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Bernie Focker (Character)
from Meet the Fockers (2004)

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Meet the Fockers (2004)
Bernie Focker: [proposing a touch football game] Dina, you and I will take on Jack and Roz. Come on, Jack, it'll be fun - we'll swap wives.

Bernie Focker: Is this not the most handsome young man you've ever seen in your life? Used to call him a young Jewish Marlon Brando. Can you believe I conceived him with one testicle? No really, it's true. I only have one because the other one never dropped. It's called an undescending testicle. It's uh, not uncommon. But look at him! Imagine what he would've looked like if I had two!

Bernie Focker: If its yellow let it mellow, if its brown flush it down... Oops, forgot my own rule.
[flushes the toilet]

Bernie Focker: This is capoeira, man. This is some hardcore shit.

Jack Byrnes: I don't care if they did call you Larry Poppins. You are completely unfit to handle a child.
Greg Focker: It was Barry Poppins.
Jack Byrnes: What kind of sick cocktail were you going to make my grandson?
Roz Focker: Jack, the baby's teething. I told Greg to give him some rum to ease the pain.
Jack Byrnes: It was your idea?
Roz Focker: Yes.
Jack Byrnes: What is wrong with you people?
Bernie Focker: You people?
Dina Byrnes: I used to rub bourbon on Denny's gums.
Jack Byrnes: Yeah! Look what happened to him. Greg, you couldn't follow a simple set of instructions?
Greg Focker: Jack. he was screaming. So I went in and I gave him a little attention. Okay?
Jack Byrnes: He's learning to self-soothe. These setbacks are disastrous for his devlopment.
Roz Focker: The child is adorable, but you're not raising Little Buddha over here.
Greg Focker: Mom.
Jack Byrnes: What are you saying?
Roz Focker: I'm saying that I have seen that kid eat at least 15 boogers since he's been here and and I've got news for you, Jack, prodigies don't eat there own boogers.
Jack Byrnes: And I've got news for you. Prodigies don't come in 10th place every time either.
Pam Byrnes: Okay, Dad. That's my fiance.
Jack Byrnes: I'm sorry. It's just that I've never seen people celebrate mediocrity the way you do.
Roz Focker: Because we love our son? We hug our son? Let's get down to it. The truth is, you're so concerned about that Little Jack, but I think that it's the Little Jack in you that is crying out for a hug.
Jack Byrnes: The Little Jack in me?
[Greg is getting extremely frusrated]
Roz Focker: Jack, you have issues. I'm trying to understand why you run around with a rubber boob strapped to your chest. I mean, were you ever breastfed? My guess is no.
Jack Byrnes: Will you spare my the drugstore pyschology.
Greg Focker: [everyone starts arguing] Everybody! All right. Everybody just... Everybody just STOP, okay?
[everyone is quiet]
Greg Focker: Jack, I am not going to make any excuses. Yes, Little Jack wouldn't stop crying so I gave him some hugs and I let him watch TV. I went to answer the phone, I was gone for a second, I came back, he let himself out of the playpen, he put on Scarface, and he glued his hands to the rum bottle. Okay? That's it.

[the Fockers' outgoing message]
Bernie Focker: Hello, you've reached the Fockers. We're not around, so leave us a message. Goodbye. Roz, how the hell do you shut this thing off?
Roz Focker: I have no idea. Just press a button.
Bernie Focker: All right, I'm pretty sure it's off. Honey, you want a chimichanga?
Roz Focker: I thought they give you gas.
Bernie Focker: A little bit, but it's worth it.
Roz Focker: Yeah, worth it for you, but I'm the one that gets the fumes.
Bernie Focker: Honey, I'm in the mood for a chimichanga!
Roz Focker: So make a chimichang...

Greg Focker: Hey, Dad, you shouldn't take Moses into the RV. Jack and Dina have a cat.
Bernie Focker: Oh, Moses is fine. He's perfectly trained.
Greg Focker: Dad, he humps everything that moves.
Roz Focker: [laughing] He's like your father!
Bernie Focker: I never cheated on you!

Bernie Focker: You weren't around in the '60's! This is how we got things done!

Bernie Focker: You fockerized them!
Roz Focker: Yeah!
Bernie Focker: I'm gonna fockerize you!

Bernie Focker: [points to Jack] There's my brother from another mother!

Bernie Focker: It's not about winning or losing. It's about passion. We just wanted him to love what he's doing. Know what I mean, Jack?
Jack Byrnes: Not really, Bernard. I think a competitive drive is the essential key that makes America the only remaining superpower in the world today.
Bernie Focker: Well, whatever works.

[Jack just finished taking a shower and opens the curtain to find Bernie sitting on the toilet]
Bernie Focker: Morning, partner!
Jack Byrnes: Morning.
Bernie Focker: Sleep okay?
Jack Byrnes: I slept alright, thank you.
Bernie Focker: [long pause as Bernie and the dog stare at Jack] It's nice all of us being here together, don't you think?
Jack Byrnes: Bernard, do you mind if I have some privacy?
Bernie Focker: Almost done.

Bernie Focker: [hitting toilet with fire extinguisher] I gotta save my dog!
Jack Byrnes: Forget your dog, what about my toilet?

Bernie Focker: Do you want me to be macho wacho?
Greg Focker: Dad, have I ever said the words macho wacho to you?

Bernie Focker: [after tackling Roz, while playing football] Remember the time in the park? Remember the time in the park?

