you want to. You still have a choice Lamar. Like I did.

Officer Fletcher: John, don't run.
John Anderton: You don't have to chase me.
Officer Fletcher: You don't have to run.
John Anderton: Everybody runs, Fletch.

Agatha: Dr. Hineman once said, "The dead don't die. They look on and help." Remember that, John.
John Anderton: Agatha...
Agatha: Sean... He's on the beach now, a toe in the water. He's asking you to come in with him. He's been racing his mother up and down the sand. There's so much love in this house. He's ten years old. He's surrounded by animals. He wants to be a vet. You keep a rabbit for him, a bird and a fox. He's in high school. He likes to run, like his father. He runs the two-mile and the long relay. He's 23. He's at a university. He makes love to a pretty girl named Claire. He asks her to be his wife. He calls here and tells Lara, who cries. He still runs. Across the university and in the stadium, where John watches. Oh God, he's running so fast, just like his daddy. He sees his daddy. He wants to run to him. But he's only six years old, and he can't do it. And the other men are so fast. There was so much love in this house.
John Anderton: [sobbing] I want him back so bad.
Agatha: So did she. Can't you see? She just wanted her little girl back. But it was too late. Her little girl was already gone.
John Anderton: She's still alive.
Agatha: She didn't die, but she's not alive.
John Anderton: Agatha, just tell me, who killed your mother? Who killed Anne Lively?
Agatha: [whispering] I'm sorry John, but you're gonna have to run again.
John Anderton: What?

[while he's kicking Leo on the floor]
John Anderton: Is he alive? He's alive. Where've you got him? Is he all right?
John Anderton: Tell me, you fuck, where is he?

John Anderton: He set me up. He set me up.

Danny Witwer: [getting into the elevator] You're in a lot of trouble, John.
John Anderton: You set me up.
Danny Witwer: I'll write the paranoia off to the whiff you've been doping on...
[John slams him against the elevator wall and draws his gun, then presses it to Witwer's throat]
John Anderton: Well, I...
Danny Witwer: Easy. Easy. It seems I found a flaw.
[He pulls from his pocket and holds up the inhalant device]
John Anderton: What are you gonna do?
Danny Witwer: Possession alone will cost you six months, not to mention your badge. I guess we won't be working together after all. Now, put the gun down, John. I don't hear a red ball.
Danny Witwer: [in a deadly tone] Now, put the gun down, John. I don't hear a red ball.
[Then, the red ball alarm sounds, and Anderton backs out of the elevator and turns to run]

John Anderton: They set me up.

Director Burgess: Who's the victim?
John Anderton: Somebody.
Director Burgess: Who?
John Anderton: [trying to remember the name] Somebody. Leo Crow.
Director Burgess: Who is he?
John Anderton: I have no idea! I've never heard of him! But I'm supposed to kill him in less than thirty-six hours.

Officer Fletcher: John, don't run.
John Anderton: You don't have to chase me.

Wally the Caretaker: You're not allowed in here - who are you? Do I know you?
John Anderton: [in disguise, grabs Wally by the collar] Listen, Wally - I like you. So, I don't wanna have to kick you or hit you with anything hard, but only if you promise to help me.
Wally the Caretaker: ...Oh, hi, John.

John Anderton: [his face inches from Agatha's] Where's my Minority Report?
John Anderton: DO I EVEN HAVE ONE?
[moment's silence]
John Anderton: [softly] Do I have one?
Agatha: [whispers] No.

John Anderton: There hasn't been a murder in six years. The system, it is perfect.

John Anderton: Why'd you catch that?
Danny Witwer: Because it was going to fall.
John Anderton: You're certain?
Danny Witwer: Yeah.
John Anderton: But it didn't fall. You caught it. The fact that you prevented it from happening doesnt change the fact that it was *going* to happen.

John Anderton: I need your help. You contain information. I need to know how to get at it.

John Anderton: I have to know. I have to find out what happened to my life.

John Anderton: Why don't you cut the cute act, Danny boy, and tell me what it is you're looking for?
Danny Witwer: Flaws.
John Anderton: There hasn't been a murder in six years. There's nothing wrong with this system it is...
Danny Witwer: Perfect I agree, but there's a flaw. It's human.

[Hundreds of contained prisoners rise up around Anderton and Gideon]
John Anderton: My God, I forgot there were so many.
Gideon: And just think, they'd all be out there killing people if it wasn't for you. Look at how peaceful they all are. But on the inside...
[taps his head]
Gideon: busy busy busy.

[Officer Fletcher, on a jet pack, lands in front of Anderton]
John Anderton: Rough landing... have to work on that.
Officer Fletcher: Yeah, it's this shit knee of mine.

John Anderton: [to Agatha] Everyday for the last six years I've thought of only two things. The first is what Sean would look like if he were alive today, if I would recognize him if I saw him on the street, the second is what I would do to the man who took him if I ever found him. You're right... I'm not being set up.
Agatha: You have to take me home.
John Anderton: No. You said so yourself. There is no minority report, I don't have an alternate future. I am going to kill this man.

