Rachel Ferrier
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Rachel Ferrier (Character)
from War of the Worlds (2005)

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War of the Worlds (2005)
Ray Ferrier: [playing catch with Robbie] Mom says you got a report due on Monday, so you're going to work on that when you're done here.
Robbie Ferrier: Yeah, I'm almost finished, I just gotta type it up.
Ray Ferrier: Yeah, bullshit.
Robbie Ferrier: Yeah? What do you know, Ray?
Ray Ferrier: Everything. Haven't you heard? Between me and my brother, we know everything.
Rachel Ferrier: What's the capital of Australia?
Ray Ferrier: That's one my brother knows.
Robbie Ferrier: Okay with you if I just laugh the first five hundred times you tell that one?
Ray Ferrier: ...Just do your report. We don't send you to school so you can flunk out.
Robbie Ferrier: You don't pay for it, Tim does.
Ray Ferrier: [hesitates furiously for a second, then throws the ball really hard at Robbie, Robbie catches it hardly] That's half of what I got.
Robbie Ferrier: You're an asshole.
[throws the ball hard at Ray]
Robbie Ferrier: ...I hate coming here.
Ray Ferrier: Is that why you act like such a dick?
Ray Ferrier: [throws the ball super hard, but Robbie steps out of the way and allows the ball to crash through the window]

Rachel Ferrier: Is it the terrorists?

Rachel Ferrier: Is it them? Is it them?

Ray Ferrier: [imitates Robbie] Okay Rach, this is your area.
[motions with arms]
Ray Ferrier: Okay? You're safe...
Rachel Ferrier: Dad, that's not how it goes.

Rachel Ferrier: Am I okay?
[Ray stares wide-eyed at the window, terrified beyond speech]
Rachel Ferrier: Are *you* okay?

Rachel Ferrier: I want to sleep in my own bed. I got back problems.

Rachel Ferrier: If everything's fine, why do we have to sleep in the basement? We got perfectly good beds.
Ray Ferrier: It's like a slumber party.
Robbie Ferrier: What are you afraid's gonna happen to us?
Ray Ferrier: Nice basement.
Rachel Ferrier: I wanna sleep in my bed, got back problems.
Ray Ferrier: Ok, well uh, you know on the weather channel, when there's a tornado, and they, tell you to go down to the basement for safety? It's like that.
Rachel Ferrier: There's gonna be tornadoes?
Ray Ferrier: Rachel? No more talking. Ok?
Rachel Ferrier: Could you be a little nicer to me? God!

Ray Ferrier: It's just like the 4th of July.
Rachel Ferrier: No, it's not.

Rachel Ferrier: [in car as bridge is blown up behind her] Is it terrorists?

[Rachel is running to the trees to use the "bathroom"]
Ray Ferrier: Stay where I can see you.
Rachel Ferrier: I don't want you looking at me!
Ray Ferrier: I won't, but stay in sight.
Rachel Ferrier: That's looking!

Rachel Ferrier: Are we still alive?

Rachel Ferrier: [crying, and softly hitting him] Robbie! What are you trying to do? Where are you trying to go! Who's going to take care of me if you leave!

Rachel Ferrier: A gentle breeze from hushabye mountain / Softly blows o'er lullaby bay / It fills the sails of boats that are waiting / Waiting to sail your worries away
Rachel Ferrier: It isn't far to hushabye mountain / And your boat waits down by the key / The winds of night so softly are sighing / Soon they will fly your troubles to sea
Rachel Ferrier: So close your eyes on hushabye mountain / Wave goodbye to cares of the day / And watch your boat from Hushabye Mountain / Sail far away from lullaby bay

Rachel Ferrier: Whose car is this? Whose car is this?

Rachel Ferrier: Where's Mom?
Ray Ferrier: In Boston.
Rachel Ferrier: Where's Mom? I want Mom.
Ray Ferrier: I know.
Rachel Ferrier: [shouts] I want Mom! I want Mom! I want Mommmm!
Ray Ferrier: [shouts] That's what I'm trying to do!

Rachel Ferrier: What are we supposed to do for food?
Ray Ferrier: You know - order.

Rachel Ferrier: ...Got a splinter.
Ray Ferrier: Where'd you get it? Come here.
Rachel Ferrier: [Heads over to Ray] On your porch railing...
Ray Ferrier: Let me take that out.
Rachel Ferrier: Absolutely not!
Ray Ferrier: Come here! Let me see it.
Rachel Ferrier: [Rachel shows him the splinter, trying not to let him grab her hand]
Rachel Ferrier: Dad, just look at it. Don't touch it... dad!
Ray Ferrier: I can't... you're moving it.
Rachel Ferrier: Okay, but don't touch it! Just look at it.
Ray Ferrier: ...It's gonna get infected.
Rachel Ferrier: No, it won't.
Ray Ferrier: Yes, it's gonna get infected.
Rachel Ferrier: No it won't!... When it's ready, my body'll just push it out.
Ray Ferrier: Push it out, huh?
Rachel Ferrier: I read that... You should get Tivo. Tim got it for my room. It's awesome. I watch all my shows after homework.
Ray Ferrier: Yeah, just put it on my, uh, platinum card... Robbie? Robbie!
[Ray dips a piece of food in the hummus, disgusted]
Ray Ferrier: What... what is that?
Rachel Ferrier: Hummus.
Ray Ferrier: Hummus?
Rachel Ferrier: From the healthfood place. Kept one of the menues last time we were here.
[Ray nods his head]
Rachel Ferrier: [Scoffs] You said order!
Ray Ferrier: I meant order *food*.

Rachel Ferrier: Did the lightning stop?

Rachel Ferrier: Are we gonna be okay? Is Robbie Okay?
Ray Ferrier: I don't know.
Rachel Ferrier: What do you mean you don't know? Are you okay?

Ray Ferrier: Where is Robbie?
Rachel Ferrier: He went out.
Ray Ferrier: Out where?
Rachel Ferrier: I don't know. He just took your car, and left.

Ray Ferrier: Hey, Rachel. Wanna see something cool?
[she comes outside, lightning strikes]
Rachel Ferrier: I wanna go inside.
Ray Ferrier: It's okay now.
Rachel Ferrier: I wanna go inside.
Ray Ferrier: All right, go ahead inside.
Rachel Ferrier: ...I dont wanna go by myself.

Ray Ferrier: [Watching the lightning] Wasn't that cool?
Rachel Ferrier: It hit right behind our house!

Rachel Ferrier: I'm allergic to peanut butter.
Ray Ferrier: Since when?
Rachel Ferrier: Birth.

Ray Ferrier: Okay, enough of the "Ray" shit, alright? It's Dad, Sir, or if you want, Mr. Ferrier... That sounds a little weird to me, but you decide.
Rachel Ferrier: *Dad*?
Ray Ferrier: Yes, Rachel.
Rachel Ferrier: I gotta go to the bathroom.

Rachel Ferrier: [Calling out] Mom?... Tim? Mom!
Robbie Ferrier: ...They're gone.
Rachel Ferrier: [to Ray] Is she dead?
Ray Ferrier: She's not dead. Alright? She's just not here, okay. They were never here.
Robbie Ferrier: How do you know?
Ray Ferrier: Because they're on their way to Boston.

[Talking about a splinter]
Rachel Ferrier: When it's ready, my body will just push it out.