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Quotes for
Tad (Character)
from Finding Nemo (2003)

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Finding Nemo (2003)
[Nemo has gone to the boat]
Marlin: Nemo! What do you think you're doing You're gonna get stuck out there and I'll have to go get you before another fish does. Get back here! Get back here now! Stop! You make one more move, mister...
[Nemo lifts his fin]
Marlin: Don't you dare. If you put one fin on that boat, are you listening to me? Don't touch the...
[Nemo touches the boat]
Marlin: Nemo!
Tad: [Whispering] He touched the butt.

Nemo: What's that?
Tad: I know what that is. Sandy Plankton saw one. He called it... uh... he said it was called a "butt"!
Pearl: Wow. That's a pretty big butt.
[swims out a little]
Sheldon: Oh, look at me! I'm gonna touch the butt.

Tad: [in an obnoxious tone] I'm obnoxious!