Kichi Asakawa
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Kichi Asakawa (Character)
from Ringu (1998)

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The Ring (2002)
Aidan Keller: What happened to the girl?
Rachel Keller: Samara?
Aidan Keller: Is that her name?
Rachel Keller: Mm-hmm.
Aidan Keller: Is she still in the dark place?
Rachel Keller: No. We set her free.
Aidan Keller: You helped her?
Rachel Keller: Yeah.
Aidan Keller: Why did you do that?
Rachel Keller: What's wrong, honey?
Aidan Keller: You weren't supposed to help her.

Aidan Keller: [to Rachel] Don't you understand, Rachel?
[his nose starts bleeding]
Aidan Keller: She never sleeps.

Rachel Keller: Honey, the house you drew for me...
Aidan Keller: Uh huh.
Rachel Keller: Where did you see it? Did you see it in your head? Is that why you drew it?
Aidan Keller: In my head?
Rachel Keller: Aidan, why did you draw that house?
Aidan Keller: 'Cause she told me to.
Rachel Keller: Who? Who told you to?
Aidan Keller: The little girl.
Rachel Keller: She talks to you?
Aidan Keller: No, she shows me things.
Rachel Keller: Did she show you the horses?
Aidan Keller: She doesn't like it in the barn. The horses keep her up at night.
Rachel Keller: So she still lives there?
Aidan Keller: No, she lives in a dark place now.

Rachel Keller: Katie told you she was going to die?
Aidan Keller: She said she didn't have enough time.

Rachel Keller: Come on, we shouldn't be in her room.
Aidan Keller: It isn't her room anymore.

[last lines]
Aidan Keller: What about the person we show it to? What happens to them?

Aidan Keller: We don't have enough time.
Rachel Keller: Oh, honey, I know I've been working a lot and I'm sorry. But I promise you, I'm going to make it up to you.
Aidan Keller: I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about time before we die.
Rachel Keller: You have lots of time.
Aidan Keller: So, you know when I'm going to die?
Rachel Keller: No, no one does. But I know you don't have to worry about it.

Aidan Keller: I don't think I'd make a good father. Maybe it was because my own was... such a... disappointment. Thing is, I don't want anyone else to do it, either. Be your father.
Aidan Keller: It's a conundrum.

The Ring Two (2005)
Rachel Keller: Honey, tell me, what happened in your dream?
Aidan Keller: I don't remember.

Aidan Keller: She came looking for me. That means she loves me.

Aidan Keller: Let's watch some TV together.
Rachel Keller: It's kind of late, Honey. Don't you think you should sleep?
Aidan Keller: I never sleep.
Rachel Keller: Then let Mommy make you something.

[last lines]
Rachel Keller: Promise me something?
Aidan Keller: Yeah. Anything, mom. Anything.
Rachel Keller: Just call me Rachel. At least for a while.

Aidan Keller: Mommy, I love you!
Rachel Keller: I love you too, honey, but you're not my son.

Aidan Keller: She can hear us.