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General Munro (Character)
from The Fifth Element (1997)

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The Fifth Element (1997)
General Munro: The Mondoshawans never fully trusted the human race.

General Munro: [after telling Korben about the mission] Any questions?
Korben Dallas: Yeah. Just one. Why me? I retired six months ago. You remember?
General Munro: Three reasons. One - as a member of the elite special forces unit of the Federated Army, you are expert in the use of all major weapons & space craft needed for this mission. Two - of all the members of your unit, you were the most highly decorated.
Korben Dallas: ...and the third one?
General Munro: Of all the members of your unit, you're the only one left alive.

General Munro: Sounds like a freak of nature to me.
Mactilburgh: Yeah. Can't wait to meet him.

Korben Dallas: [shoves a bag into Ruby's hands] You guard this with your life, or you're gonna look like this guy here! You green?
DJ Ruby Rhod: G-green.
[cut to the President's office, where every word is being heard over the radio, transmitted galaxy-wide on Ruby's radio show]
Korben Dallas: Super green?
DJ Ruby Rhod: Super green.
President Lindberg: Is that your idea of a discreet operation?
General Munro: Don't-don't worry, sir. I know my man. He'll calm things down.
[cut back to Fhloston, as three Mangalores go down in an explosion of gunfire, and Korben charges out a door, guns blazing]

Mactilburgh: Remove the shield.
Leeloo: [Leeloo was reconstructed]
Mactilburgh: I told you. Perfect. Thermal bandages.
Leeloo: [Leeloo was attached in Thermal bandages]
General Munro: I'd... like to take a few pictures... for the archives.
Leeloo: [Leeloo was taken a picture. Then she is surprised at the flash]