Jack Byrnes: Okay we can play 3 on 2, but we'll need someone to be official quarterback.
Bernie Focker: Gay goes both ways.
Jack Byrnes: Oh, I'll bet he does.

Dina Byrnes: Bernie, this frittata is wonderful, what's in it?
Bernie Focker: Well, a lot of the taste comes from this old skillet. I've never washed it.

Bernie Focker: At least I'm comfortable enough in my skin to cook for my family. Tell me when was the last time you gave your wife breakfast in bed? When was the last time you gave her anything in bed?
Jack Byrnes: Now you're outta line Focker.
Bernie Focker: No man you are outta line. You hurt my feelings there. There's no reason to hurt my feelings.
[looks at Greg and points to Jack]
Bernie Focker: He insulted me.

Bernie Focker: You think you can take me, flower man?
Jack Byrnes: I think I can, Mr. Mom.
Bernie Focker: You're going down, Byrnesie Boy. I'm going to rearrange your bouquet.

Bernie Focker: Truth is, Jack, when Gay was born, I stopped practicing and became a stay-at-home dad.
Jack Byrnes: So Roz was the primary breadwinner and you didn't have a job.

Bernie Focker: Jack, tell me one smart thing the C.L.I.A. has done. I will give you the deed to her house.
Jack Byrnes: The C.L.I.A.?
Bernie Focker: Central Lack of Intelligence Agency!

Jack Byrnes: We use the Ferber method.
Bernie Focker: We use the Focker method. We hugged and kissed that little boy like there was no tomorrow. We Fockerized him.

Bernie Focker: Jack, you've insulted me, my wife, my son and our entire way of life. I've sat back and taken it, but now you've crossed the line, sir, and I am going to have to kick your ass.

Greg Focker: This isn't about you, alright? It's not about either of you. It's about me and Pam. We're getting married. That's it. We're starting our own circle of trust. And guess what.
[points to both of them]
Greg Focker: You're not in it.
Jack Byrnes: You can't start a circle of trust. It's my circle.
Greg Focker: You know what, you don't have a patent on the circle, Jack. And by the way, you're not even in your own circle right now.
Jack Byrnes: That is untrue! I say who's in or out of the circle!
Bernie Focker: Well I'm confused. Who's circle am I in?
Greg Focker, Jack Byrnes: Nobody's.

Roz Focker: [about Greg's circumcision ceremony] See that's Greg getting circumcised.
Bernie Focker: We had the ceremony at my parents' house. There was a cold snap and the heat conked out. Tell it.
Roz Focker: The heater conked out. No matter how hard he tried, the mohel couldn't coax Greggie's tiny little turtle from it's shell.
Greg Focker: You know what, let's not talk about the tiny turtle.

Jack Byrnes: Officer, do you mind telling me why you're arresting these men?
Officer LeFlore: Oh, mercy. It just gets better and better. This is none of your business, looky-loo!
Jack Byrnes: At ease, son. Put down the taser.
[pulls ID out]
Jack Byrnes: Jack Byrnes, C.I.A.
Officer LeFlore: C.I... what?
[looks at the ID]
Officer LeFlore: It says here you're retired. What are you gonna show me next, your AARP card.
Jack Byrnes: Now you listen to me, and you listen good...
Bernie Focker: What's he doing?
Greg Focker: Don't worry, he's going to get us out of this.
Jack Byrnes: You have no right to...
Officer LeFlore: Stand down, sir!
Jack Byrnes: No, I will not stand, you will stand down!
Officer LeFlore: I will not stand down!
Jack Byrnes: Oh, you will stand down or you will be walking a beat at a retirement home in Boyton Beach...
Officer LeFlore: [shoots Jack in the chest with the taser, Jack starts shaking] Remain calm!

[Jack is in the RV ready to leave the island but Bernard is lying down in front of the RV so he won't leave]
Jack Byrnes: [over loudspeaker] Bernard, get out from under the vehicle or I will run you over.
Bernie Focker: I'm not moving, Jack. There's a non-violent way to handle this.

Little Fockers (2010)
Bernie Focker: You kids wanna pick your nose and flick your boogers? Do it!
Pam Focker: Hey, Bernie!
Bernie Focker: But do it only when it's dry. Don't do a wet one.

Bernie Focker: [On the phone long distance, miffed that he's in Spain learning to be a flamenco dancer] You picked a hell of a time to go through manopause!
Bernie Focker: Roz, I'm not going through manopause. I'm just trying to find my 'true north.'
Roz Focker: True north? What are you... a compass or something?
Bernie Focker: No, but let's face it - I'm a stay-at-home dad whose kid hasn't lived at home in 25 years.
Roz Focker: There's an Arthur Murray studio right here in Miami Beach. Why schep all the way to Spain?
Bernie Focker: Why can't you support my dreams the way I've always supported yours? When you wanted to try new sex positions for your research, I was your guinea pig!
Roz Focker: You volunteered!
Bernie Focker: I pulled my hamstring doing a reverse cowgirl!
Roz Focker: That's because you did it backwards.
Bernie Focker: I never went soft on you.
Roz Focker: Bernie, do you hear how you're upsetting your son?
Bernie Focker: Let me talk. Listen, will you?

Bernie Focker: My two cents. The way you deal with Jack, no matter what he does, just smother that guy with kisses. He'll be putty in your hands.

Bernie Focker: Will you get out of here so I can shtup my wife?