[the readings Agatha is giving run quickly on a makeshift screen]
John Anderton: It's too fast. Slow it down.
Rufus Riley: How do I slow this down, I should hit her on the head?

[Dr. Solomon is about to transplant new eyes into Anderton]
John Anderton: I'd like to keep the old ones.
Dr. Solomon: Why?
John Anderton: Because my mother gave them to me.

John Anderton: I'm not being set up. I really am going to kill this man.

Leo Crow: You're not going to kill me.
John Anderton: Goodbye, Crow.

John Anderton: Don't you ever say his name.

John Anderton: That's all, huh? Just walk right into Precrime, go in the Temple, somehow tap into these Precogs, and then download this Minority Report.
Dr. Iris Hineman: If you have one.
John Anderton: And then walk out.
Dr. Iris Hineman: Actually, I think you'll have to run out, but yes, that is what you have to do.

Dr. Iris Hineman: Find the minority report.
John Anderton: How do I even know which one has it?
Dr. Iris Hineman: It's always in the more gifted of the three.
John Anderton: Which one is it?
Dr. Iris Hineman: The female.

Rufus Riley: [to Agatha] Are you reading my mind right now?
John Anderton: Get up.
Rufus Riley: [to Agatha] I'm sorry for whatever I'm going to do and I swear I didn't do any of that stuff I did.

John Anderton: You set your patients on fire.
Dr. Solomon: I put 'em out.

[last lines]
John Anderton: [voiceover] In 2054, the six-year Precrime experiment was abandoned. All prisoners were unconditionally pardoned and released, though police departments kept watch on many of them for years to come. Agatha and the twins were transferred to an undisclosed location, a place where they could find relief from their gifts. A place where they could live out their lives in peace.

[after having his eyes replaced to fool retinal scanners]
GAP Sign: Hello Mr. Yakamoto and welcome back to the GAP!
John Anderton: *Mr. Yakamoto?*

John Anderton: Why should I trust you?
Dr. Iris Hineman: You shouldn't. You shouldn't trust anyone. Certainly not the Attorney General who just wants it all for himself, and not the young Federal agent, who wants your job. Not even the old man who just wants to hold on to what he created. Don't trust anyone. Just find the Minority Report.

John Anderton: [a dream sequence, Anderton is at the pool with his son as his son is coming up while holding his breath underwater] 25.26 seconds. That's a new record.
Younger Sean: Is it a world record.
John Anderton: Is it a world? It's your personal best.
Younger Sean: Let's try you.
John Anderton: What? Are you kidding me? There is no way that I can beat 25.26 seconds.
Younger Sean: How long can a whale hold it's breath underwater?
John Anderton: A whale can hold it's breath for about 20 minutes.
Younger Sean: You gotta beat the whale.
John Anderton: [his son gets out of the water as he is getting in] Here we go Sean. It could take 20 minutes, are you sure you don't want to get some ice cream or something?
Younger Sean: No. Ready dad?
John Anderton: Ready.
[kisses Sean as he goes underwater, as he is underwater, the watch suddenly drops into the water, then he comes back up]
John Anderton: Sean? Sean? Sean?
[looking around]
John Anderton: Have you seen my son, have you seen a kid in a red bathing suit? Sean? Have you seen my son, he was wearing a red bathing suit? Sean?
[wakes up screaming]
John Anderton: SEEEAAANNN!

John Anderton: Any contractions ?
Casey: Only the ones you give me!

John Anderton: [as he was about to murder Crow just as the Pre-Cogs have seen, he holds Crow at gunpoint] You have the right to remain slient. Anything you do and say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have a right to an attorney. If you can't afford an attorney, we will appoint one. Do you understand these rights?
Leo Crow: You're not gonna kill me?
John Anderton: Do you understand these... rights?
Leo Crow: Listen, if you don't go through with this my family gets nothing, okay? You're supposed to kill me. Just like he said he would.
John Anderton: [Looking puzzled] He? Who's he?
Leo Crow: I don't know. He called in my cell, and he said I would be released and if I went along and my family will be taken care of.
John Anderton: If you did what? If you did what?
Leo Crow: If I acted like I killed your kid. If you don't kill me my family gets nothing.
John Anderton: Leo, tell me. Who was it that sets this up?
Leo Crow: I don't know.
[Anderton walks towards Crow slowly]
Leo Crow: Come on!
John Anderton: Tell me, who was it that set this up?
Leo Crow: I haven't seen his face. If I tell you who it is, my family gets nothing
[Grabs Anderton's armed hand]
Leo Crow: Kill me, kill me, kill me.
John Anderton: [Along with Crow] Let go, let go. Leo, let go of the gun, Leo let go of the gun. It's okay, it's okay, let go of the gun
[Crow slowley lets go of Anderton's armed hand]
John Anderton: You're not gonna kill me?
John Anderton: Good bye, Crow.
[Begins to walk away]
Leo Crow: Anderton, wait!
[Grabs Anderton's armed hand and causes Anderton to pull the trigger and the murder takes place]

John Anderton: [John is in the hotel searching for Crow's room] Mind if I look at the registry.
Hotel Clerk: Yeah I do.
John Anderton: [Pulls out gun] How about now.